Babywearing sweatshirt (best for mom and baby hoodie carrier)

Shield your child from the cold using a babywearing sweatshirt. It is also known as a kangaroo hoodie or baby carrier zip-up hoodie.

Kangaroo hoodie

Babywearing does not have to stop during the cold season. 

In this article, we will provide a review of the best babywearing sweatshirt to keep your child warm.

Kangaroo hoodie comparisons

 NameImagematerial &colorWhere to buy
1U2SKIIN Polyester-Purple/Grey/Dark Grey MelCheck Amazon
2Lucky Shop1234Babywearing hoodieFleece-Black,Red,Mint GreenCheck Amazon
3YINUOWEI Men Kangaroomen kangaroo hoodieFleece-black/greyCheck Amazon
4Suse's Kinder Wyomingbabywearing fleecePolyester-blackCheck Amazon
5small showPolar fleece-Blue, dim grey,wine, black, beigeCheck Amazon
6TUOKINGKangaroo sweatercotton/polyster-blackCheck Amazon
7CosplayKangaroo hoodieCotton+polyester+spandex-Black, blue,green ,grey, light blue, pink, purple, red, yellowCheck Amazon
8Fun2bemumPolyester+cotton+elastane-Black, blue, graphite, grey, turquise, pinkCheck Amazon
9RexuryFleece-black, blue, greyCheck Amazon
10Kouye Brandmartenity hoodie baby carriercotton-black, blue, wine redCheck Amazon
11Jarazinbabywearing sweatercotton, polyester, spandex-green, grey, black, red, navy ,purpleCheck Amazon
12Moxeaybaby carrier sweatercotton, wool, rayon-black, greyCheck Amazon
13Boba hoodiecotton+spandex-GreyCheck Amazon
14Seraphine'sCheck Amazon

What is a Kangaroo hoodie

comes with a large front baby-protecting pocket with it’s own hoodie in order to help keep your baby warm.
Generously sized lower pockets keep your hands warm as well.

Kangaroo hoodie is a cardigan or sweater that has a baby pouch or a large front baby-protecting pocket to carry the baby over the sling/wrap/carrier to keep your baby warm during cold seasons.

This sweater is not only used as a baby carrier hoodie but can also be used for nursing or during maternity.

So this is a purchase you will never regret you will use when expecting and later to cover your baby.

Most of these sweaters are perfect for all-weather, the thermal properties and lightweight of the fabric let your skin breathe and keep you dry during extreme weather.

It is also called babywearing sweater/ babywearing sweatshirt/ babywearing sweater/baby carrier hoodie/babywearing fleece jacket/babywearing hoodie

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How to put on Kangaroo hoodie

Place the baby in the wrap/ carrier

Put on the babywearing hoodie and pass the baby head on the central opening.

They have a side zipper making it easy to put on and off. It can also be put on back or front carries

How to put on babywearing hoodie back carry

How to put on babywearing sweatshirt front carry

Our top pick

babywearing sweatshirt reviews

Mom and baby hoodie

Mom and baby hoodie

  1. Suse’s Kinder Babywearing Fleece Jacket 
baby wearing hoodie

The Suse’s Kinder Babywearing Fleece Jacket is designed to allow for hip, front and back carriers.

It is made of polyester fleece.

This jacket comes with two front inserts that work for side wearing and one insert for spare or wearing twins.

The jacket runs about two sizes larger and regular women sizing. A woman can order a small size if you wear a large size unless you want it roomy/ have long arms.

It features hidden zippers at the back opening. The rear opening has drawstrings that allow the opening to be tightened at the front of the coat.

The zippers are designed such that you do not zip the insert all the way up and leave whatever amount you want you to need to be unzipped to allow for the baby head.

It is for use over the carrier.

2. Makkrom Women’s Maternity Zip Up Hoodie for Baby Carriers Multifunctional Sweater Coat

babywearing sweater

It is made of high-quality fleece fabric which makes it suitable for Baby carriers or maternity hoodie sweatshirt.

