How often should you wash baby towels?

Baby immune is low immune make a habit not to reuse the towel and wash them more frequently. How often should you wash baby towels?

How often should you wash baby towels?

Before we answer how often should you wash baby towels lets learn how to bath your baby

Babies are cleaned in two ways sponge baths and full baths. The baby is not supposed to be bathed daily, three times a week is enough? So when the baby is not bathing you are supposed to sponge bathe

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When you bathe your baby you require a hooded towel, washcloth, and more.

The towel is must use during the baby bath. It is used more often but since the baby’s skin is more sensitive the towel requires cleaning after every use. If your baby bathes make a habit to clean after every use. Some parent insists babies are not dirty so can reuse the towel. Make sure it is properly dry before re-using. Remember not to reuse more than two times.

If you sponge bath you can reuse the towel but not more than two times.

After every sponge bath makes sure you hang the towel under direct sunlight on a hanging line/bar but not using a hook. The towel should be hanged straight so that it gets dry everywhere.

Do not dry the towel on top of another this can lead to bacteria and mold growth

In case you sponge bath and the towel gets extremely wet or is soiled with pee and poo you should not reuse it. Wash the towel and hang it to dry under direct sunlight or air dry.

A moist, dark, and damp environment is a breeding zone for bacteria and viruses. In such areas, they multiply quickly.

The towel is one of the moist and damp environments if not taken care of the germs and bacteria breed quickly leading to illness to the baby.

Some parents may insist to reuse towels but do not exceed two times. After every use makes sure you hang it under direct sunlight straight on a hanging line/bar. Not when folded or using a hook. If it is rainy season air dry.

Bacteria and gums will breed and remain active on the towel that is not washed well, dried well, and re-used more than two times.

Consequences of poor towel hygiene

Poor towel hygiene is the main cause of infection such as eczemas, other skin infection, feet fungus, athletes feet, jock itch, warts, and atopic dermatitis

Since baby skin is sensitive imagine how the infection can affect them. It is very important to maintain proper towel hygiene in your baby as well as an adult.

Now that you have learned the consequences of poor towel hygiene and should always have a clean towel within reach its time to go shopping but before you shop

Learn what to look for before buying a baby hooded towel

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