10 Best Baby Thermometers 2018 – Buyers Guide and Review

When it comes to the baby health, the temperature is the Key indicator. Temperature is the first thing every Moms checks when your child is not feeling well. Before we start the review of 10 Best Baby Thermometers 2018 – Buyers Guide and Review let first understand more about this essential product every mom must have for her baby.

10 Best Baby Thermometers 2018 - Buyers Guide and Review

Gone are days we used to place a palm on baby’s forehead or use a method called touch test to know whether the baby has a fever. The method doesn’t give an accurate temperature.

The method proposed by the most pediatricians is using the baby thermometer, and mom must have one in the baby first aid or the house.

 Thanks to the technology it has provided us with many different types of Best Baby Thermometers. However, the only problem it becomes difficult for most moms to decide the best thermometer that suits the baby.

That’s why I’ve prepared the best guide and review on 10 Best Baby Thermometers Every Mom Must Have Ever

If you go to this page from beginning to the end, you will know the best thermometer for your, what to check when buying, where to find them in best price and the right way to use.

Comparison table of  10 Best Baby Thermometers 2018 – Buyers Guide and Review

Device name Thermometer type 
Clinical non contact by OCCObabyForeheadCheck price
Medical infrared by Dr madreForeheadCheck price
Withings Thermo Check price
Metene DigitalForeheadCheck price
Braun ThermometerForehead Check price
ARC Devices InstaTempForeheadCheck price
Innovo Forehead and Ear Check price
Ear Thermometer by US buyEarCheck price
Premium Digital BabyOral & UnderarmCheck price

What to consider before buying best baby thermometer 2018

• Age
There are many different types of the thermometer and not all best for all age.

There some for newborns, four months and above, one year and above two years. When purchasing thermometer considers the one that best fits the age of the baby.
• Ease of use
The sick child becomes irritated when you disturb her don’t find a thermometer that doesn’t have complication steps of use.
• Fast
Most baby when in pain they are not patient. You should be able to buy a thermometer that will take few seconds to take the temperature.

Most thermometers take less than 10 seconds, and anything longer than that might be inaccurate.
• Easy to clean
Baby products require to be cleaned and sterilized more often the same case to thermometers. Choose a thermometer that is easy to clean after every use to prevent the spreading of germs.
• Consistency
When you are checking the baby temperature, you need to check more than once make sure thermometer reading is accurate.

For example, you can’t measure baby temperature and find that is 38C and after five minutes the same thermometer is reading 35C that not consistent.
• Modern features
Nowadays thermometer comes with advanced technology like:
Alarm alert – the majority thermometer has completion signal. When it completes reading the temperature, it alerts with a sound like a beep.
Warning indicator – some thermometers have warning sign some changes color when the temperature is high or low.
Memory –  thermometer with inbuilt memory helps you to record last temperature reading and recall when you need it or when comparing.
Optional mode- you can change thermometer reading either Fahrenheit or Celsius
Different type of thermometer available in the market

There are different types of the baby thermometer on the market. These includes:

1.      Rectal thermometer

2.      Ear thermometer

3.      Forehead thermometer

4.      Oral thermometer

5.      Armpit thermometer

6.      Multiuse thermometer

7.      Pacifier thermometer

8.      Strip Thermometer

9.      Wearable Thermometer

1.      Rectal thermometer

A rectal thermometer is inserted into the baby anus. Although it is not comfortable and some baby hates to be taken the temperature rectally it is the most accurate baby thermometer.

It is suitable for newborn to three months

What to look for when buying Rectal thermometer

When buying a rectal thermometer, make sure you purchase the one that has a

·         Wide base it won’t allow insert the thermometer more than an inch

·         Flexible tips.

How to use rectal thermometer

Make sure thermometer is clean. You can use warm soapy water and rinse with cold water or clean tip with rubbing alcohol.

Apply the tip with the petroleum jelly

How to hold the baby when taking temperature rectally

Hold your child in either of these positions

Note: choose the one comfortable for your child.

