Best baby bath toys in 2020 (mold-free)

Bath time should be enjoyable for both baby and caregiver, there are easy to use, colorful and easy to clean baby bath toys to make bath time fun.

baby bath toys

Here we have reviewed the best baby bath toy to make the bath time fun

Choosing the best baby bath toys

Like any other product, there are factors to consider when buying baby bath toys? Such tips include:

  • Meet all safety standards

Bath toys should meet or exceed all safety standard mostly consumer product safety commission (CPSC) and ASTM

  • Age

Baby bath toys are designed for various ages. Some toys are meant for newborns mostly have fun sound, others for toddles which have interesting textures and for kids have some educational benefits.

You can check the manufacturer label to help choose the right age.

  • Material

Most bath toys are made of BPA free and mold-free material. Make sure you choose a material that is safe on your baby.

  • Easy to dry

Bath toys get wet so you need the one made of a material that dries quickly to prevent molding and mildew.

  • Easy to clean

Proper cleaning of bath toys is essential for baby health so choose toys that are easy to clean. Avoid toys that have nooks because are not easy to clean and at the same time they might stay dump leading to mold development.

  • Different styles and colors

Just because toys keep baby’s busy bath toys are not an excuse to leave your baby unattended in the bathtub- they don’t keep them safe.

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