10 benefits of babywearing

Mom with little babies will agree with me when I say “one of the best ways to get things done in and out around the house is babywearing”. There so many other benefits of babywearing that are helpful to you and your baby. In this article, you will learn 10 benefits of babywearing and why you should embrace it.

10 benefits of babywearing

For those who don’t know what babywearing is carrying your baby’s using a sling/wrap/carrier/ skin to skin shirt/babywearing sweaters? Babywearing is not new and has been practiced since the early days by our ancestors, allowing free their hands to attend to other tasks as they safely take care of their babies.

Babywearing has been practiced by modern moms because of various benefits. 

Here are 10 benefits of babywearing

  • Free parents hands

Babywearing free parents’ hands, allowing them to attend other duties in and out around the house. It also helps parents tend older siblings while still looking for the younger one.

  • Babywearing allows breastfeeding while at a go

Most baby slings/wraps/carrier allows breastfeeding while at go. Babies are in close proximity to find the nipple and latch correctly.

 Also, most of the slings have extra fabric that can cover your baby and breastfeed in public without anyone noticing. Skin to skin contact releases hormones which help increase milk supply, thus providing enough milk for your baby.

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benefit of babywearing

  • Babywearing helps access crowded areas at ease

It is easier to maneuver on congested areas where stroller may seem to be difficult assured you can view your baby.

Not only on crowded just imagine pushing a stroller on grass, slopes, and trails with the baby carrier you will be able to get through such areas smoothly.

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  • Helps meet with other parents

There is an international babywearing day which its aim is to promote babywearing accepted in the society. The day is when parents meet and are provided free educations. It is funded by some organization, companies and cash donations. Such occasions they are easier to meet other like-minded parents.

  • Babywearing makes a baby cry less

Extreme crying is a common symptom in the first three months of most babies. Several solutions to this have been described and one of them is carrying your baby. According to research carrying your baby two extra hours in a day reduces crying by 43%.

  • Helps in baby development

Babywearing helps hold the baby in an upright position; the position massages your baby abdomen, therefore, help in digestion. Also, it helps reduce abnormalities associated with baby spending most of their time lying on the back called flat head syndrome, hip dysplasia, and frog legs.

In addition to baby development, baby wearing helps promote early language development.  The baby and parent look at each other and communicate. You may be communicating with someone else you baby watches and listen to this help in language development.

  • Promote bond between baby and parent

Babywearing makes the baby be close to their parents it makes them happy, being held by a caregiver or parents, therefore, promotes attachment.

  • Babywearing helps fuss baby sleep at ease

Most of the baby won’t sleep unless they are held. When you feel the baby is ready to sleep you can wear him to a position you feel is comfortable since the baby can feel your body warmth, comfort, our breathing calms them and trying to breastfeed while walking or seated creates a good environment for your baby to fall asleep faster.

  • Babywearing help saves money

Baby slings and wraps are less expensive compared with strollers and some carries, therefore, help save money you can use somewhere.

  • Help baby learn

Babywearing helps the baby view the world and learn many things.

  • Babywearing helps reduce colic

Babywearing helps baby spend most of their time upright position. The position helps baby indigestion.

  • Babywearing offers the fourth trimester

When the baby is in the belly for nine months he gets used hearing you walk, attend daily duties, heartbeat and breathing.

After birth first three months (fourth trimester) the baby needs close contact and this can only be achieved through babywearing.

  • Baby help mom lose weight

Losing weight after birth is not easy and mostly because you don’t have to exercise.  But if you decide to take a walk while baby wearing it helps lose a few pounds. It is much easier to carry your baby using a sling or wrap that a stroller.

It helps keeps germs away, I remember a day I had a walk with my two-month baby in a stroller a stranger just came from nowhere and just went straight to my baby touching his face and hands with dirty hands.

A baby sling/carrier/wrap would have prevented such a situation.

  • Help preterm babies’ development

Wearing the preterm baby helps them heal and grow faster. The practice is encouraged in hospital neonatal care units where parents are advised skin to skin contact preferably known as Kangaroo care. 

I have shared all the benefit of babywearing. Do you have any other benefit that you would like to share with us? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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