Lay the baby on his back on the flat surface like changing table or bed with his legs bend to his chest.

This is the most comfortable position to most of the baby since they are used to when changing the diaper and still he can see your face so you will be able to distract him with communication.


Alternatively, hold the baby across the lap, stomach down and bottom up.


Insert the thermometer ½ inch to one inch.

Wait until you hear completion alert that indicates it has finished reading.

Remove the thermometer slowly and take your reading

Do and don’t

ü  If you feel resistance when inserting the thermometer into the anus, you are not supposed to force but stop with immediate effect

ü  Always use lubricants before using a rectal thermometer.

ü  Use a rectal thermometer when core temperature is needed. First, use an underarm (axillary) thermometer if temperature exceeds over 99 degrees Fahrenheit that when you use rectal thermometer for accurate readings

ü  Do not take the temperature using a rectal thermometer if the patient had rectal surgery, rectal disorders, cardiac disorders and a decrease in platelets

Advantages of Rectal thermometer

ü  Accurate

ü  Suitable for newborns to 3 months

ü  Affordable

Disadvantage of Rectal thermometer

ü  Not comfortable when inserting at the anus

Bonus video how to use a rectal thermometer


Ear thermometer

Ear thermometer
The ear thermometer is also called tympanic or aural. They are inserted into the ear canal.
Suitable for babies from 12 years
How to use Ear thermometer
Make sure the thermometer is clean, and the ear doesn’t have excess wax.

Insert the end of the thermometer into the ear, press start button and wait for finishing alert.

How to take the temperature using the ear thermometer

Advantages of ear thermometer

  • Read the temperature fast
  • Not uncomfortable with the baby

Disadvantages of ear thermometer

  • When you don’t position correctly can present incorrect results
  • If the baby ear has too much wax can give an inaccurate result.

Forehead thermometer

forehead thermometer
Forehead thermometer is also called temporal thermometer.

You just point at the baby forehead and take the temperature. It uses infrared technology and is no contact thermometer
Suitable for children above three months
How to use forehead thermometer

Point across the baby forehead between hairline and eyebrow

Switch on the thermometer

Move the thermometer straight across the baby forehead not down

Then wait until you will hear a beep sound when it has finished taking the temperature.

Advantages of forehead thermometer

ü  It safe since it is a non-contact thermometer, so the child will not get an infection

ü  Accurate

ü  You can take the baby temperature even when is asleep

ü  Give reading fast

ü  Easy to use

Disadvantages of forehead thermometer

ü  Expensive

ü  It can give an incorrect result if the room is too cold or hot. So when you bring it to a cold or hot room let it settle for few minutes

Armpit thermometer

armpit thermometer
Armpit thermometer is also known as under the arm or axillary thermometer. It’s put under the arm and suitable to any age.

How to use Armpit thermometer

Make sure the thermometer is clean.

 Remove child cloth from waistline and above

Sit the baby on your lap or place the baby on the bed or changing table

Make sure the armpit is dry

Put the thermometer under the arm (when the child is clothed make sure it will only touch the baby skin and not clothes for the accurate result)

 Hold the baby arm tightly to keep a thermometer in the right place and wait until you hear completion alert.

Advantages of armpit thermometer

Best fit any age
Disadvantages of armpit thermometer
Inaccurate – sometimes might give the wrong result
Oral thermometer

oral thermometer
It’s placed under the tongue and is right for children above four years.

