Best Baby Proofing Products (Baby safety products checklist)

Make your home and environment safe where your baby can grow without worries by installing Baby Proofing Products.

According to Wikipedia baby proofing is making the environment safer for children.

As your child grows he/she starts becoming curious, adventurers, start exploring, touching, and moving everywhere in the house.

At this stage, mom worries too much because anything in the house becomes a danger to your child.

Mom who has a small kid will agree with me they experience a moment of fear.

For instance, when your child is playing outside you keep on checking to make sure the baby is safe, you even check what is around that can harm the baby.

Also, when a baby is asleep (especially if a baby has a long nap), most mom rush to the bedside to make sure the baby is still breathing or the baby’s temperature is okay.

The funniest thing even when your child is grown you keep on worrying.

You remove all the baby hazards to make sure your child is safe.

But the reality is as your kid grows he becomes curious, likes exploring new things, and becomes adventurous.

They are fond of putting things in their mouth, play with hanging electricity gadgets, play with door locks and cabinet doors.

Even the simple thing in the home becomes a danger to children.

Mom should not worry anymore along with keeping your environment safe and proper supervision, you can ensure your child grows in a safe environment by installing baby Proofing Products.

Baby safety product checklists

We have categorized our safety products into three categories

  • Baby safety products in the house – baby gates, Best Baby edge, and corner guards, cabinet and door locks
  • Baby safety products while sleeping – rails and rail guards, monitor, sleep positioners
  • Baby safety product while on the road – safety car seat

What to consider before buying Best Baby Proofing Products 

Before buying any baby safety product, you must consider the following 

Age of your child.

For instance, if you are buying a safety product for a newborn you consider buying the product for a crib like a baby monitor
If you are buying a safety product for a crawling child, or as soon as the baby starts to walk.

At this stage is when you require most of the guard products since the baby has begun to become an adventurer.

Products to consider are electricity covers, crib rail, cabinet, and door locks

Baby safety products reviews

best baby gates

Baby proofing gates

Baby gates are installed to potential danger zones such as doorways, hallways, stairways, fragile decoration, fireplaces, and glass furniture.

Also, parents place gates to playroom and exterior doors to keep play areas safe without closing the main doors.

Find out best baby gates

NameImageTypeBest forSize W x H (inches)Where to buy
Regalo Easy Open pressure mounteddoorways and hallways29-50 W X 30 HAmazon
Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru pressure mounteddoorways and staircases40 W x 41 HAmazon
Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Woodpressure mounteddoorways, hallways, bottom of stairs, kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms and playrooms31-50 W X 32 HAmazon
Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Thru Hardwood and Steelpressure mounteddoorways29-44 W X 38 HAmazon
Regallo Easy Step Walk Thru pressure mounteddoorways and staircases29-39 W X 31 HAmazon
North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Matte Bronzehardware-mounted gate   between rooms or the bottom of stair38.3 to 72 W X 30 HAmazon
Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gatepressure mountedstaircase, in a door jam, or hallway29.5.3 to 35 W X 29.5 HBest price and buy
Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gatepressure mounted and optionaldoorways, hallways, bottom of stairs, kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms and playrooms26 to 42 W X 23 HAmazon
Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gatepressure mounted and optional hardware-mountedtop of stairs, between rooms28 to 48 W x 36 HAmazon

Edge and corner guards

Baby proofing edge and corner guards

When your kid starts to stand and move independently, they are capable of falling either to sharp edges which leave them with nasty cuts.

At this stage, it becomes harder for moms to control. The only solution to prevent your child from danger and risks is installing edge and corner guards.

Baby edge and outlet guards help reduce risk to any sharp and angled edge in the area such as glass tables, countertops, and coffee tables.

Soften the sharp edges of your glass table’s, countertops and coffee tables by installing edge and corner guard. 

Best baby edge and corner guards

The Hamptons Baby Caring Corners

baby edge and corner guards

The Hamptons Baby is the corner protector which comes in a set of 8 and is clear in color.

They are best installed on plastics, metal appliances, wood desks, coffee tables, kitchen counters of tile and stone.

Other benefits Each package comes with installation instruction at backside that makes it easy and simple to install

You can remove them quickly without leaving a mark It comes in clear color so that they are not an eyesore

Roving Cove 

edge and corner guards

Roving Cove is extra long Safe Edge and Corner Cushion which covers the 16.2ft surface area comes with 15ft edge cushion and four corners cushion.

Roving Cove is coffee in color which goes well dark brown-colored furniture made of mahogany, oaks, cherry, and walnut.

