Best baby pillow for the flat head

The Baby Flat Head Pillow is a must-have product for a mom who cares about the baby’s head shape.

Baby pillow for Flat Head

It helps to reduce pressure on the back of the head skull and distribute it evenly, therefore help prevent flat head syndrome.

Best Head shaping pillow for babies

  1. WelLifes Baby Flat Head Pillow  
  2. Babymoov Lovenest Infant Head Support & Flat Head Syndrome Prevention  
  3. KSB / KOSBON  Baby Pillow Head Positioner Neck Support 
  4. Baby Bear Head Shaping Pillow 
  5. John N tree organic Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow 
  6. KAKIBLIN 2-in-1 Baby  Flat Head and Neck Support Pillow 
  7. UINSTONE Newborn Baby Pillow Infant Memory Foam Pillow Head 
  8. Topwon 8” Newborn Baby Infant Head-shaping Pillow
  9. Babymoon Pod for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support
  10. MIMOS Baby Pillow (XL) 
  11. Sweeter baby pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention
  12. Theraline Baby Pillow for Plagiocephaly and Flat Head
  13. Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie 
  14. KAKIBLIN Newborns Shaping Pillow Baby Prevent Flat Head Cap
  15. Cherish Baby Care Flat Head Baby Pillow
  16. Mkicesky Baby Pillow
  17. Ashton bee Newborn Baby Pillow
  18. Bliss & baby Baby Head Shaping Pillow
  19. MOKEYDOU Baby Head Shaping Pillow
  20. LIANXIN Baby Pillow Memory Foam
  21. Acksonse Baby Pillow

Before we start the review of Best Baby Flat Head Pillow let’s first understand this crucial baby product.

Baby head shaping pillow comparisons

 NameImageSizeMaterialWhere to buy
WelLifesBaby flat head pillowwidth 13xheight 9 inches3D cool air mesh&organic cotton & hypoallergenic 3D air mesh fillingBuy from Amazon
Babymoon Pod10X10X3 inchesPush polyester & polyester FillingsBuy from Amazon
Babymoov Lovenest23 x 23 x 3 cmcotton spandex & memory foam fillingsBuy from Amazon
KSB/kosbon 22.5*21*3cm cotton spandex & memory foam fillingsBuy from Amazon
baby gear10 x 9 x 1.4 inchescotton & hypoallergenic memory foamBuy from Amazon
Mkicesky Baby Pillow18*10*1.2cotton& memory foam fillingsBuy from Amazon
John N tree organicWidth 15 X Height 8 inchescotton & hypoallergenic polyester fillingsBuy from Amazon
UINSTONE8.9*8.3*1.2 inchesorganic cotton & hypoallergenic polyester fillingsBuy from Amazon
MIMOS Baby Pillow (XL)8.3 x 11 x 1.2 inchespolyester & polyester blendBuy from Amazon
Topwon 8'' 8.9*8.3*1.2 inchesmemory foam fillingsBuy from Amazon
Cherish Baby Carecotton& memory foam fillingsBuy from Amazon
Ashton bee Newborn Baby Pillow Cotton& memory foam fillingsBuy from Amazon
Sweeter baby pillow sweet baby pillowcotton & bamboo memory foam fillingsBuy from Amazon
Bliss & baby 12" x 8.3"cotton & cotton fillingsBuy from Amazon

Babies are born with a soft skull to allow brain growth that happens in the first year of their life.

In the first year of a baby’s life, parents are advised to place the baby on their back to prevent the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

Also, during this time baby spend most of their time sleeping approximately 16 hours in one day.

However, this sleeping position puts pressure on the back of your baby’s head which results in deformational called flat head syndrome or Positional Plagiocephaly.

A flat head syndrome is a problem that occurs when the baby sleeps too much on one spot; the head presses against the mattress causing a flat spot.

 Since the 1990s when the back to sleep campaign was introduced it has saved many baby’s lives, but experts have noticed the rise in flat head syndrome.

Almost 50% of the newborn aged 7-12 weeks are affected by the flat head syndrome problem.

Read more about other causes of the flat head syndrome

Baby flat head treatment

Parents should not worry too much because the problem doesn’t affect baby development but the odd appearance on the baby’s head.

The good news you don’t need surgery to bring the baby’s head into the right shape.

Usually, the condition corrects itself as the baby grows. In rare cases, uncomfortable and expensive baby heads helmets need to be worn in a few months.

