Best baby hooded towel reviews and buyers guide (updated 2019)

Babies can quickly catch a cold faster after bathing them. So baby hooded towel will help keep your baby head and body warm.

In this article, you will learn the Best baby hooded towel and a guide on what factors to look for when choosing hooded towel for your child.

 baby hooded towel

Luvable FriendsTerry cotton baby hooded towel30x36terry cottonBuy from Amazon
channing &YatesBaby hooded bath towel40x28 inchesorganic bamboo and cottonBuy from Amazon
Hudson Baby Terry cotton baby hooded towel33x33terry cottonBuy from Amazon
BabybossOrganic bamboo Baby hooded towel35x35 inchesorganic bambooBuy from Amazon
Natemia Hooded Towelbamboo hooded towel35x35 inchesnatural bamboo and microfiber Buy from Amazon
Spasilk Terry cotton hooded towel30x30 inchesterry cottonBuy from Amazon
Simple Joys by Carter's 29x29 inchescotton and polyesterBuy from Amazon
Swaddlez33x33 inchesbamboo viscose and cottonBuy from Amazon
vesta babyOrganic bamboo baby hooded towel34’’x34’’natural bamboo fiberBuy from Amazon
Little Tinkers WorldCotton Baby hooded towel30x30 inchescottonBuy from Amazon
snuggle muffinsTerry cotton baby hooded bath towel37" x 33"terry cottonBuy from Amazon

What factor to look for when choosing the Best baby hooded towel?

1.       Absorbency

Ensure the towel soak up water thoroughly to keep your baby dry

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2.       Soft

Baby has soft skin so they need a towel that is not harsh on their sensitive skin or the towel that will not scratch their delicate skin.

3.       Material

The baby towel should be made of the fabric that

•    Absorbs water quickly

•    Soft- does not scratch or irritate the delicate skin of your baby

•    Hypoallergenic- ensure the baby stays in safety and health condition. Also, hypoallergenic is eco-friendly and environmental safety.

•    Stain resistance – the baby can pee when wrapped in the hooded towel, so you did a towel that does not stick the stain 

The best fabric that has the above features is cotton or bamboo

4.       Allergy

When buying a baby towel, consider whether your baby is allergic to the specific material. Don’t buy fabric that can harm your baby skin or have side effects on your baby.

5.       Easy to wash

The baby product should be kept clean all through so the towel. The towel should be made of fabric that stands repeated washes, become softer the more you wash it and won’t pill.

6.       Hypoallergenic

Most of the towels are scented with fragrances or added colors that are harmful to your baby. Others are made with chemicals that have a side effect on your little one. Chemicals and harsh fragrances may cause complications to babies such as respiratory tract or rushes.

Therefore consider buying a towel that is made of natural fabric such as organic cotton

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Bamboo baby hooded baby towel

Bamboo baby hooded baby towel

Baby Boss premium Hooded Baby Towel 

Organic bamboo Baby towel

The towel is made of 600 GSM organic bamboo fabrics making it incredibly soft, absorbent, durable, long-lasting, machine washable and thicker.
Also, the organic bamboo fabric is eco-friendly, naturally has antibacterial characteristics and is hypoallergenic. Therefore the towel is free from harmful chemicals, natural, the safe and healthy choice for your child.
Baby boss hooded towel has adorable bear design and comes in neutral colors for both boys and girls.
This towel measures 35×35 inches making it perfect fit for your newborn to 5-years.
The multipurpose hooded towel can be used during bath time at home, at the swimming pool or the beach.
Features hanging loop makes it easier to hang the towel on the floor and ensures dries quickly.
The perfect gift set for a baby shower, Christmas, and birthday and comes with free cotton baby bibs.
It comes in 5-different colors to choose from- gray, pink, white, yellow and cool grey

More information/Buy Amazon

Natemia Hooded Towel 

bamboo baby towel

More information/Buy Amazon Sized 35×35 inches makes the towel perfect size for babies and toddlers
Softest baby towel made from 92% natural bamboo and 8 % microfiber. The combination of both the fabric makes the bath towel soft, plush, bacteria resistant and dries water faster than ordinary cotton.
Bamboo is hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant and odor resistant this ensures your baby stays in health and safe condition. Also, it is perfect for the baby with skin conditions and extra skin sensitive.
Also, it keeps your baby warm and cozy after the bath.

Bamboo Baby Hooded Bath Towel And Washcloth Set By Vesta Baby

Organic bamboo baby hooded towel

More information/Buy Amazon

This hooded bath towel comes with a washcloth set which is an essential product for your baby bath time.
The 34’’x34’’ towel is extra large size towel perfect for every baby from newborn to toddler.
Vesta baby towel is made of 100% natural bamboo fiber fabric which is not only soft for your baby sensitive skin but perfectly safe for the environment.
Bamboo fabric is ultra absorbent (dries your baby quickly after the bath), extremely soft (no time it will scrub and irritate delicate baby skin), hypoallergenic, bacteria, mildew, and mold resistant.
The hooded towel has an adorable embroidered bears ears making bath time fun.

