Baby proofing the bathroom (simple tips anyone to follow at home)

The bathroom is meant to be a fun place for your family to enjoy a bath but it can also pose risk more to babies, toddlers, and kids than adults. This is the reason why baby proofing the bathroom is important for your child’s safety.

Like any other room in the house, the bathroom includes so many things and places that can pose danger to your little one such as faucet, knobs, handles, plugs, sink, door and drawers.

How to baby proof bathroom

Baby proofing bathroom starts with following bath time safety tips. The tips include

  • Prevent scalding

Making sure bath water is at the right temperature. You can use your elbow or use a baby bath thermometer to check the bathwater temperature.

You can set your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit / 30 degrees Celsius or

If you leave in an apartment install an anti-scald faucet to control the water temperature.

  • Prevent drowning

According to the consumer product safety commission, 90 children drown inside the home every year and two-third of these happen in the bathtub. You can reduce drowning death cases by following simple tips such as

Supervising your children during bath time is important, leaving him/her alone can lead to drowning.

Before you start bathing your baby make sure you have all the bathing essentials near you. This helps reduce leaving your child in the bathroom alone to get the item.

To avoid forgetting essential items you need during bath time you can keep the item you commonly use in the bathroom storage organizer.

In case you must answer the doorbell during bath time make sure you take the baby out of water and cover using a baby bath towel and go with him or her.

Also, empty bathtub after every use

  • Cover bathroom spout
spout cover

Spout and faucet are among sharp objects in the bathroom that cause severe injuries.

It can hurt if the baby accidentally hits his/her head when getting in and out of the bathtub.

To cover the spout you can use spout cover

  • Baby proof bathroom floor

The bathroom floor is made of slipping material and cause to your child fall on the floor.

You can prevent slipping by installing a non-slip bath mat to prevent falls.

Also, make sure you dry the water after bathing

  • Baby proofing bathroom door
Baby proofing door

You can decide to install a baby gate to prevent your baby access to the bathroom unsupervised or install door locks to prevent your child from easily open the bathroom door.

Baby gates prevent baby little fingers from being hurt.

You can form a habit of keeping your bathroom door always closed.

Also, make sure the bathroom door does not lock from inside so that your child cannot lock himself inside.

  • Baby proof toilet
Baby proof toilet

A toilet is another thing found in the bathroom and can pose risk on your children

Children are fond of throwing bath toys, keys, phones, or other small items in the toilet, don’t let them end up in toilet bowl. You can use a toilet lid lock to lock the lid.

Children can be drowned by an inch of water, once he/she falls in the toilet may not get out of the toilet. Locking the toilet lid will prevent your child from drowning inside the toilet.

You should always remember to close the toilet lid after use.

Also, make sure you lock the door always to prevent your child from entering unsupervised.

  • Baby proof bathroom cabinets and drawers
Baby proof bathroom cabinet and drawers

Bathroom cabinet and drawers are where most homes put razors, scissors, detergent, and more.

Make sure the cabinet is properly locked or use a cabinet lock to prevent your child from accessing it.

If you have high cabinets or drawers you can decide to put harsh detergent or sharp object there.

  • Baby proofing bathroom plugs/electrical outlet cover
Baby Proofing bathroom Plug Covers

Electrical appliances should be removed from plug or socket when out of use and kept away from the bathroom. You can lock them in the bathroom cabinet or cupboard

Cover the plugs using outlet covers.

Do not put anything plugged near the sink or bathtub because it may electrocute someone.

  • Baby proof bathtub

Most bathtubs are made of a material that can cause the baby to slip easily in the water leading to drowning.

You can prevent this by installing non-slip bath mat

Discourage your child from standing in the bathtub because it easy for them to slip and fall.

Watch the water level in the bathtub.

The bathtub floor has a hole to drain water. The hole can catch baby little toes and finger to prevent this you install bath plug stoppers.

To assist your child get in and out of the bathtub you can provide bathtub safety rail or place sturdy stool. You can install grab bars in the bathtub.

  • Baby proof bathroom faucet

Faucet handles are easy for the child to turn on and leave the tap running water.

  • Use sturdy access

There is a time your child cannot reach bathroom high sink or bathtub, using sturdy stool will help your child reach such high places or get in and out of the bathtub.

Make sure the stool you use is sturdy to prevent fall

  • Protect your baby eyes and ears from shampoo and water
Baby shampoo protection cap

As you all know babies are easily irritated from water and shampoo entering eyes and ears, using baby shampoo protection cap can protect baby ear and water during bath time.

  • Keep your knee and elbow safe for comfortable bath time
Bath kneeler and elbow rest

When bathing your child you required to bend or kneel on the bathroom floor. The bathroom floor is uncomfortable to kneel and cause pressure on your elbow.

Using bath kneel pad and elbow rest helps reduce pressure

  • Non-slip backing

Prevent your child from slipping in the bathtub by always supporting him using your hand or non-slip backing such as

  • Cover sharp corners
edge and corner guard

If your bathroom cabinets or furniture have sharp corners cover them using edge and corner guard

  • Baby proof bathroom windows

Make sure the bathroom window is locked and make sure your child cannot reach the window and open by climbing fixtures, cabinet, drawer, or other furniture.

If your window is opening more than 4 inches you can add guard rail to prevent a child falling out of a window

Baby proof bathroom trash can

Baby proof trash can

Invest in buying wastebasket with a locking lid to keep children out of the waste.

In case the trash can do not have a lid lock it in the bathroom cabinet.

Remove any item that your child can use to climb up in the bathroom

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