It is best for chairs, stairs, shelves, fireplaces, chests and fits all standard size tables like (round table, square table, and rectangle table)

The Roving Cove is one of the purest cushions available since it does not add toxic flame-retardants so contains No BPA, no phthalates, no heavy metals, no latex, no SCCPs.

The Roving Cove is inherently flame-resistant; passed flammability tests under US regulations.

Baby proofing cabinets

Baby proofing cabinets and drawers

Cabinets, drawers, and cupboards not only give your house a stylish look, but they also make our homes look organized.

Without them they make our houses look untidy.

I don’t think when we are installing them in our home whether there is anyone who thinks it as a danger zone to our kid we only think of them as the safe area to keep our documents, keep medicines, poisonous substances, sharp objects in the kitchen and other storage purposes.

As you know as the kids grow they become adventurous they play with door and cabinet locks.

Those doors and locks can be shut on your child’s finger causing damage.

Kids like putting things in their mouths what if your kid opens the drawer finds poisonous substance or medicine and takes.

That’s why we need to baby proof our cabinets, drawers, cupboard and locks to prevent our kids from risks.

The cabinet locks are available in different types

  • Latches and straps
  • Magnetic cabinet locks
  • Sliding locks

               Best safety strap and latches locks

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches is used to secure cabinets, drawers, appliances, and toilet seats.

It requires a dual button to release making it hard for children to open but easy for an adult.

The lock is easy to install with provided adhesive and easy to remove without damaging the surface.

Made of flexible straps, which allow the lock to latch around corners.

Secure home by Jessa Leona Baby Safety Locks 

cabinet locks and straps

The lock can be used in multiple places such as cabinet, drawers, toilet, trash can, windows and pet food container

With ultra strong 3M adhesive makes installation easy and quickly without the use of any tools.

Also, 3M adhesive which holds securely through the years can be removed without damage

The lock is made in appealing and unique designs with colors made to match your home decor.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

This one of the cabinet locks that is easy to install you don’t have to drill or screw to fix it.

A magnetic cabinet lock pack consists of multiple locks and uses one key to open or lock.

You can fit in different cabinets and use this one key to open. Keep that one key safe.

On and off switch

on-and-off-switch magnetic cabinet lock

When you don’t need to open or close your cabinet more frequently, you can deactivate the switch to put off the lock and later activate the switch back to on, and it will close immediately.

Locking mechanism

Safety baby magnetic cabinet lock is mounted inside the cabinet; it will not open unless you open it using a magnetic that the baby cannot access the lock.


  • Easy to install you don’t drill or screw to fix
  • Most come with multiple locks which you can install on different cabinets
  • Can be disabled in time when not in need


  • Come in one magnetic key if it gets lost it becomes difficult to open

Best Magnetic Cabinet Locks

ImageNameDescriptionWhere to buy
safety-1st-magnetic-cabinet-locks-8-locks-1-keySafety 1st Magnetic Cabinet Locks, 8 Locks + 1 Keypack consists of 8 locks and one keybuy from Amazon
safety-baby-magnetic-cabinet-locksSafety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4 Locks + 1 Key)pack consists of 4 locks and one keyBuy now
safety-baby-magnetic-cabinet-locks-8locks-2-keysSafety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks (8Locks + 2 Keys)pack consists of 8locks and two keyBuy from Amazon
fifth-lockBalfer Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks (10 Locks + 2 Keys)pack consists of 10locks and two keyBuy from Amazon
nexpa-safety-childproof-magnetic-cabinet-locks3-keys-8-locks-8-key-basesNexpa Safety ChildProof Magnetic Cabinet Locks(3 Keys + 8 Locks + 8 Key Bases)pack consists of 8locks and three keyBuy from Amazon
safety-1st-magnetic-cabinet-locks-4-locks-1-keySafety 1st Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4Locks + 1 Key)pack consists of 4locks and one keyBuy from Amazon

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks

magnet cabinet lock

You don’t have to drill into the cabinet; the lock has 3M adhesive tape which makes installation easy.

It can also fit any cabinet style and keep the children safe without giving up home appeal.

Sliding locks

Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks 

Best baby lock and straps

The cabinet locks are designed to work only on a cabinet with side by side knobs. It adjusts to secure knobs up to 61/2 inches apart on center.

 Kiscords cabinet locks are available in black and white colors to match any décor. They are perfect for baby proofing kitchen, bathroom, and furniture.