It should be avoided to infants and toddlers since they can chew or try to swallow the whole thing.
How to use oral thermometer
Make sure thermometer is clean, and your kid mouth is clear from gums or food.
Place thermometer under the tongue and verify that the child closes the mouth to hold in place.
Hold until you hear finish beep.
If your child was taking the cold or hot drink, wait for 15 minutes before you take the temperature.
Advantages of oral thermometer
Gives accurate reading to children above four years
Disadvantages of oral thermometer
It’s not safe for infants and toddlers since they can chew or swallow causing choking hazards.
Multiuse thermometer
It is used to measure the baby temperature at the different areas of the body  – rectal, armpit and orally. Suitable for any age
Advantages of multiuse thermometer
Cheap and locally available
When used rectally they give accurate result
Can be used to take temperature in different regions – orally, rectally and under the arm
Disadvantages of multiuse thermometer
It can cause damage when used as rectal thermometer since it can be inserted too far into the anus.
It can spread germs if not used carefully and hygienically -if used by someone who is not clean can take the baby temperature rectally and use the same to check orally without cleaning.
Pacifier thermometer
They are made with a thermometer inside the pacifier. Used to measure temperature orally and suitable for young babies.
Disadvantages of pacifier thermometer
Not recommended by most pediatrician since they give inaccurate results.
Cause choking to babies
Most of them don’t come with alert alarm to notify completion reading
Strip Thermometer

Strip thermometer has a strip which is stuck to the baby skin to read the temperature. They are not recommended by the doctor because they take skin temperature and not body
Wearable Thermometer
The wearable Thermometer is the newest technology of thermometer, and they are informed of the bracelet.

They work together with phones or other electronic devices.

Once you know the temperature, you can send data using phone or Wi-Fi to professional doctors or caregiver.
Summary table of different types of thermometer and suitable age

Thermometernewborn(0-4months)4months- 1 year1-3 yearsabove 4 years
Rectal thermometeryesyesyesno
Ear thermometernoyesyesyes
Forehead thermometernoyesyesyes
oral thermometernononoyes
Armpit thermometer/axillarynoyesyesyes

Important note Best recommended temperature is about 36.4C (97.5F) something above 37C is considered to be higher.

Clean thermometer after every use so that you prevent germs from growing.

Whichever type of thermometer you are going to use don’t take the baby temperature immediately after a bath or if the baby was swaddled. Wait for 20 minutes

The old mercury thermometer is not recommended it has toxin which exposes your child to danger.

 If you have a multi-use thermometer, choose one for a specific area to avoid distribution bacteria. For instance, use a rectal thermometer to take the temperature at anus but don’t use the same thermometer to take temperature orally.

If it’s your first time to use digital thermometer, please read manufacturer instruction]

Read more on how to take baby temperature using different type of thermometer
Also, read simple steps on how to check baby temperature fast and quickly

10 Best Baby Thermometers 2018 – Buyers Guide and Review

Best Forehead/ non-touch/ temporal thermometer

Best Forehead/ non-touch/ temporal thermometer

Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer Tat

Best forehead thermometer

purchase from Amazon

Exergen baby thermometer takes 1000 readings per second

Red LED light and soft beep indicate correct scan.


No color coded fever indicator

OCCObaby Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer with Flexible Tip Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Best baby thermometer

Purchase from Amazon

Non-Contact Baby Forehead Thermometer
Comes with a bonus FLEXIBLE TIP WATERPROOF RECTAL THERMOMETER so the whole set is suitable for all ages.
It’s economical since it comes with both forehead and rectal thermometer
Fast and reliable
Provide instant reading
Backlight and silent mode
It is Versatile can be used to check child, food, formula, bath, and room.

It comes with complementary pouch to keep the thermometer safe and clean


Make sure your child’s forehead is free of sweat, dirt, and oils, otherwise it will cause  inconsistent readings 

Before taking temperature make sure your child and thermometer should be indoors at the same temperature for at least 20 minutes to get an accurate measurement.

