Baby hooded towel buying guide (what to look for)

What kind of baby towel should I buy? This kind of question every parent asks themselves when shopping for a baby bath towel. When it comes to buying baby towels you don’t need to take chances. Make sure you go through various factors so that you end with the best towel that is comfortable for your baby. To save you going through all those hassles, here is a baby hooded towel buying guide you can consider.

Baby hooded towel buying guide

What factor to look for when choosing the Best baby hooded towel?

  1. Absorbency

Ensure the towel soak up water thoroughly to keep your baby dry

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  1. Soft

Baby has soft skin so they need a towel that is not harsh on their sensitive skin or a towel that will not scratch their delicate skin.

  1. Material

The baby towel should be made of the fabric that

  • Absorbs water quickly
  • Soft- does not scratch or irritate the delicate skin of your baby
  • Hypoallergenic- ensure the baby stays in safe and healthy condition. Also, hypoallergenic is eco-friendly and environmental safe.
  • Stain resistance – the baby can pee when wrapped in the hooded towel, so you need a towel that does not stick the stain 
  • Durable- Baby towel is used day in day out. Make sure you choose a towel made of quality material that won’t tear after several uses

The best fabric that has the above features is cotton or bamboo. The blend of cotton and polyester is also a good fabric.

  1. Allergy

When buying a baby towel, consider whether your baby is allergic to the specific material. Don’t buy fabric that can harm your baby’s skin or have side effects on your baby.

  1. Easy to wash

The baby product should be kept clean all through so the towel. The towel should be made of fabric that stands repeated washes, become softer the more you wash it and won’t pill.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Most of the towels are scented with fragrances or added colors that are harmful to your baby. Others are made with chemicals that have a side effect on your little one. Chemicals and harsh fragrances may cause complications to babies such as respiratory tract or rushes.

Therefore consider buying a towel that is made of natural fabric such as organic cotton and organic bamboo.

  1. Size

Babies grow very fast so buy a towel that has plenty of space for your growing baby.

In case you bought a small size don’t worry most of them have good material that can double as a blanket or place on the changing mat.

  1. Hood or regular towel

This is not something to worry about so much but if you want to keep your baby warm from head to toe hooded towel is the right choice.

  1. Grams per square meter

Grams per square meter is the weight of material per square meter. In short, is known as GSM.

A good baby towel should have a GSM ranging from 400-600. Such range make the towel has good absorbency, durable, soft, and medium weight

Added features

  • Interesting characters

Bath time should be fun so adding a towel that has interesting characters will make it more fun like the cartoon and animal design

Time to shop

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