Teething toys safety tips

One of the best ways to soothe your baby gum during the teething stage is by using teething toys. Like any other toy, there are tips you should check for your baby safety when choosing teething toys. Here are teething toys safety tips. 10 Teething toys safety tips Avoid toys made of toxic material Teething … Read more

Bandana bibs for baby (great for drooling and teething)

The Bandana bibs for baby are great for drooling and teething babies because they keep your baby dry even with lots of drool and dribble. Bandana bibs for babies are cutest and stylish. They are also known as cutest baby bibs or drooling bibs. Baby bibs for drooling are also called Bandana Bibs/dribble bibs/teething bibs/drool … Read more

How to clean baby teething toys (simple ways to do at home)

Baby Teethers are always in the baby mouth so they need to be clean always. In this article learn how to clean teething toys Step by step how to clean teething toys Wash with hand using warm soapy water Wash them using warm soapy water (mild dish detergent), scrub using a sponge, then rinse with … Read more

Best toothpaste for baby and toddler (updated 2021)

baby toothpaste

When the baby’s first tooth appears oral care is a must even if you are only breastfeeding your little one. To maintain your baby’s healthy teeth, you need a quality baby toothbrush and baby and toddler toothpaste. Baby and toddler toothpaste contains mild ingredients such that when swallowed won’t be harmful to your baby while … Read more

The best toothbrush for baby (for 0 to 2 years)

Taking care of the baby teeth should start before the first teeth come out that is the first few days after birth. At this time you can start cleaning the baby tooth using a soft damp cloth to clean the gum. When the baby tooth starts to come out, that’s when you are supposed to … Read more

Everything you need to know about baby teething

baby teething

Most babies start teething from around six months of age, but the teething can begin any time from three months to thirteen months of age.  In most cases the first tooth sprout between 4 to 7 months. The first teeth are well known as milk teeth/primary teeth In what order do baby teeth come out? … Read more

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