The best baby thermometer to buy 2018 –Braun Forehead Thermometer

Best baby thermometer

purchase from Amazon

It best recommended for infant, children, and adult

It accurately monitors the temperature in a second by gently swiping the forehead

You can take the baby temperature even when asleep

It has a color-coded screen with instant fever detection. Green indicates no fever detected; yellow indicates slightly elevated temperature and red for high fever

It is a forehead thermometer

It has vast and easy to read screen

It has backlight for reading even in dim light


You need to take several consecutive to get trustable results

Medical Dr. Madre non-contact infrared thermometer  (talking thermometer)

Best Baby Thermometer

purchase from Amazon

Non-contact Forehead Digital Thermometer thus reduces the risk of infection and cross contamination.
It can also be used as Baby Room Thermometer
Instant Results in less than a second
For Home or Pediatric Use
Optional mode you can change from Celsius to Fahrenheit

You can retrieve the last reading to track history

Medical Dr. Madre is a talking thermometer can talk in English and Spanish.
Can be set in a silent mode which allows taking temperature in the dark room
It has completion alert sound.
Easy to operate


Most customers complain the beep is loud and sucks such that can easily wake the sleeping baby up.

ARC Devices InstaTemp Non-Touch Digital Thermometer

Best Baby Thermometer

purchase from Amazon

It’s a non-touch thermometer thus reduce risks risk of infection and cross contamination
You can take temperature either in Fahrenheit or Celsius mode
Delivers instant and accurate results
Easy to read with backlit LCD
Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer (Dual Mode)

Best Baby Thermometer

Buy from Amazon

It is both Forehead and Ear Thermometer
Since its clinical approved, it gives accurate and reliable readings
Easy to use – Measurement is done by press of button press F1 for forehead and F2 for ear
Inbuilt memory – Can store and recall up to 20 readings
Can take both Fahrenheit or Celsius mode


It is not easy to take temperature at night  or dark environment because the thermometer does not have backlight feature.

QQCute Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer 

best forehead thermometer

Buy from Amazon best price

Easy and quick to take the temperature with the touch of button, you will read the temperature in 1 second

The thermometer stores and recalls up to 20 readings  

Red backlight display and 10-short beeps to warn the patient that may have a fever

Features Backlit display which helps take the reading more efficiently in the darkness


The thermometer doesn’t come with a battery so you need to buy one 

Generation guard Clinical Forehead Thermometer  

Buy from Amazon best price

With refined microchip and highly sensitive sensor allows the thermometer to scan accurate temperature.

You can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius easily.

It not only takes body temperature, but the thermometer is also as well as best for taking the room, bath and bottle temperature.

Backlit screen allows taking the temperature in dark rooms.


Sometimes can give inaccurate readings (off by 3 degrees) so you need to counter check with another thermometer.

Ear thermometer or tympanic or aural

Ear thermometer or tympanic or aural

Braun Ear Thermometer

Ear thermometer

Buy from Amazon best price

With its patented pre-warmed tips and guidance system Braun ear thermometer give accurate results

The thermometer features unique positioning system uses light and beep to confirm proper positioning.

It has a memory function which recalls the last reading.

It comes with lens filter which protects the tip from scratches and impurities such as wax. Thus eliminate spreading of germs from one person to another.

In the box includes thermometer, 21 lens filter, protective case and 2 AA batteries


  • No backlit so it becomes hard to take readings in dark environment
  • It remembers only one last reading while other thermometers recalls even 20 last readings
  • It requires lens filter so that additional money
  • No color coded indicator or beep alert to advice if temperature is high, okay or medium

Other Braun thermometer

Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer

Braun Thermoscan lens filter

Braun LF40US01 ThermoScan Lens Filters for Ear Thermometer (40 Count) 

The filters help reduce the spread of germs.

It is made of plastic and designed for use with the Braun Ear Thermometer with ExactTemp technology and all Braun Thermoscan model

iProvèn ET-828BT Medical Ear Thermometer 


Buy from Amazon best price

The thermometer is FDA and CE approved to take ear thermometer. Also, small cone shape end of the thermometer makes it easy to place in the ear.

It has a free app called iproven health that tracks and store measurement by connecting the thermometer via Bluetooth with your iPhone or Android

iProvèn ET-116 Ear Thermometer – The Original and Authentic Clinical Thermometer- http://amzn.to/2jRb5mP

Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer

ear thermometer

Buy from Amazon best price

With small and comfortable probe fits in the baby ear and needs no probe cover.