Except for the use of baby heads helmets which need to be worn 23 hours a day for 3-months parents are encouraged to use simple practices to prevent flat head syndrome.

How to prevent flat head

  • Providing tummy times to your baby
  • Changing baby sleeping position not to sleep on one spot
  • Use the flat baby pillow can help.

Having that in mind today we are going to discuss the best baby pillow that can help prevent flat head syndrome called Baby flat head pillow

What is a Baby flat head pillow

The baby head shaping pillow has a hollow at the center.

The center hollow is where you place the baby’s head. Good cavity design should be round and not square to shape the baby head properly

These types of pillows are best for babies from newborn to one year to help prevent the flat head syndrome.

Most of them are donut-shaped.

What to consider when buying a flat head pillow

If you want the best baby flat head pillow for your baby, you need to consider the following points to have the best choice.

Fill material

Various materials are used to fill the baby pillow.

Such material includes

  • Memory foam
  • Cotton fillings – it is the best for your baby because the fill is soft, breathable, creates a flatter and firm filling. The cotton filling doesn’t last longer than synthetic.
  • Hypoallergenic foam – also known as posture pillow. It helps align spine and neck promoting healthy posture while sleeping
  • Polyester non-allergic Polyfill – the fill is allergy-free, odor-free, durable and holds its shape for a more extended period than natural fiber. It is also lightweight and easy to clean
  • Down or feather fill – not best for children because are too soft and can cause allergies.
  • Fiber
  • Latex
  • Foam
  • Memory foam

Easy to clean

Babies are used to making messes either they are drooling when asleep so you need the pillow that can be thrown in the washing machine for a full cycle.

If not the pillow should have a pillow cover to prevent messes and it should be washable either by hand or machine.


When it comes to choosing baby pillow comfortability and support is the critical thing you need to consider. Most parents become confused about what to check whether soft or firm.

If you press the pillow with your hand or place the baby and it doesn’t regain its regular shape the pillow is too soft. The soft pillow is unsafe for your baby and causes suffocation risk.

If you press the pillow and don’t move, it is too hard for your baby and not comfortable.

The best pillow is the one you press and regain its shape.

The thickness of a baby pillow

The baby pillow should be reasonably thin, should not have clumps and deformities reason being it can cause pain or strain in children’s necks. Recommended thickness of about 5.1 to 7.6 cm ( 2 to 3 inches).

Size of the pillow

The toddler pillow should be smaller than the adult pillow or standard pillow. Most of them measure 30.5 cm (12 inches) by 40.6 cm (16 inches) and have a thickness of about 5.1 to 7.6 cm ( 2 to 3 inches).

The smaller size eliminates extra material that can cause suffocation.

When buying a Flat-head pillow, you should know your baby’s head circumference and pillow cavity diameter. Choose the pillow that fits your baby’s head circumference. The pillow should not have a large or small cavity; medium is the best

Cover material

Most pillows come with a cover to prevent them from soiling. The covers are made of cotton, organic cotton, and other material like synthetic fiber and polyester blend. Choose the best pillow cover material that is best for your baby


Pillows are made of different fillers and fabrics. Some of the fillers and fabric might be harsh to the baby’s sensitive skin before buying makes sure you know whether the baby is allergic to the particular material.

Pillow cavity design

The Pillow cavity is the center hollow where you place the baby’s head. Good cavity design should be round and not square to shape the baby head properly


The pillow should be made of fabric and fillings that allow air to pass through and let sweat evaporate.

The breathable pillow helps keep the baby comfortable, cool, and dry

Safety certification

Doctor recommendation, scientifically proven, clinically tested, organization certification, and approved provides more credibility and declares the product complies with essential requirements such as health, safety, and environmental protection legislation

Baby flat head pillow reviews

  1. WelLifes Baby Flat Head Pillow  


  • Material -3D cool air mesh and organic cotton fabric
  • Size – width 13xheight 9 inches
  • Fillings- hypoallergenic 3D air mesh filling

The pillow is made of two different fabrics. The backside is made of well-ventilated 3D cool air mesh fabric. 3D air mesh construction keeps cool air in summer and warm air in the winter.

The front side of the pillow is made of 100% organic cotton fabric bonded with a sponge. The fabric reinforces a sense of durability and cushioning.

