How to care for and clean baby bath towel

A baby bath towel is an essential item during bath time. They help dry and keep your baby warm. However, like any other baby item baby towels require proper care to prevent your little one from infection. In this article find out how to care for and clean a baby bath towel.

How to care for and clean baby bath towel

Quick tips to consider before cleaning baby bath towel

Baby clothes and items should not be washed along with an adult. This applies to the towel.

Pay attention to the cleaning detergent you are using to clean the baby bath towel. Use a mild detergent that cannot harm your baby sensitive skin.

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Separate baby towel from an adult. The scent and dirt in adult clothes can stick on baby clothes leading to infection

Also, baby towels are made of soft and absorbent fabric, not like an adult made of rough fabric. The rough fabric of adult cloth will make the baby fabric lose its softness and won’t absorb water well.

Do not re-use the towel more than three times. Learn how often to wash baby towels.

After every use makes sure the towel is air-dried to prevent mold growth. Do not put the wet towel on the laundry basket waiting for laundry. Putting the wet towel in the laundry basket makes them stinky and full of germs and mold. Dry before putting them in the laundry basket.

To remove smell you can add vinegar to your rinse cycle.

Do not mix white towel with colored one to prevent mixing of colors

How to care for and clean baby bath towel

Soak the towel in warm water in the washer for few minutes

Put in the hot option in your washing machine. Hot options help kill germs and bacteria

Then tumble dry on low heat.

Be careful to not overload the washer. This prevents towels from getting the required detergent, water, or movement to get clean.

If you hand wash soak them in the hot water using mild detergent.

Let it sit for few minutes then hand wash

Rinse well and you can add vinegar to your rinse cycle if you want to remove the smell. It’s not a must to add vinegar, hot water, and hanging on direct sunlight is the best way to kill germs.

Allow the towel to fully dry before use.

Do not dry the towel on top of another this can lead to poor drying, bacteria and mold growth,

Now that you have learned the proper way to care for and clean your baby towel it’s time to go shopping but before you shop

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