It stores and reads the last ten readings.

The thermometer gives quick result in an easy to read LCD and shuts automatically

It can provide measurement on either Celsius or Fahrenheit


  • The battery runs out after very few use and most customers complain the battery cost the same as a thermometer. 
  • Most customers complain the thermometer gives different reading every time and fail to operate
  • No backlight so it is hard to use in dark rooms
  • No alert sound to indicate the reading is complete
  • No color coded display advice whether temperature is okay or high

Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer

Ear thermometer

Buy from Amazon best price

The thermometer is easy to use you just place behind the ear, press start button and give readings in one second.

Best fits the whole family.

With the memory system saves and tracks the last eight measurements.

Designed with large and LCD makes it easy to read.

It has a color-coded screen if it is green no fever, red to signal fever and yellow the temperature is slightly elevated.

It can read the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.


No backlight display

If you don’t place the thermometer in the hollow behind the ear you end up with wrong measurements.

Best oral/ rectal/ underarm thermometer

Best oral/ rectal/ underarm thermometer

prooral Digital Thermometer Oral or Axillary Underarm

Best Baby Thermometer

Purchase From Amazon

Perfect for both orally and armpit thermometer
You can easily change mode from Celsius to Fahrenheit
Gentle flex tip and water-resistant design
Easy to clean

Enji Medical Thermometer for Oral, Rectal, Axillary armpit Underarm

Baby thermometer

Purchase from Amazon

This baby thermometer provides temperature reading in 10 seconds, and you can use to measure 3-ways Rectal, Oral and Axillary

The thermometer features easy to read display and one button to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius

It is approved by professional such as CE – FDA  and clinically tested that guarantees excellent readings

Comes with clear instructions, probe covers and protective case for storage, so you don’t have to worry sanitary

iProven DT-R1221B Best Rectal and oral Baby Thermometer 

Where to purchase

The baby thermometer takes the temperature within 10 seconds.

It has a highly sensitive tip which is best for taking temperature mouth, armpit and rectal. The tip is waterproof thermometer which is very easy to clean with soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol

The thermometer indicates when the temperature is right, high or too high. It has a face indicator accompanying the readings (happy face means good temperature; straight face means slightly temperature and bad face high fever)

It stores the last temperature sensed and keeps aware variation of your baby temperature

Feature dual mode, makes the thermometer give the reading either in Fahrenheit and Celsius


The only disadvantage the thermometer doesn’t have a backlit display, therefore, makes hard to take the readings in the darkness.

It doesn’t have flexible tip which makes it easy to insert rectally (check the best iproven thermometer with flexible tip below)

iProvèn DT-K117A Digital Thermometer for Rectal, Oral and Axillary Measurement

Where to purchase

The thermometer has a flexible tip which is easy to use and high comfortable to the baby.

Features waterproof tip which makes the thermometer easy to clean with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol.

Reads the temperature in either in Fahrenheit or Celsius which is easily switched.

It is suitable for Rectal, Oral and Axillary Measurement and comes with transparent case

Clinical Digital Thermometer Best to Read & Monitor Fever Temperature in Quick 15 Seconds by Oral Rectal… http://amzn.to/2nvdRU7

The thermometer is free from BPA, lead and mercury make it safe to use for infants, toddlers, babies, kids, adults, animals, pets, and livestock. Also, to guarantee safety, it is FDA and CE approved.

Advanced microchip and highly sensitive sensor tip make it’s comfortable to use in the mouth without hurting and chafe.