Organic cotton fabric provides the baby with health and safety because it uses the natural fabric which is not treated with the chemical, didn’t use fertilizers and pesticides.

Also, organic fabric acquired international organic certification such as global textile standard (GOTS), organic exchange standard, and organic farming certification.

The concave center makes the pillow best for flat head prevention. Also, the pillow is made of 100% hypoallergenic 3D air mesh filling that allows airflow.

It measures approximately width 13xheight 9 inches.

How to manage the WelLifes baby flat head pillow

  • Do not dip it in water for a long time to minimize the product deformation
  • Wash it by hand in cold water
  • You can use the washing machine to clean the pillow, place it independently into the washing net to prevent fabric damage.
  • Do not use whitener
  • Do not leave it close to the heating device and avoid ironing at high temperatures.
  1. Babymoov Lovenest Infant Head Support & Flat Head Syndrome Prevention  


  • Size -23 x 23 x 3 cm
  • Fillings- memory foam
  • Material – cotton spandex

The Babymoov lovenest is made out of cotton spandex and memory foam. Cotton fabric is breathable, soft, and very easy to wash.

The soft, breathable cotton ensures comfort and ventilation while the baby sleeps

This pillow patented tilt and heart shape creates a cocoon-like holding effect that eliminates the pressure from the back of the baby skull and distributes it evenly, allowing the head to maintain its proper shape until the skull is fully formed.

The pillow is ideal for newborns until 6-months old and measures 23 x 23 x 3 cm

The uncomplicated design of the lovenest means that it can be used throughout the day as an insert in a baby swing, bouncer, rocker, or stroller.

The product is backed by a lifetime warranty that guarantees the company is committed to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction

It comes in different colors including smokey gray, ivory, and taupe

Links to different colors

Babymoov Lovenest Flat-Head Pillow, Taupe

Babymoov Lovenest – (Ivory)

  1. KSB / KOSBON  Baby Pillow Head Positioner Neck Support 


  • Fillings-memory foam
  • Material- cotton spandex
  • Size-22.5*21*3cm

Made from memory foam and cotton spandex

The pillow is ideal for three months to one year and measures 22.5*21*3cm

 Its ergonomic shape provides excellent neck and head support for your infant and correct flat head syndrome.

Includes pillowcase which is made of high-quality cellulose and cotton that do not cause allergies to your sensitive baby skin.

How to take care and maintain KSB 9

Clean spot with a wet cloth only and don’t immerse in water as this would harden the memory foam

  1. Baby Bear Head Shaping Pillow 


  • Filling- hypoallergic memory foam
  • Material –cotton
  • Size – 10 x 9 x 1.4 inches

The pillow is made up of hypoallergic memory foam and cotton that is designed to create a comfortable sleep microclimate in any environment. It also offers the full spectrum of head and neck support.

It measures 10 x 9 x 1.4 inches

  1. John N tree organic Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow 


  • Material –cotton
  • Filling-hypoallergenic polyester
  • Size – Width 15 X Height 8 inches

The pillow is made of natural cotton and hypoallergenic polyester filling for sensitive skin, breathable, dye-free, and chemical-free.

 Double-sided pillow with organic cotton so the baby can sleep on both sides

Measures approximately Width 15 X Height 8 inches

This pillow is used in many ways during a diaper change, on the play mat, in the bassinet, and when breastfeeding

How to take care and maintain John N tree organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow

  • Recommended hand wash with cool or warm water (30 degrees or lower)
  • For machine wash gentle cycle with cool or warm water (30 degrees or lower)
  • Do not use hot water or hot setting. The pillow may shrink at high temperature as it is not chemically treated
  • Lay it flat and let it air dry
  • Do not use chlorine or bleach
  • Use a mild detergent or nonfluorescent detergent
  1. KAKIBLIN Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow

  1. UINSTONE Newborn Baby Pillow Infant Memory Foam Pillow Head 


  • Size-8.9*8.3*1.2 inches
  • Material-organic cotton fabric
  • Fillings-hypoallergenic polyester fillings

UINSTONE is suitable for babies 0-12 months

The pillow is made of 100% organic cotton fabric and hypoallergenic polyester fillings for sensitive baby skin

The pillow is made to keep your baby spine in the correct alignment

It is sized 22.5*21*3 cm or 8.9*8.3*1.2 inches

  1. Topwon 8” Newborn Baby Infant Head-shaping Pillow


  • Size -22.5*21*3cm/8.9*8.3*1.2 inches
  • Fillings-Memory foam

This infant pillow is suitable for babies 0-12 months and measures 22.5*21*3cm/8.9*8.3*1.2 inches

Curved design helps prevent flat head and keeps your baby in a safe position

Memory foam padding provides additional comfort to your baby.