It has warm, cozy and elastic cuffs to keep your hands warm, protect you and your baby from wind and cold days

This fleece sweatshirt with practical pockets and a small hoodie that allows you to carry your baby in a wrap sling.

Features a functional design with concealed side zip cut-outs designed to grow with your changing curves.

3. Lucky Shop1234 Women’s Maternity Kangaroo Hooded Sweatshirt for Baby Carriers

mom and baby hoodie

The luckyshop 1234 is 2-in-1 fleece is made for carrying babies, toddlers or even pet.

It has an extension that you zip to the zipper, pocket, and a hood to keep your baby warm.

4. U2SKIIN Women’s Maternity Fleece Hoodie 3 in 1 Kangaroo Pocket Carrier Baby Holder

3 in 1 kangaroo hoodie

The U2SKIIN is a 3 in 1 Kangaroo Pocket Carrier with two removable inserts one can be used for maternity and one for carrying the baby. When you remove inserts, the jacket looks like a normal sweatshirt. So it can be worn during pregnancy while carrying your baby and as a casual jacket.

The kangaroo pocket fits the baby from 1-6 months, but you need to hold the baby with a hand when in the pocket and Dark Grey Mel and Grey: need to use the baby sling or baby carrier together.

It is made of polyester making the fleece suitable for spring, autumn, and winter days.

5. RooCoat Babywearing & Maternity Coat 2.0 Gray with Blue Stripes Medium

baby carrier hoodie

 The roocoat slips easily over the parent, child and the baby carrier to keep your baby warm in cold weather.

This coat can be worn forward for a front carrier or reversed with parenthood removed for back carry. It also has a front and back pocket, so your hand has somewhere to go no matter what carrier you choose. The pocket is large to fit any large smartphone or keychains.

The main zipper has a removable pull cord that will help to zip especially in a back carry. It also has added extra neck zipper for when you back carry to give your neck some breathing space.

The childhood is removable/ snapped easily, therefore, makes the coat to be used on its own. Also, it has a drawstring to help keep in position, large enough to accommodate mom’s bun, and can be made small with the button snap.

It is made of cotton and polyester blend.

This coat is 4 inches longer that will help fit both tall parent and long toddler legs.

6. Smallshow Women’s Fleece Zip-Up Maternity Baby Carrier Hoodie Sweatshirt Jacket

kangaroo sweater for mom and baby

The small show is made of polar fleece, making it ideal for spring, autumn, and winter.

This hoodie is worn over front baby carriers and slings.

The baby carrier hoodie is designed with two option for mom to choose from

The 3-in-1 design which includes two removable panels.

 One panel extends the jacket to be worn during pregnancy.

The other panel is to be used with a baby carrier or sling to keep baby warm and protect your baby from wind and cold.

You can remove both panels and wear as a casual jacket

2-in-1 design has one removable panel. This design can be worn over the front baby sling and baby carrier.

The fleece jacket has side pockets, hoods, and long sleeves.

7. Cosplay Kangaroo Hoodie Coat 

babywearing hoodie

The cosplay joy kangaroo hoodie is made of 75% cotton, 20%polyester, and 5% spandex.

It has a front pocket detachable and designed to carry the baby keeping your baby warm and protecting from wind and cold.

This hoodie is used over wrap sling and baby carrier.

8. FUN2BEMUM Babywearing Polar Fleece Jacket Hoodie Sweatshirt

sweatshirt with baby pocket

The Fun2BEMUM fits overall front babywearing systems, soft baby carriers, slings, and wraps.

It is ideal for newborns and babies up to 1.5 years old.

This hoodie is made of thick polar fleece, making it suitable for Autumn and Winter.

It has two side pockets for keys, tissues, and two hoodie one for you and the other one for the baby.

In this model, there is no removable INSERT.

9. Maternity FUN2BEMUM Womens Babywearing Pregnancy Jacket Baby Carrier NP01

Kangaroo sweater

In this model, there are two removable insert one to carry your baby the other one to use when pregnant. This jacket is three in one can transform into a Casual, Maternity or Babywearing jacket

It is suitable for newborn and babies up to 3-years.