It takes temperature in 15 seconds and Delivers the best, reliable results with oral, rectal, and axillary (underarm) methods

You can take the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius

It is not only used to take baby temperature but Generation guard Digital Thermometer is also appropriate for checking basal body temperature (BBT) to track ovulation and fertility

The thermometer features fever indicator, easy to read large LCD, record of last reading, and auto-off power saving

Robust design with a soft, nonslip bendable tip and 100% water resistance, makes the thermometer effortless cleaning


  • No beep sound or alert when done readings
  • No color coded if it is no fever, fever and slightly elevated.
  • No backlit so not suitable for dark rooms.
Rectal thermometer

Rectal Thermometer

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Baby thermometer

Where to purchase

The thermometer has a short probe tip making it safe for rectal readings.

It is fit for newborn up to three months and rectal use only.

Vicks thermometer features large backlit LCD and beep signal when reading is done.

How to operate Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Make sure the thermometer is clean before use

Position the baby as advised above

Insert the thermometer gently not more than ½ inch in the rectum

The reading will take 10 seconds, and beep signal will sound when reading is complete


  • Amazon reviewers complain the thermometer comes with dead battery or fails after few times of use
Dual mode thermometer
Best Dual mode thermometer

 iProven DMT-489 Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function 

dual mode thermometer

Buy from Amzon best price

The thermometer can take temperature either at the forehead or ear. It has 2-button you can (ear and forehead button) which are very easy to use.

It takes the readings in 1 seconds and is clinically proven suitable for all ages

Features loud beep which will notify it is done and fever alarm to warn the patient has fever

Iproven Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function stores up to 20 readings can be easily recalled

The backlit screen helps take the reading quickly into the darkness

iProven DMT489 Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear Function

Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer 

Buy from Amazon best price

The thermometer can be used to measure temperature on either forehead or ear. Just install forehead cap, press the button of scan to measure the forehead temperature. Remove the forehead cap, and thermometer enters into ear measuring mode.

This thermometer can take the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Features backlit display that makes thermometer easy to take the reading in dark environment

Memory storage function can store temperature measurement.

Two –color LED indication. If the body temperature is good green LED lights up and when high red LED lights up

Others Metene thermometer

Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer, Infrared Digital Thermometer 

Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer. 

Generation guard Clinical Forehead and Ear Thermometer 


Buy from Amzon best price

You can use Generation guard thermometer for rapid thermal scan and forehead readings with the switch of a button.

Generation guard Forehead and Ear Thermometer enables you to measure room, bath and bottle temperature with the press of ear button

It is easily switchable from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Backlit display allows the taking of the readings even in dark environment.

How to clean baby thermometer (ear, arm, oral and rectal thermometer)
  • Clean the sensor area of the thermometer using warm water and soap or rub using alcohol.
  • Do not submerge the LCD in the water or boil or wash in dishwasher
  • Wipe dry with soft cloth
  • Lubricate the tip with water-soluble jelly and not petroleum jelly.
Baby thermometer infographic 
baby thermometer best
baby pacifier thermometer

Best baby pacifier thermometer 2018

Where to buy best baby pacifier thermometer

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

Best baby thermometer

The thermometer features fever alert glow which indicates temperature and beep when readings are done.

It has memory which recalls last child readings

Summer infant can provide measurement in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

It has a comfortable orthodontic nipple.

It comes with a protective cover for clean storage or travel.

Where to buy

TenderTykes  Pacifier Thermometer 

Best baby thermometer

Where to buy

Made of nontoxic material, BPA free plastic and orthodontic which who is waterproof and impact resistant makes it safe for the child 

It comes with storage cover which keeps nipple clean.

The thermometer gives accurate temperature reading and has memory reading which gives the last result.

It has Non-replaceable battery sealed for safety.

This pacifier type thermometer monitors child temperature after every five minutes and automatically shut off after approximately 25 minutes.

The product indicates temperature above 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Contact your medical professional if you have any questions. 

If you didn’t like our choices, please feel free to find your choice here. You will most likely find one you like.

If you have a good thermometer, suggestion or any other information that you would like to add to the list 10 Best Baby Thermometers 2018 – Buyers Guide and Review don’t hesitate to comment in the comment section below.

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