The customer complains the pillow has a horrible chemical smell that doesn’t go away even after washing.

  1. Cherish Baby Care Flat Head Baby Pillow

  • Filling –memory foam
  • Pillowcase -cotton

Cherish baby care flat head pillow comes with two removable white washable cotton covers which are easy to clean. It also has an inner protective cover.

The newborn pillow is perfect for travel, crib, play mat, bassinet, swing, bouncy chairs, daycare, during playtime on the floor, stroller, and car seat.

It is made of BASF memory foam from Germany and super soft cotton pillowcases to protect the baby’s sensitive skin.

This product has the Textile Safety Certification – Oekotex Class 100 Safe for Babies and comes in a neutral color that matches any nursery bedding.

The pillow is sized to fit newborns on Day 1 and also fits bigger babies up to 12 months old.

This product has an anti-rolling ergonomic design that helps keep the baby in the safest positions in their back.

  1. Mkicesky Baby Pillow

  • Filling-memory foam
  • Size-18*10*1.2
  • Cover – cotton

Mkicesky Baby Pillow is made of memory foam material with breathable holes so it can increase airflow and cotton washable pillow covers. The product material passes the certification of “CertiPUR-US” and any smell has no harm to the baby’s health.

The slow rebound memory foam pillow help relieve pressure on the baby’s head.

This pillow has advance slow rebound memory foam with breather holes. The holes draw away moisture and increase airflow. The advanced slow rebound memory foam return to its original state after being pressed, and can be used repeatedly without being easily deformed.

The Mkicesky Baby Pillow is a Long Infant Pillow that measures 18*10*1.2 inch which helps meet different sleeping positions. The wide length with fall-off prevention design prevents the baby to fall out of the pillow. The height is best to support the baby’s neck.

It is ideal for baby’s age 0-2 years.

  1. Ashton bee Newborn Baby Pillow

  • Material –memory foam
  • Pillow case-cotton

Ashton bee Newborn Baby Pillow is made of memory foam material and soft organic breathable cotton. The material is designed for better airflow, therefore, leads to better air quality.

Ashton bee baby head pillow is available in star design which is made of organic cotton with a double-sided design

  1. Bliss & baby Baby Head Shaping Pillow


  • Material –cotton
  • Size-12″ x 8.3″

Bliss & baby Baby Head Shaping Pillow is made by Pediatricians for newborns & infants up to 12 months old to prevent and correct flat head (plagiocephaly) and torticollis.

It is made of pure organic cotton which is hypoallergenic, free of toxins, and soft on your baby’s sensitive skin.

For maximum safety and temperature control, the pillow is breathable Oeko-Tex Certified and has a 3D Air Spacer Mesh surface on the back with a cooling effect to ensure safety and comfort and prevent sweating.

This pillow is machine washable and dryable. The shape and support of the infant pillow remain intact even after frequent washing and drying.

It measures 12″ x 8.3″ which is an ideal size for infants from 0-14 months.

  1. MOKEYDOU Baby Head Shaping Pillow

  • Filling –memory foam
  • Pillowcase Material –cotton
  • Size – 18″ x 18″ x 1.2″

The MOKEYDOU Baby Head Shaping Pillow is made of memory foam and comes with a washable cotton pillow cover.

This pillow measure 18″ x 18″ x 1.2″ the size is ideal for babies from 0-24 months. Also, 18-inch help prevents the baby from falling out and height provide good neck support, therefore, prevent the baby from the cervical spine.

It can be used in multiple places such as bassinets, infant car seats, swings, bouncers, strollers, and cradles

  1. LIANXIN Baby Pillow Memory Foam

  • Filling-memory foam 
  • Size-17.71” L × 10.43” W × 1.38” H
  • Pillowcase material -cotton

LIANXIN Baby Pillow is made of memory foam material which is a slow rebound pillow. It comes with a removable pillowcase made of cotton and is easy to clean.