Channing &Yates Premium Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set 

Baby bath towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Channing &Yates thickness is 500 grams per square meter (GSM) and has an absorbency level of 1037 ml
The towel is made of 70% organic bamboo fabric and 30% organic cotton which is warm, soft, durable, fluffy, gentle and absorbent. Also, bamboo naturally has hypoallergenic and bacterial resistant characteristics making the towel resistant to odors and free from chemicals.
Moreover, the fabric is perfect for kids sensitive skin, eczema, and baby acne
Size of the towel is 40×28 inches ideal size for newborns, babies, and kids. Also, the size allows to use them longer as you newborn grows into a toddler and beyond.
It comes in 3 colors (pink gingham, blue gingham, and beige gingham) which are perfect colors for both boys and girls

Swaddlez Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set – Best Bamboo viscose and cotton baby hooded towel

bath towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Ultra soft towel a perfect combination of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton makes the towel soft, thick and absorbent textile.
Swaddles towel has thickness of 500 gram per square meter (GSM) which is high quality compared to competitor thickness 0f 200-300 GSM
A measure 33×33 inches makes the towel perfect size for your baby and toddlers.
The Swaddlez bath set comes with hooded towel and washcloth set with the same quality.

Bamboo Baby Bathrobe

This product is made to keep your little ones dry and warm after a bath.

It is made of naturally grown bamboo which soft, absorbent, machine washable, naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, mold and mildew resistant.

The bamboo baby bathrobe has natural color with yellow trim and comes in one size that fit babies from 0–12 months.

Terry cotton baby hooded baby towel
Terry cotton baby hooded baby towel

Piglet Bath Wrap

The Piglet Bath Wrap is hooded Piggly wiggly bath wrap made of soft and absorbent organic cotton terry.

It is made in India to keep your little ones warm and dry.

Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded 

 baby towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Hudson animal face hooded towel makes bath time fun. The towel comes in 23 different colors and animal face designs. Besides, the design are cute and fun for both boys and girls
The towel is sized 33×33 inches making it extra size for babies.
Made of cotton terry, make the towel absorbent and soft absorbent. Also, the fabric is machine washable

Hooded Bath Towel and Rubber Ducky Set best for up to 6 years

Terry cotton baby bath towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Made of terry cotton makes the towel super soft, absorbent and keeps your baby warm and dry right out the tub.
At 37″ x 33″ this towel is large enough for your baby up to toddler (0-6years old)
Its duck design and yellow color make the towel perfect for both boys and girls.
The towel has a thickness of 440 GSM and is machine washable will get softer after every wash
This towel comes with squeaky rubber ducky toy which is PVC/BPA/Phthalate free making bath time more enjoyable.
Spasilk Hooded Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths

bath towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Spasilk is made from absorbent, thick and soft cotton terry. The fabric is perfect for drying, wrapping and keeping the baby warm after a bath.
The set includes hooded towel measuring 30×30 inches, and four washcloths sized 9×9 inches.
The hooded towel is machine washable.
Comes in 15 different colors to choose from.

More Spasilk hooded towel
Luvable Friends Animal Face Hooded Baby Towel

Terry cotton baby hooded towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Made of woven terry cotton, makes the towel soft, machine washable and absorbent.
Luvable friends towel is sized 30×36 inches which are the perfect size for your baby.
Cute 3D animal face designs and 22 colors to choose from make bath time fun.

Hooded baby towel and washcloth
Hooded baby towel and washcloth

Lucylla Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel with Bonus Washcloth 

Hooded baby towel and washcloth

More information/Buy Amazon

The Lucylla baby hooded towel is made from silky soft, organic, antibacterial and antifungal bamboo fabric making this towel will deter odors, mold, and mildew without causing any irritation or rashes on your baby sensitive skin.

Together with the hooded towel, you will receive free bamboo washcloth, and two-sided door hanger “baby is sleeping” to keep unwanted intruders in your baby room letting your little one a restful sleep.

Generously sized at 31”x31” and extra thick design (500gsm) allows this hooded towel absorbs water quickly making sure your little one stay dry and protected from cold.

Beautifully packed in an eco-friendly gift box making the hooded towel a wonderful shower gift that every mom will love.

Land of the Wee Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set

baby hooded towel and washcloth set

More information/Buy Amazon

Made of extra soft organic and hypoallergenic bamboo makes the land of the wee hooded towel recommended for sensitive skin, dry skin, eczema, baby acne, cradle cap and other challenges for newborn skin. In addition to bamboo fabric is it gets softer after every wash, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, can help soothe and nature your baby.

It comes with bonus washcloth sized 10inchx 10inch, the hooded towel is sized 43” longx42” length and 450GSM making the towel balance being warm and absorbent.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Towel and Washcloth Set

baby hooded towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Looking for a set that will provide you with all bathing item, simple joys by carter’s has eight pieces set featuring two hooded towels, 5-washcloths, and one piece towel.
The products are made of 85% cotton and 15 % polyester which is machine washable.
Towel measures 29×29 inches and washcloths dimensions are 9×9 inches.

