Best bath books for babies 2021 (Waterproof and floating)

Reading a book to your baby does not have to wait during bedtime when you are bathing them you can also take advantage of this time and read the book. I know you are worried about wetting those books but there are Baby bath books that are waterproof.

Best bath books for babies

Baby bath books comparisons

 NameImageWhere to buy
1BabyBibi Floating Baby Bath BooksBuy now Amazon
2Merka Bath Books Baby Bathtub ToysBuy now Amazon
3Growsland Baby Bath ToysBuy now Amazon
4Toyk Baby Bath BooksBuy now Amazon
5Nuby Bath BookBuy now Amazon
6Modern Publishers All About Babies Bath TimeBuy now Amazon
7Squeaky Baby Bath: Things That Go Bath Book Buy now Amazon
8The World of Eric Carle, Duckie Bath Book, and Squirty Toy SetBuy now Amazon
9Melissa & Doug Children’s BookBuy now Amazon
10HABA Magic Bath Book Fire Brigade Buy now Amazon
11Baby Einstein - Splish! Splash! Bath! - PI KidsBuy now Amazon
12Small world creations Click, ClickBuy now Amazon
13Who's Playing Outdoors? (Magic Bath Books) by Kate smith designsBuy now Amazon
14Duck (Shake & Play Bath Books) Bath Book by caroline daviesBuy now Amazon
15Found You, Magic Fish! (Magic Bath Books) Bath Book Buy now Amazon

In this article, we will review the best bath books for babies.

Baby bath book is a favorite book your baby to read and play within the bathtub, beach, and swimming pool.

Bath books double as baby bath toys that lightly float during bath time.

10 Best bath books for babies reviews

  1. BabyBibi Floating Baby Bath Books

Age 6 years up

The BabyBibi Floating Baby Bath Books make some fun noise when squeezed while exploring ABC letters, fruits, numbers, and sea creatures.

It is made of BPA free, non-toxic, and asthma free material, therefore, it is safe for the baby to chew or put in mouth.

The pack comes in a set of four books. Each book lightly floats during bath time. The four books are:

  • The “Happy Fruits” book showcases fun fruit illustrations
  • “Ocean Friends” introduce children to the world of ocean life
  • “ABC” and color books make it fun to learn letters 
  • “Numbers and shapes” make it fun to learn numbers and shapes

This book is small-sized making it easy for your children to hold and turn pages with ease.

The book has 8-pages with an attractive print that engages your child in bathtub learning.

More BabyBibi Floating Baby Bath Books

  1. Merka Bath Books Baby Bathtub Toys

Age 3 years up

The washable merka Bath Books set includes four bath crayons and four books that teach children about saying sorry, thank you, hi, goodbye, and thank you. 

It is made of High-quality BPA FREE polymer with UV color printing making these products last longer

They are not only bathroom book but make great learning at night time as well as parent reading, teacher books, teaching manners, kids social adaptation books, children books, shower book, waterproof kids books and plastic book 

  1. Growsland Baby Bath Toys

Age 3 months up

The Growsland Baby Bath book doubles as a toy the first page squeaks when you press it.

It has a vibrant illustration, soft pages, and bright colors that enhance the baby’s cognitive development and help them explore the world.

The growsland bath book contains a set of 3 books with Bath Squirt Toys. The books introduce such as numbers, animals, and shapes in a fun way.

It is made of high-quality material that is waterproof, seamless, non-fading, non-crack, scrubbing resistance, mold and humid resistance

In addition to the quality of the material, it is made of non-toxic plastic fiber, soft material, and smooth rounded corners you don’t worry about hurting the kids.

  1. Toyk Baby Bath Books

Age 3 months up

The Toyk Baby Bath Books is made of non-toxic fabric, durable, tear-resistant, and Washable material.

This book attracts your baby attention with a variety of sounds, vibrant images with vivid patterns and colors, and touch-and-feel texture.

It comes in a set of 8 books that features themes such as fruit, animal, transportation, graphics, ocean, digital, English alphabet, and musical Instrument.

The set of 8 books come packed in a color packing box making it ideal baby gifts, Christmas gifts, baby shower, or birthday gifts.

  1. Nuby Bath Book

The Nuby bath book features soft pages that have bright print, are durable, and easy to clean. Each page captures the baby’s attention while introducing fun new characters.

It is made of BPA free material.

This book produces a squeaky sound that makes the bath time fun

  1. Instom Baby Bath EVA Book Tear Proof Infant Shower Toy Early Education Toys Bath Toys

Age 0-3 years

The Instom baby bath book is made of durable tear-proof and waterproof material. The material is non-toxic, washable, and eco-friendly, therefore safe and healthy for your baby.

This book can float on water and has a colorful pattern that gives much fun when the baby is showering.

  1. Modern Publishers All About Babies Bath Time

Age 6 months up

The package comes in a set of 3 books. Each book has a colorful page that will make bathtime fun.

This book is soft, water/stain resistant.

It is measured 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.1 inches which is the perfect size for a small hand.

  1. Squeaky Baby Bath: Things That Go Bath Book – January 3, 2017

The World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Numbers Bath Book and Squirty Toys Set-kids preferred-no link

  1. The World of Eric Carle, Duckie Bath Book, and Squirty Toy Set

Age -18 months up.

The package comes with a 6-inch bathtime book and a yellow rubber duck squirty toy.

This book features characters such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Friends.

It contains 6 soft pages ideal for boys and a girl age 18 months up.

  1. Melissa & Doug Children’s Book

Age 4 months to 2 years.