It measures 17.71” L × 10.43” W × 1.38” H which is recommended by chiropractors as the ideal sized pillow for ages 0-2 years. It can also be used for bed swinging stroller crib cradle.

  1. Acksonse Baby Pillow


  • Filling-memory foam
  • pillow case -organic cotton

The Acksonse Baby Pillow is made of memory foam and an organic cotton pillowcase.

The memory foam is not washable but the removable cotton pillowcase is suitable for hand washing and machine washing to keep it clean.

The venting holes in the pillow core draw away moisture and increase airflow to keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Babymoon pillow 

Babymoon pillow

  1. Babymoon Pod for Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support


  • Material – 2-type fabric push polyester and cotton
  • Fillings –polyester
  • Size-10X10X3 inches
  • Made USA

Machine washable and machine dry

It is made of 2-types of fabrics 100% Push polyester and cotton.

The pillow is machine washable and machine dry.

Use the BabyMoon on a changing pad, nursing, playtime, in the bouncer, stroller, and car seat.

Looking for a pillow that provides head support for infants 0-6months, the babymoon is the right choice.

After 6-12 months the pillow can be used as neck support on the bouncer, stroller, or car seat.

The pillow comes in different colors such as a blue dot, gold dot, Minky blue, Minky ivory, Minky pink, mink sage, navy dot, and a pink dot.

Measures 10X10X3 inches

How to manage Babymoon pod

  • Machine wash with warm water
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • No chlorine bleach

Video of how to use babymoon pod

Mimos flat head pillow 

Mimos Flat head baby pillow

  1. MIMOS Baby Pillow (S) 


  • Material -polyester & polyester blend
  • Size- 8.3 x 11 x 1.2 inches
  • Fillings -3D breathable air spacer fabric

Mimo pillow is one of the well-known flat head pillows out there because it’s 100% breathable and has been awarded TUV certification for anti- suffocation and safe air circulation.

It is made of 3D breathable air spacer fabric which makes it easier for the baby to breathe

The pillow provides 400% less pressure than a hard flat surface mattress, therefore, help distribute pressure on the soft baby skull

Use the pillow in the crib, pram, stroller, bouncer, and chair

This pillow is machine washable, chemical-free, and dust-mite free

For quality and safety guarantee the pillow is TUV certification for breathability, European Safety certification EN71-1, Confirm by Medical Experts,  Tested in US Lab and Textile safety certification – Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 safe for babies

Mimo pillow comes in different sizes. The pillow had five sizes before – L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and P but recently had renamed its sizes and reduced sizes to 4

Mimo pillow XS formerly L best for 0-3 months and head circumference less than 37 cm or 14.6 inches

Mimo S formerly XL suitable for 1-10 months and head circumference 36cm -46 cm or 14.2-18.1 inches

Mimo M formerly XXL ideal for 5-18 months and head circumference 42cm -49 cm or 16.5-19.3inches

Mimo L formerly XXXL appropriate for 18 months and above and head circumference above 49cm or 19.3 inches

The pillow doesn’t come with the cover it is sold separately but can be used without one. For better protection and convenient washing, a cover saves you a lot

Cover for Mimos Pillow (Size: XS, S, M, L, P) (S)

How to use Mimos pillow

Sweet baby pillow box
Sweeter baby pillow
  1. Sweeter baby pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention

The sweet baby pillow helps to keep your baby’s head in the alignment of with their spine, therefore, help prevent flat head syndrome. Keeping the head aligned in the skin is an added benefit to restful sleep.

The pillow cover is made of cotton, which is never treated with chemicals making it ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin.

It is made of bamboo memory foam which provides what your baby needs.

It features a cut-out in a pillow that allows air circulation, keeping your baby head from overheating. Also, the cut-out provides room to position and support the baby’s head so that it does not become flat through pressure.

Theraline baby pillow box
Theraline baby pillow
  1. Theraline Baby Pillow for Plagiocephaly and Flat Head

The Theraline baby pillow keeps the baby in an ideal sleeping position, therefore, helps prevent flat head syndrome.

It is made such that it allows free air circulation and head turn which offers baby comfort and safety during sleep.

It is suitable for 0-12 months

Flathead hat/cap box 

Baby beanie pillow

Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie

  1. Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie 

This innovative head support was designed by Dr. Jane Scott who is a mother and doctor of the pediatrician and Neonatology as a solution to a baby’s struggling with flat head syndrome.