They are easy to install without drilling, screws, magnet, and adhesive

Video how to install Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

Dreambaby Sliding Locks

sliding cabinet lock
cabinet locks and straps

The lock is suitable for D-shaped handles and knobs

Sliding locks require no installation you only push down and lock tight against the handles.

outlet covers
Baby proofing outlet covers

Outlet Covers help protect your kid from open electrical outlets and plugs

Best Electricity Outlet Covers 

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs

Protect your kid from open electrical outlets

It is easy to use you just snap in place and push firmly

Jambini self closing outlet covers

Looking for an outlet cover that closes instantly after a power cord is removed, Safety Baby Self-Closing Outlet Covers is an alternative cover for you.

It blends with most standard outlet covers

Baby proofing kitchen
Baby proofing kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dangerous rooms for your children starting with knives and opens fire.

It is also one of the challenging rooms in the house to childproof, but with the right kitchen safety products it becomes one of the safe places for your kids without causing harm

They prevent children from tampering with the stove controls.

Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers

stove knob covers

Safety 1 stove knob comes in a count of five and is clear designs blends in any style décor.

The universal size that makes the knob to fit almost all oven knobs.

The knobs have non-adhesive mounting.

The covers are sturdy, reusable, removable, heat resistant and feature hinged lid for quick adult access to the stove knob.

Safety 1st has tinted plastic color stove knob covers

KidCo Stove Knob Covers

stove knob covers

Kidco stove knob covers protect your little one from turning stove knobs

The knobs are non-adhesive installation and easily removable for cleaning

They feature a hinged lid for easy adult access and comes in the pack of five.

It comes in charcoal to compliment today home décor trend.

Stove Stoppaz Universal Kitchen Stove Knob Locks 

Baby proofing Bathroom
Baby proofing Bathroom

The bath spout cover brightens up the bath while keeping your baby’s head safe from the bump.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover Universal Fit

spout cover

It is a cute whale that covers the spout and protects kids from getting hurt during bath time

The skip hop Moby bath spout cover has adjustable straps that secure and tightens on most spouts.

The spout is made of soft, sturdy rubber that protects your baby’s head when bathing

It has a tail that hangs neatly when not in use.

The spout cover is BPA, phthalate- and PVC-free dishwasher-safe, mildew and mold resistant.

Ihome garden Bath Spout Cover 

Best spout cover

It features easily adjustable straps that secure and tightens most of the taps

Ihomegraden spout cover is made from soft and durable rubber

It has a hole on top of bathtub spout cover that allows easy access to the shower diverter

This bath spout cover is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, BPA and PVC free.

The package has a blue elephant bath spout cover and 2 Squeezable Bath Toys

Munchkin Bubble Spout Guard

spout guard

The Munchkin Bubble Spout Guard has an adorable blue elephant design that has an adjustable strap makes it easy to fit faucets and accommodates shower diverter.

It Dispenses bubble bath for sudsy bath time fun

Gadgetmine Bath Spout Cover  

Bath spout cover

The spout cover is made of soft and tough silicone (rubber) which is BPA, phthalate, and PVC free making it safe for your baby.

Features adjustable fin that makes gadgetmine spout cover secures and tightens most faucets.

The gadgetmine spout cover hides the shower diverter entirely or accesses it from the top.

The curved seal tail can be used as a hook to hang it when not in use.

Bathtub and shower mat

Yimobra Bath Tub and Shower Mat 

Bath Tub and Shower Mat
Get the best price from Amazon

The bathtub mat is extra long size 40x16inches provides excellent coverage for a home gym, bathtub and spa.

It is made of high-quality allergen-free vinyl, which is BPA free, anti-bacterial, and machine washable.

This bathtub with over 200 suction cups provides effective slip resistance in the bathtub or shower.

This mat features small holes throughout to allow water to safely circulate therefore prevent mold growth

Gorilla Grip the Original (R) Bath, Shower, and Tub Mat

shower and bath tub mat

This product features 324 Gorilla grip suction cups that help hold in place on smooth clean surfaces.

The extra generous sized is measured 34×16 inches covering most of the areas in the bathtub.

Features small holes throughout, allowing water to circulate therefore prevent Gorilla bath and shower mat creating a moist underside.

Made of high-quality material that is BPA free, non –toxic, phthalate free, latex free and machine washable

Bath kneeler

Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler

bath kneeler

The skip hop Moby bath kneeler is made with quick-dry neoprene which you can hang to dry on a towel bar or a shower rod with straps.

This product is size 17wx11Hx1.3D w a large and cushy bath kneeler for your parent comfort.

Non-slip backing and the cushion padding stays in place without skidding or give parent achy knees a rest while baby enjoys bath time.

Bathtub elbow rest

Skip Hop Moby Bath Elbow Saver 

bathtub elbow rest

The Skip Hop Moby Bath Elbow rest features non-slip backing,  cushy foam padding, and a water-resistant handy pocket for safekeeping small items.

