How many hooded towels does a baby need?

The number of hooded towels a baby need depends on how often you bathe your baby and you do the laundry.

How many hooded towels does a baby need?

For a baby you are not required to bathe him/her every day, three times a week is enough but toddler you are required to bathe once a day.

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Bathing your baby every day can dry his/her skin.

On the days your baby is not taking the bathe you can sponge bathe using washcloths or wipe during diaper change but you need a towel to dab baby dry.

How to sponge bathe your baby

After using a towel to dab the baby, it needs to be hanged under direct sunlight to dry and use next time. Remember not to reuse the towel more than two times.

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If the towel is soiled with pee and poo you need to wash and not reuse it. Also if the towel gets extremely wet it needs to wash not reused or dried under direct sunlight.

During sponge bathe you need 2 towels (one to use and spare in case the baby spoil)

In total, you need 5 towels. One to use, one on the hanging line waiting to dry, the third one as a spare if the baby pee or poo on it, and the fourth in the cupboard.

If you bathe your baby three times a week and do laundry once a week you need 5. Five applies if the baby does not soil but in case she/he soil you require more.

For instance, your baby takes a bath on Monday you need 3 towels (use one to dry, spare for a mess, and in the cupboard).

Tuesday and Wednesday you sponge bathe you can reuse one towel. You need 2 towels (use one to dry, spare for the mess) but remember if soiled you can’t reuse them.

Thursday the baby takes a bath you use three (one to dry, spare in case of a mess, and one in the cupboard).

Friday and Saturday sponge bath and you wash the towel.

Sunday full bathe you need three towels

Remember if you bathe your baby you should not reuse the towel, wash it and hang it under direct sunlight.

If you sponge bath you can reuse the towel but not more than twice. After using it and you want to reuse it make sure you hang it under direct sunlight.

Bacteria and germs most breed in moist, dark, and damp environments. So towel is one of the moist environments.

The moist environment of the towel makes germs and bacteria multiply.

Baby immune is not strong so germs and bacteria can cause illness to them.

The above explains how often to do the laundry. A baby bathing towel should be used once and get washed after every use.

In case you do laundry twice a week and bathe your baby three times a week you need More than 4 towels

The best way to kill germs and bacteria on the baby towel is to wash them frequently, try to hang them under direct sunlight on a bar/hanging line but not a hook.

Germs and bacteria multiply fast if the towel is reused more than 2 times, not washed well, and dried off well.

Now that you have learned proper towel hygiene and how many hooded towels do you need for newborns, infants, and toddlers it time to go shopping so that you can have a clean towel within reach.

Before you shop learn what to look for before buying a baby hooded towel.

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