20 Fun and Creative Ways to Use Baby Washcloths around the house

Baby washcloths are a necessity in any household with young children. They’re soft, they’re inexpensive and they come in all sorts of adorable colors. But some parents may not realize that these tiny clothes have so many other uses! In this article, we will explore 11 creative ways to use baby washcloths around the house.

How to use baby washcloths

What is a washcloth?

A baby washcloth is a small, square cloth that is used for washing the face and body of babies. They are very soft and gentle on delicate skin. Baby washcloths come in all different sizes and thicknesses depending on your needs. There are many uses for these handy little items around the house!

10 quick tips on how to use baby washcloths

  • Wiping the baby drools and spit-ups
  • Drying hands on the dining table instead of paper or disposable towel.
  • You can use baby washcloths to wipe baby gums for oral care.
  • General cleaning in the house you can use washcloths to wipe electronic gadgets and polished furniture without scratching.
  • Also, moms use them to wipe make-ups and sweat on the face while on the go.
  • The washcloth can be used by surgery patients to clean the area surrounding surgical woods.
  • Cleaning your baby

20 things to use baby washcloths for

  1. Clean up spills

It can be used to clean up a spilled liquid in the kitchen or living room. Just soak or dampen it with water and wipe the spill away. If there is any residue left over, you may need to use soap and rinse again before wiping dry with another cloth.

Put them in the bottom of your kitchen sink to soak up any spills 

  1. Use as napkins

Baby washcloths can be used as napkins in place of paper towels. A lot of people use a baby washcloth instead of paper towels to clean up and dry their hands while eating or drinking.

Also, used to Wipe and dry my hands after using the bathroom or changing a diaper

  1. Use washcloths to clean the house

The following are ways in which I like to keep my kitchen cleaner and tidier.

Keep one on hand for wiping down counters and surfaces while cooking or baking.

Baby washcloths can be used to clean dishes or pots by washing them with soap, rinsing, then drying them off in a way you prefer.

You can also use them to clean out the microwave by wetting it slightly and using a dry cloth on top. Then you put in some lemon or lime slices for added freshness, cook on low power for three minutes then open the door several times before removing the dishcloth with tongs.

  1. Use as a potholder for hot pans
  2. Use as an ice pack for injuries

Wrap the washcloth around an injury to place pressure on it. This will help reduce swelling and numb pain, but only use this for a short amount of time as too much cold can cause damage to your skin and tissue underneath.

  1. A washcloth can be used as a personal loofah sponge
  2. Cover your face when you sneeze to avoid spreading germs to people who are close to you
  3. Cooling headaches

Wet the cloth with water and use it as a cooling compress for headaches, sunburns, or heat rash.

  1. Keep in the bag/purse to wipe off hands or faces on the go 

It’s important to keep your hand’s clean while on go. This is why you should always bring a washcloth with you on trips, and make sure it stays in the bag so that it can be used for hand wiping or face cooling during any downtime.

If you’re out and about, running late with no time to find a restroom, or have had too many cocktails at happy hour – pull out your

This also helps avoid getting germs from dirty surfaces onto yourself

  1. Use them as cleaning rags or sponges

Use them to clean windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces 

Seal the damp washcloth in a plastic bag/airtight container to use later for wiping up spills  

Wring out and freeze leftover food before sticking it into the fridge so that they don’t go bad. This will also help keep your other foods fresher longer.

  1. Help keep stains away

Place the washcloth over the area that needs attention and pat down any excess liquid this will help keep the stain away.

  1. Soothe sensitive skin (such as on babies or people with eczema)

You can use the cloth to keep skin moisturized by rubbing it on the affected area.

  1. To remove makeup

Most ladies use cotton wool or cotton pads to remove makeup. Cotton wool contains chemicals making them not safe for the environment and bad on your skin. Also, they are not reusable and this might make them costly.

On the other hand, washcloths made of organic cotton or organic bamboo are hypoallergic and safe on your skin.

The washcloths are reusable after using you can wash them, dry them and reuse them.

Also removing sticky makeup requires a bit of rubbing and can be tricky when using cotton wool. Soft washcloths are a bit easier and you rub your face gently without scratching

How to remove makeup using washcloths

Dip reusable washcloth in water, apply soap and wipe your face gently.

  1. Cleaning surgical wounds

Washcloths can be used by surgery patients to clean the area surrounding surgical wounds.

How to use a washcloth on your baby

Washcloths are a necessity for babies. They are used for various purposes such as

  • Washing a baby’s face

To clean your baby’s face, damp washcloth, use the soft side of the cloth and gently wipe their skin 

  • Washcloths are used for bathing and drying your baby

Baby skin is delicate it requires something soft during bathe time to prevent hurting.

How to clean baby using a washcloth

Dip the soft washcloth in warm water, squeeze excess water and gently clean your baby’s ears, hands, and feet. 

Use the washcloth to pat dry after bathing your baby.