The fun2BEMUM can be worn over baby slings and baby carriers such as Ergobaby, Tula, Chico, BabyBjorn, and more.

It is made of polar fleece, making it suitable for autumn and winter. It also features two pockets for keys and tissue.

 FUN2BEMUM is available in different colors which will find them here

10. Rexury Women’s Maternity Kangaroo Hoodie  

Kangaroo hoodie

The Rexury kangaroo hoodie includes two removable insert one for maternity and the other one with Hole for the baby head when you need to wear your baby.

When you remove the insert, it can be used as a regular jacket.

This hoodie is available in color black, blue, and grey. The black includes one detachable Pouch for babywearing and chooses two sizes up.

The grey and blue jacket choose one size up.

11. Jarazin Women’s Maternity Hoodies Kangaroo Fleece 

baby carrier hoodie

Jarazin women’s kangaroo hoodie is made of 70% cotton + 25% polyester + 5% spandex.

This baby carrier hoodie is designed to carry babies and toddlers.

It features a detachable front pocket that is designed to carry babies, super snag maternity jacket, can be used to carry an additional baby at the back and can be worn as a casual fleece jacket. 

It is available in different colors such as black, green dot, grey with a green dot, red stripe, black, light grey, navy, and purple.

12. Kouye Brand- Maternity Jacket Babywearing 

hoodie baby carrier

This babywearing hoodie is 3-in-1 which is suitable for carrying a newborn up to 1.5 years. Also, the hoodie can be worn as a casual sweatshirt.

The hoodie features two practical pockets for a mobile phone and pacifier.

It is made of cotton, making it suitable for winter, spring, and autumn. Also, the hoodie is available in colors such as Black, Wine Red, and Blue.

13. Moxeay Women or Men baby carrier Hoodie 

baby carrier sweater

The Moxeay kangaroo hoodie is made of cotton, wool, and rayon which is soft and warm material suitable for spring, autumn, and mild winters

It is long-sleeved and has two hoodie one for the jacket the other for kangaroo porch.

The kangaroo pouch is suitable for carrying the baby up to 1-year of age.

This jacket can be worn either by men and women. It is available in black and grey.

Can be worn as a babywearing hoodie and casual jacket.

14. Boba Hoodie Baby Carrier Cover Hooded Sweatshirt 

boba hoodie

This hoodie fits any structured carrier not explicitly designed for Boba carrier.

The Boba Hoodie is made of a soft terry blend of cotton and spandex.

Works on your baby either front or back.

The front opening allows reaching the baby while breastfeeding easily.

Features pocket for your keys money and other items.

15. Seraphine 3 in 1 Maternity Hoodie

Maternity hoodie

Seraphine’s is 3 in 1 baby carrier hoodie ideal as a Maternity Hoodie is designed for bump, for baby and casual sweatshirt.

It is made of soft fleece finish inside.

16. Jessie Women’s Maternity Kangaroo Hoodies 

This hoodie has 2 removable inserts (panels), one is for a normal hoodie, and the other one for a baby carrier hoodie.

It can be worn during pregnancy, whilst carrying your baby, and also afterward as a casual jacket (loose fit).

The hoodie comes with Asia size tag as follows small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large and 3X-large

17. Drindf Women’s Maternity Breastfeeding Kangaroo Hoodie Jacket 

The Fleece sweatshirt with a practical pocket that allows you to carry your baby in a wrap sling. 

It can be worn as a normal jacket without the baby wearing insert

This hoodie is designed with side pockets, hood and long sleeves

18. Happy Mama. Women’s Maternity Fleece Hoodie Duo Top Carrier Baby Holder


Baby carrier hoodie for dad

19. Tuoking newborn Kangaroo Sweater Clothing Dad 

Kangaroo sweater

The TUOKing kangaroo sweater is made of cotton and polyester which is warm and robust fabric to keep the baby warm away from wind and cold in autumn and winter.

It should be worn with a baby carrier.

It is a 2-in-1 sweater that can be used to carry the baby and as casual hoodies.

The Tuoking babywearing sweater is only suitable for infants and newborns which are less than 15lbs.

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