This Melissa & Doug Children’s Book – Float-Alongs: is a playful Penguins bath book with 3 floating Penguin toys.

The penguin toys are fully sealed to prevent water from getting inside, and store in mesh tube attached to book

It contains a 6-Page book that encourages little ones to play along as they read the story.

The pages are soft, waterproof, and are easy for a small hand to grasp.

This bath book is a great baby gift from age 4months to 2 years.

More Melissa & Doug Children’s Book – Float-Alongs

Melissa & Doug Children’s Book – Float-Alongs: Three Little Duckies (Bath Book + 3 Floating Duck Toys)

Great Gift for Girls and Boys –

Best for Babies and Toddlers, 3-Month-Olds, 1 and 2-Year-Olds

Melissa & Doug Children’s Book – Float-Alongs: Tiny Tugboats (Bath Book + 3 Floating Tugboat Toys

Great Gift for Girls and Boys

Best for Babies and Toddlers, 4, 5, 9-Month-Olds, 1 and 2-Year-Olds)

Melissa & Doug Children’s Book – Float-Alongs: Baby Dolphins (Bath Book + 3 Floating Dolphin Toys)

The Disney Pixar Bath Time Bubble Book is soft and squishy.

This book has 8-pages with Dory’s New Friends 

More Disney Bath Time Bubble Book

  1. HABA Magic Bath Book Fire Brigade

Age 18 months up

The HABA Magic Bath Book images become completely visible when the pages of the book get wet and quickly fade when dry.

You are only required to submerge the book in water either warm or cold or wipe with wet fingers to bring colorful fun images.

It contains a page of fire-fighting scenes to discover. Your baby will also enjoy uncovering hidden friends like bunny, mouse, chicken, and fox.

This bath book is made of plastic, measures 5.75″ x 5.75″ and is suitable for children ages 18 months and up.

  1. Baby Einstein – Splish! Splash! Bath! – PI Kids

The baby Einstein book is soft, durable, and floats in the water.

It contains Baby Einstein characters that make bath time fun for your little one.

  1. Duck (Shake & Play Bath Books) Bath Book by caroline davies

This book is named “duck” for the Duck that appears on the front and back covers, but when toddlers open this book they’ll see six more colorful creatures on inside pages labeled with its name.

The animals include a frog, a dragonfly, a beaver, fish, and water beetle.

When the baby shakes this book hears a cheerful rattle.

Each book comes in a clear vinyl package.           

Mores series of Caroline davies

  • Fish (Shake & Play Bath Books) –  inside the book include other animals such as Eel, Lobster, Jellyfish, Sea Urchin, and Hermit Crab!
  • Frog (Shake & Play Bath Books) – Inside pages include Frog leaps, Snail slithers, Tadpole swims, Otter dives, Swan paddles and Beetle chomps on a leaf.
  • Turtle (Shake & Play Bath Books)-inside the book include Starfish, Seahorse, Angel Fish, and three others.
  • Seahorse (Shake & Play Bath Books) – inside the book contains Seahorse squeaks, Seagull squawks, Swordfish swims, Squid squirms, Manta-Ray glides, and Sea Lion dives!
  • Whale (Shake & Play Bath Books) – inside the book include Penguin, Seal, Walrus, Polar Bear, and Shark!
Color changing

Baby bath book color changing

  1. Small world creations Click, Click!: Magic Pictures Change Color in Water! (Magic Bath Books) Bath Book

This book changes color from black and white into colors when immersed in water. It reverts to black and white when dry.

More small world creation baby bath books:

  1. Who’s Playing Outdoors? (Magic Bath Books) by Kate smith designs

The book features animals like frog, rabbit, snake and more.

When you dip the book in the water the animal change color.

  1. Found You, Magic Fish! (Magic Bath Books) Bath Book

Age 1-3 years

 Each page of this book is foam-padded and is constructed of sturdy and floatable vinyl.

The pages show a picture of a friendly animal.

When your little one submerges these books into the bathwater they get a big surprise. A smiling octopus who turns blue and a curious-looking sea horse who turns green are just two of the many sea creatures who change color in this book.

 When the pages dry out, the animals return to their original white.

More bath book

Barnyard Bath! Bath Book

Available here

Bathtime Peekaboo!: Touch-and-Feel and Lift-the-Flap

Buy from 

National Geographic Kids Wild Tales: Ella’s Bath: A lift-the-flap story about elephants

Buy from 

Around the World in a Bathtub

Buy from

Indestructibles: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

The Rainbow Fish Bath Book [RAINBOW FISH BK-BATH]

Buy from

Splish, Splash, Baby! (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books) Board book

Buy from

Age 1-4 years

Bathtime for Twins by Ellen Weiss

Buy from 

Age 1-4 years

It is a nice twin book showing the twin having fun playing in the bathtub.

This book helps the twin teach them they are twins and understand their unique bond.

How Do You Take a Bath? Hardcover

Age 4-8 years

This book teaches illustrates different ways animals take a bath and even demonstrates how kids should take a bath.

All these illustrations capture the kid’s attention making it an ideal book for a bedtime story, bath time story, or to read any time of the day.

It help kid learn animals and natural habits making it an ideal book for age 4-8 years.

Bathtime Math time


The Pigeon Needs a Bath! (Pigeon (9)) Hardcover

Available from the following retailers

101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath Hardcover

Bears in the Bath (Bears on Chairs)

Bath Time! Bath Book – October 19, 2007, by Sandra

 Artelio kids Bath Book

 Baby bath books are wonderful baby gifts, Birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, or Christmas gifts for kids.

More books

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