Other types of best-hooded baby towel and washcloth

Jungle snugs Luxury Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set 

Girl hooded towel
Girl hooded towel

Burt’s Bees Baby Hooded Towel

girl hooded towel

More information/Buy Amazon

The Burt’s Bees Baby hooded towel is made of 100% organic cotton making it durable, absorbent and soft. The towel is GOTS Certified Organic

It is sized 29″ x 29″ suitable for 0-9 month’s babies

Girl Hooded baby towel and washcloth

Luvable Friends Hooded Towel and 5 Washcloths

girl hooded towel and washcloth

More information/Buy Amazon

The set includes hooded towel and five washcloths. Hooded towel sized 30×30 inches and washcloths sized 9×9 inches.

This product is made of 75% cotton, 25% polyester which is machine washable, absorbent and keeps the baby warm after a bath.

Other best girl hooded towel

I Love Mommy and Daddy Hooded Bath Towel Set, 3 Pack, Girl, Frenchie Mini Couture 

Luvable Friends 3 Piece Hooded Towels

Spasilk Soft Terry Hooded Towel Set

Boy hooded towel

Boys hooded towel

Hooded Bath Towel Set, 3 Pack, Boy, Frenchie Mini Couture 

boy hooded towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Frenchie Mini Couture hooded bath towel comes in a pack of 3 each measuring 30″ x 28″.

It is made of 80% knit terry cotton/20% polyester for extra durability and softness. The towel easily dry, machine washable, soft and snuggly.

Spasilk Hooded Terry Bath Towel with Washcloths

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ 8-Piece Towel and Washcloth Set

Channing & Yates Premium Hooded Baby Boy Towel and Washcloth Set 

Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel for Boys

Little Tinkers World Elephant Hooded Baby Towel- Cotton Baby hooded towel

Cotton Baby hooded towel

More information/Buy Amazon

Made of 100%cotton that is not heavy on your baby tender skin, super absorbent and durable.
The towel can be machine washed and tumble dry, so the softness remains wash after wash.
The 30×30 inches makes the perfect towel size for every baby from newborn to toddler (0-3 years).
If not content with the product the company guarantees 60 days, and they will promptly refund your purchase price.
With unique and playful elephant design makes the bath time more enjoyable
Comes in a combination of both grey and yellow color which is perfect colors for both girls and boys.

Baby Hooded beach towel
Baby Hooded beach towel

LALIFIT Little Mermaid 100% Cotton Hooded Towel  

hooded beach towel

More information/Buy Amazon

The LALIFIT Little Mermaid Hooded Towel is made of soft and absorbent terry cotton. The towel is machine washable and tumbles dry.

It measures size 24″ x 48″ suitable for ages 2 to 6 years.

AteAte Cute Cartoon Baby Kid’s Hooded Bath Towel Toddler Boy Girls Beach Towel New

Exclusivo Mezcla 100% Cotton Mermaid Kids Baby Hooded Bath/Beach/Pool Towel

The good baby organic Turkish cotton towel
The good baby organic Turkish cotton towel

Premium 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Hooded Baby and Toddler Bath Towel by Parker Baby Co. 

The good baby organic Turkish cotton towel

More information/Buy Amazon

The towel is made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic Turkish cotton. The material is perfect for sensitive baby skin and a gentle solution for eczema, baby acne and cradle cap.

This baby towel is size 52″ x 29″ large enough for newborn baby to toddlers up to five years.

Combine the baby hooded towel with organic washcloths for baby bath set that makes great baby shower gift.

The infant bath towel is 700+GSM of organic cotton it is comfortable and thick enough to warm your baby.

Arus Baby Organic Turkish Cotton Terry Hooded Nursery Towel Wrap Set

Baby bath towels and washcloths sets/ washcloths
Baby bath towels and washcloths sets/ washcloths

Baby Bath Towels and Washcloths Set  By MUKIN 

Bath Towels and Washcloths Set

More information/Buy Amazon

The towel is made of organic muslin cotton which is natural and doesn’t contain fluorescent agent or harmful substance. The material is soft, durable, hypoallergic, washable, dryable, health and rapid absorption.

In the package contains two pack of bath towel which is size 41.5×41.5 inches and three pack washcloths size 10x10inches.

It features unique honeycomb embossing makes its absorption speed boost three times, keep baby warmer and not get cold.

FAMMY PRO Bamboo Baby Washcloths & Towels

Lucear Muslin Baby Bath Towels Also Warm for Baby Blanket 

LOVE MY 100% Medical Grade Natural Antibacterial

Binztec Baby Washcloths and Towels 100% Cotton Muslin 

CXMYKE Muslin Baby Towels – Super Water Absorbent for Baby Bath Towels 

Hoping our review and buyers guide of the Best baby hooded towel will help out pick the best towel for your kid.

If there is a baby hooded towel that you wanted us to include in our review please let us know via the comment section below.

You didn’t find the best-hooded towel for your child check here

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