  • They can be used as a burp cloth for spit-ups or drool
  • Use a washcloth to clean up any spills or messes made by the baby.

Use them to wipe down the high chair, table, and floor after messy meals

They are great for cleaning up spills on the baby’s body, clothes, floor, or changing tables.

  • As a teether

How do you soothe a teething baby?

Babies love chewing to relieve sore gums 

One way is with these adorable washcloths! These are perfect for any new parent looking for an easy solution to their child’s teething woes. They’re soft to the touch and easy for little hands to hold onto.

Keep some in the freezer and give your baby something to chew on when he’s teething.

When the washcloth is frozen, it can be cold enough to reduce the pain in your baby’s gums. You should make sure that you don’t put too much ice on the washcloth or it might freeze too hard and damage your baby’s gum and teeth

  • Wipe baby bottom

The most troubling part of diapering a baby is that the skin in such a tender area can be easily damaged. The best way around this is to ensure that you are using proper technique when cleaning the baby’s bottom, and also choosing the right piece of material for the job. A washcloth designed specifically for babies with sensitive skin is the perfect way to keep your baby clean and dry during diaper changes

They are cheaper, machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or smelly, and more sustainable alternative to disposable wipes and can be reused over time.

How to Use a Baby Washcloth to clean baby bottom during a diaper change

Clean your hands first. This will ensure that you are not transferring germs from other parts of your body onto the baby when changing his diaper.

Just wet the cloth with warm water before wiping down your little one’s bottom.

Gently wipe the baby’s bottom

In addition, the baby’s bottom is relatively sensitive and dry, so it may be a good idea to apply a mild moisturizer afterward.

Keep some in your purse or backpack for when you’re out with the baby and need to change a dirty diaper (or just want to keep your hands clean)

Parents use baby wipes after changing the diapers. We all know wipes are easy to use especially when traveling but you use them once and throw them away. This is costly and safe for the environment.

Also, if you don’t carefully choose the right baby wipes, some contain a chemical that is harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby wipes can by mistake be put in the toilet causing blockage of sewers.

When traveling you can pre-wet the washcloths and put them in the waterproof wet bag that is washable and reusable.

Shop for the wet bag

Using baby washcloths with warm water can help wipe the baby bottom.

Lay one on the changing station for quick cleanup of diaper changes.

  • Use a baby washcloth as an emergency napkin.
  • Use one as a makeshift bib.

You can even use them as a makeshift bib when feeding your baby so that food doesn’t get all over their clothes

  • keep in the car

Put one in your car’s glove compartment for wiping off spills and crumbs from snacks.

Keep one in your car for wiping down surfaces and seats, or to clean off sticky hands and faces of children who are eating messy snacks

  • To clean newborn gum after breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

Do you want to keep your baby’s mouth clean?

Your baby’s mouth is a germ factory. The milk gets stuck on the tongue and gums after feeding, so it needs to be cleaned right away! A soft washcloth can help keep your little one healthy by cleaning their teeth, tongue, and gum gently with every meal.

How to use baby washcloths to wipe the gum

Damp the washcloth with plain water and gently wipe around the gum and tongue

  • Use a washcloth for fun

Baby washcloths are not only used for bathing, wiping drool, and cleaning purposes. They are also used for fun such as decoration purposes, during baby showers, and making toys.

Folding baby washcloths into animals and flowers is the new tread. I have prepared a list of websites and YouTube videos on how to fold baby washcloths

How to fold baby washcloths into animals

Read tutorial from aspen jay on how to fold washcloth into elephant and hippo

YouTube vides to watch

How to make a butterfly using a washcloth

How to fold a baby washcloth into a rose flower

Another fun idea is that you can make tie-dye, toys, and decorations

How to Tie-Dye with Washcloths

Step by Step Instructions for DIY Tie-Dyeing Tutorials

You can start this project right away. All you need are some watercolor cloth, a few colors of food coloring in small bottles (or liquid droppers), fabric dye or tie-dye kit,

  • Use as diaper liners

Diaper liners are used to extend the life of your cloth and disposable diapers. Diaper liners are easy to use and used one after that you dispose of them in the trash. This is costly and harmful to the environment.

Instead, you can use soft and absorbent washcloths for the same purpose

  1. Use as breast pad/nursing pad

There is a variety of disposable and reusable breast pads in the market. The breast pad is used inside the bra to absorb breast milk from leaking on your clothes.

Baby washcloths can serve the same purpose and save a lot of money because are reusable. You simply fold and tuck it inside the bra. When washcloths are wet you can simply change, wash them and reuse them after drying.

Also, when pumping you can use them to wipe drips off your pump

Watch video of 10 alternative uses of baby washcloths

Care and maintenance of washcloths

Baby washcloths get dirty after use they need to be cleaned with soap; warm water and hang dry them to prevent the spread of germs.

Every time you use washcloths on your baby or even on your skin make sure you do not reuse a clean one or dump to avoid the risk of distributing bacteria.


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