The Tortle head repositioning beanie is designed to help moms reposition their baby head to prevent or treat mild to the moderate flat head syndrome.

To prevent flat head syndrome the Tortle recommends wearing a repositioning beanie at least eight hours a day for their first six months (from birth –six months).

The hat is made of 95%cotton and 5% spandex which is comfortable, breathable, and stretch.

It is FDA-cleared to prevent and treat flat head syndrome.

The tortle hat is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear on the baby-soft head.

It comes in multiple colors, 3 sizes (small, medium & large), and features a concave foam positioning roll which is strategically placed to better fit the back of your baby.

Moreover, the product is machine washable, or hand washes cold and air dry.


Make sure you get the right size and fitting

S    0-2 months / 5-10 lbs (13-15″ head circumference)

M   2-4 months / 10-15 lbs (15-16.5″ head circumference)

L    4-6 months / 15-20 lbs (16.5-18″ head circumference)

How to use the Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie

To correctly use the tortle you must pull the beanie down so that the crown of the head is fitted, the roll should be positioned right behind the ears, and the ears are covered.

If it covers the eyebrows you can fold the front of the beanie.

Once the beanie no longer covers the ear it is the best time to move to the next size

In case your baby has no flat head syndrome or shows signs of plagiocephaly you should alternate the side you place the roll.

If already the baby has flat head syndrome make sure the roll is positioned on the flat area to encourage the baby to turn the headway from the spot.

The tortle has an opening along the seam to add a decorative head wrap or flower to accessorize your beanie. This mostly favors girls.

You can use the stroller or car seat when the baby is awake, but in case you use it when the baby is asleep you must supervise your little one.


  • The beanie is worn like the hat thus reduces the risk of suffocation.
  • Machine washable cold, hand washable and air dry
  • It is recommended from birth to six months but can be worn longer if it doesn’t outgrow your baby.
  • It will help keep the baby head warm


  • It is recommended to buy all the three sizes so as you have a perfect fit as your baby grows. This can be expensive for most moms.
  • If you don’t reposition the right place and buy the correct size the tortle will keep on shifting so you have to keep an eye so as to adjust the right place. That’s why it is recommended to buy the three sizes to fit your baby’s head as she grows.

  1. KAKIBLIN Newborns Shaping Pillow Baby Prevent Flat Head Cap

It is suitable from birth to six months.

Made of cotton making KAKIBLIN pillow cap, soft on the baby skin.

You can use it on the car seat, cradle, strollers, prams, when the baby is lying down, cot, pushchairs, and prams.

There are two ways you can use the cap-let the baby wear the pillow cap or position the raised part under the head of a baby


The cap comes in one size which might be a challenge to fit most babies’ heads.


The baby flat head pillow should be added to the baby registry and always use this pillow to your newborn baby to remove pressure from the back of the head skull and distribute it evenly, which helps maintain proper head shape until the skull is fully formed.

It is very crucial to use anti-rolling pillow it helps head skull development to your newborn until six months
I hope you will find a flat head pillow that will solve your baby flat head syndrome in our review of Best Baby Flat Head Pillow.

If you didn’t find the best pillow of your choice let us know in the comment section below

Frequently asked questions

Do pillows help with the baby's flat head?

There are pillows specifically designed to help prevent flat head syndrome.

Does a baby's flat head correct itself?

The mild flat head syndrome is likely to correct itself as your baby grows.

When can babies use head shaping pillows?

Head shaping pillows are supposed to be used from day one

Does my baby need helmet for flat head?

If the baby has a large or serious flat head and is not correcting itself before the baby reaches six months most pediatricians prescribe the use of the helmet.

Are flat head pillows safe for babies?

According to the advice given by NHS, babies are supposed to sleep on their back on a firm flat surface without pillows, blankets, duvet, toys, and other bed objects.
The main reason a baby’s face can end up pressed against the bed objects, and since the baby is not developed to lift themselves or remove things on the face this leads to increasing the risk of sudden infant death.
However, since the advice was issued the percentage of babies developing flat spots started increasing, and parents began to find the solution.
Most parents have found a solution on the flat head pillow and have found successful results on them.
So since the pillow is discouraged by health experts if you must use the pillow to support your baby’s head use them when they are awake under strict supervision.
Do not leave the baby sleeping on the pillow alone; make sure you are with them always.

More baby pillows

  1. Mimos pillow

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