Place the elbow rest on the tub edge it secures with suction cups and hangs to dry after use.

It is safe to use on your because it meets all applicable standard for product safety, legislation regarding chemical and minerals such as BPA, lead, and Phthalates

Baby haven Premium Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest 

best bath kneeler and elbow rest

Comfort your both elbows and knees using Baby haven Premium Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest during bath time with your little ones.

This product features cushioned elbow rest that is thick padding, six strength suction cup that locks, pad in place, pocket for storage purposes and is a size 22 inches wide.

It also has a large non-slip knee pad that is 22 inches wide and non-slip rubber base that grips to the floor.

The bath kneeler and elbow rest mount on the tub when not in use and has handled for hanging.

It comes with the handle, Velcro and zipper storage bag that provides multiple storage options.

The baby haven Premium Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest is made of neoprene material that is machine washable, dries quickly

Baby proofing toilet

Baby proofing toilet

 Toilet handle lock

Prevent your baby from repetitive flushing using toilet handle lock.

Flush stop Childproof Toilet Handle Lock 

baby proof your toilet

The flush stop toilet handle lock installs in seconds using impact-resistant 3M adhesive.

It fits most standard toilet and custom handles.

Toilet seat lid lock

Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok 

toilet seat lid lock

The lid is easy to open with simple one hand operation.

No adhesives and tools are required to assemble.

It fits most standard toilet

The product should be used on lids and seat rings ranging in size from 2 inches and 2.5 inches.

It also fits on toilet bowl rims ranging in depth from 1.25” – 3” A large “L” shaped bracket and a small “L” shaped bracket are included for adjusting toilet bowl rim fit.

Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock 

Features easy to use adhesive, so no drilling is required.

The toilet lock automatically relocks when the lid is lowered and has a SecureTech locking indicator that will help you know if the top is locked or not.

Safety 1st OutSmart Toilet Lock

Baby proofing doors
Baby proofing doors

Doorknob cover

Prevent your kid from opening doors or getting locked in the room.

Door Knob Covers by Jool Baby

door knob covers

These doorknob covers are white, has a subdued and unobtrusive design so they can blend with your door.

Jool baby door knob cover is compatible with standard spherical doorknobs.

The doorknob covers are quick and straightforward to install. They can come in a pack of four

Munchkin Door Knob Cover

The munchkin door knob cover has sculpted design that ensures a secure fit to surfaces.

The package includes two knob door cover.

The ergonomic design with locking geometry wraps around the entire knob providing strong tamper resistance.

Safety 1st Grip N’ Twist Door Knob Covers Decor

door knob covers

The doorknob fits most standard door knobs.

The sleek design blends in with home décor.

Other safety 1st door knob covers

KidCo Door Knob Lock 

The package includes five white pack of KidCo doorknob lock that is either white or clear color.

The knob lock has a unique side pinch-grip design and fits standard style door knobs.

It is easy to snap together installation.

Baby proofing bedroom
Baby proofing bedroom

Baby bed safety product

Safeguarding your baby bed is very important. This prevents your baby from falling off the bed while sleeping.

The baby bed safety product is the only solution to safeguards your child while sleeping.

Other baby bed safety product monitors your child while you are away. Such products include:

A baby monitor -keeps an eye on your child while you are in a different room or outside attending some activities.

Bed rail and rail guard  – protect your child from falling off the bed

The best baby bed rail guard

Regalo Swing Down Bedrail, 43-Inch Long 

Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper / Foam Safety Guard for Bed – Side Rail with Waterproof Cover – Pillow Pad for Toddlers, Kids

Baby Travel safety bedroom

Best baby travel safety products

Protecting your little one while traveling or on the road is very important.

The research has shown two out of 10 people involved in a road accident are children below the age of 10.

This has forced the government to come out with rules to address the measures of protecting your little one while traveling.

The government not only set rules but creating awareness through campaigns focusing on parents, caregivers, and guardians sensitizing them various ways of protecting your child from accidents.

One of the best ways to baby proof your child while on the go is installing a car seat for your child depending on age, height, and weight.

In addition to the car seat, a study done in the UK revealed that if children travel while fitted on the right car seat, it will help reduce the loss of your little one lives in a road accident by 60%.

Other than car seat there are baby safety gears that you might need when you are travelling with your child. Such as:

Finally, there are no safety products assured to be 100% childproof, so  never leave your child without proper supervision

If you didn’t find baby safety products from our review of Baby Proofing Products you can find more products here

How do you babyproof your home to make it safer for your little please let us know in the comment section below

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