Best baby bathtub 2020 (for newborn and toddler)

In the past days, many parents or caregivers used to bathe their little one directly in a kitchen sink or use baby bath bucket/baby bathing basin but these days’ things have changed and there is a bathtub specifically made for babies. In this article find out the best baby bathtub.

Baby bathtub

Baby Bathtub assist you safely support your baby during bath time. They fit on a sink, bathtub, and can be used as a standalone in a regular bathtub, direct on the floor or smooth surface.

Types of baby bathtub

  • Sink bathtub

Sink bathtub is inserted in the kitchen or bathroom sink. They are great for parents who do not want to bend and strain their back after delivery.

This type of bathtub is ideal for babies from 0-6 months.

  • Standalone bathtub

The standalone bathtub is placed directly on a regular bathtub, on the floor, or smooth surfaces like a table or countertop.

This type can also be taken as a mini outdoor pool.

A standalone bathtub is ideal for babies from newborns to toddlers.

The standalone bathtub can be foldable/collapsible after use making them easy to store

  • Inflatable bathtub

An inflatable bathtub is filled with air to provide a padded area for the baby to bathe. After bathing you remove air to collapse.

Inflatable bathtub are not recommended because they have a chance to collapse

What to consider when buying a baby bathtub

  • Age

Newborns need a bathtub that is different from older kids or toddlers.

When buying a bathtub for a newborn you should know that baby cannot sit on their own and neck not fully developed. The newborn bathtub should be reclining to support the baby.

Toddlers can sit upright on their own so they do not need a reclining bathtub.

Make sure you choose a bathtub for the right age. Most brands you will find information on the product recommending the right age and weight.

  • Space

The bathtub comes in a different size. Some take small space of your bathtub/ surface and others require large space.

Make sure the bathtub you choose will fit the area you have selected.

  • Where are you going to place the bathtub?

A bathtub can be placed on different places such as in the kitchen or bathroom sink, inside the bathtub, as a standalone on the surface ( such as the countertop, shower floor or tabletops)

The place you choose to place make sure it fits well.

  • Easy to clean and dry

Bathtub needs to be cleaned after every use to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Make sure the bathtub is easy to clean.

For instance, you choose a bathtub flower or cushion it should be easy to clean and dry quickly.

Standalone bathtubs are made of plastic and most have a drain plug at the bottom to drain water easily. The drain plug makes it easier to empty you don’t have to lift and tip to empty heavy bathtub full of water.

Others have hook/loop to hang the tub against the wall for easier drying and storage.

  • Safety

When buying baby bathtub you need to check whether it meets safety measures such as:

It should have non slip material. The base should slip-resistant to prevent the tub from sliding.  For more safety, it is advisable to use a non-slip bathtub mat to prevent sliding.

It should have a smooth surface to prevent the baby from injury

The newborn bathtub should have a sling that supports the baby until he/she supports himself. Also, the newborn bathtub should have crotch to prevent you, infant, from slipping down into the water.

  • Material

The bathtub should be made of easy to clean, dryable, non-toxic and non-slip material

  • Additional features

Temperature indicator

Some bathtub have temperature indicator to alert when the bathing water temperature is okay, cold or hot.

This is not a must-have you can check your baby bathe water temperature using your elbow or baby bath thermometer

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