Best burp cloths to keep you and baby clean (updated 2019)

Every nursing mother who has a baby from newborn to nine months will tell you it’s not easy to stay without burp cloths near you.

It is one of the essential product you must have in the diaper bag. That why I’ve prepared a good review and buyers guide for the best burp cloths to keep you and baby clean.

 Best burp cloths

namesizematerialWhere to buy
Organic lifestyle burp clothOrganic cottonCheck organic lifestyle
aden + anais silky 57cmx28cmcottonBuy from Amazon now
aden + anais Organic Burpy Bib57cmx28cmorganic cottonBuy from Amazon now
Burt's Bees Baby16" x 113/4"cottonBuy from Amazon now
Burt's Bees Baby16" x 11.8"organic cottonBuy from Amazon now
Gerber Unisex Baby 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloth20" x 14"cottonBuy from Amazon now
Gerber Unisex Newborn burp Cloths18 X6.7580% Cotton, 20% PolyesterBuy from Amazon now
Just One You by Carter'sCotton&PolyesterBuy from Amazon now
Spasilk Baby Burp Cloths12" x 17"CottonBuy from Amazon now
Copper Pearl21''x10'' cottonBuy from Amazon now
Trend Lab Ombre13" x 10"cottonBuy from Amazon now
Luvable Friends Flannel Burp Cloths20 x 145"cottonBuy from Amazon now
Luvable Friends with Fiber Filling17.5 X6.75Cotton&PolyesterBuy from Amazon now
Hudson Baby Baby Flannel Burp Cloths20" x 14"cottonBuy from Amazon now
Modesoda19.3" x 9.5"cottonBuy from Amazon now
KiddyStar21"x10"cottonBuy from Amazon now
Green sprouts 10.4X8.9organic cottonBuy from Amazon now

According to various sources, almost over 50 % of babies spit up regularly and a small percentage of the baby spit occasionally this is normal when your child is developing.

There are some reasons that cause the baby to spit up.

Mom should not worry because it is not a disease or severe problem as long as the baby is gaining weight the right way or don’t have difficulty in breathing.

Read when you should worry because of baby spit up here

 One of the main reason and common to all children why they spit up when your baby breastfeed or bottle feed the kid swallows air along with milk.

The air gets trapped in with the milk which makes the child uncomfortable and fussiness.

The air has to come out and when it does, it gets out with milk through the mouth.

Mom should know great tips to help reduce spit-up is burping your baby after every feeding that way the air will come out.

When your child burp it is messy, the milk comes out you need to protect your clothes from the mess.

The best way to do is to use burp cloths to protect your clothes and bibs to protect the baby clothes.

Having that in mind it gives a good reason why every mom needs burp cloths to keep you and baby clean.

What is the difference between baby bibs and burp clothes?

When your baby burp, the milk comes out or something people refer to vomiting.

During the process, you need to place the cloth over your shoulder or laps depending on the position you choose to burp the baby.

There are stylish and unique clothes meant to prevent the mess on the mom clothes which are absorbent and made of a quality material called burp cloths.

Baby Bibs are placed front baby torso to prevent baby clothes from drooling, spit-up, food, and drinks spill.

Does every mother need the Burp Cloths?

Every mom needs a burp cloth you never knew when the baby is going to burp.

Also, they are not only used by mom to protect their clothes it can also be used to clean drool and spit up around the baby mouth.

burp cloths

What to consider when buying burp cloths

There are many burp cloths on the market out there. Some have unique features, different styles, price, shapes, and sizes.

What do you need to look when buying?

  • Size

Baby mess or spit up spread very fast, it’s better to choose large burp cloths to cover a large area as possible

  • Fabric

The best material should be able to soak the mess.

Also because the baby will be directly lying on the burp cloths it good to choose a material that is soft and does not irritate your sensitive child skin.

The fabric should dry fast under any weather condition.

The best fabric is cotton.

  • Easy to clean

Burp cloths require being washed more often.

You need the one that has sturdy fabric that will stand up repeated washing.

The best burp cloths become softer after you wash them not be scratchy or rough.

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Gerber burp cloths

Gerber Unisex

Gerber burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

The set includes three packs of burp clothes sized 18 X6.75 inches.

Gerber terry  are two-ply which keeps mom and baby cloth form messes

It is made of cotton and polyester that makes it machine washable, soft and absorbency.

It is also used when feeding

It has a good Pack specifically made for baby boy or girl


The Gerber terry is too narrow to be effective

Gerber Baby Boys’ 3 Pack Terry 

Gerber Baby Girls’ 3 Pack Terry 

Cotton burp cloths

Green sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths

cotton Burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

The burp clothes is sized 11″ x 22″ (28 x 56 cm)

Green sprouts Muslin is made of organically grown cotton that is soft, smooth and safe to your baby sensitive skin.

Four absorbent thick layers and generous sizes burp cloth helps protect against sniffles, drools, dribbles, and spit-up.

This product has a contoured shape that allows natural wrap around neck and shoulders.

Quality material and binding make the burp cloth last through the everyday wash and use.

It comes in simple white and bright, fun colors.


  • It does not have snap buttons so that can be used as bibs
Burp bibs

Burp bibs

Muslin Burp Cloths by Ziggy Baby

burp bibs

Buy from Amazon now

This product has back closure snap which makes it be used as bib

It is perfect for teethers and drooling babies.

Ziggy Baby is made of muslin cotton which makes it absorbent and machine washable.

The set has three packs sized 24×9.5 inches which serves as a unisex baby bibs or burp cloth

bibs and Burp cloths

This stylish and trendy burp cloth has a contoured shape to fit comfortably on your shoulder.

4-ply muslin cloth protects your cloth against baby drool and spits.

Aden + Anais burpy bib two pack

baby bibs and burp cloth

The burp cloth is made of four layers muslin cotton makes it soft, absorbent, breathable and machine washable.

The set has 2 pack sized 22.5” x 11” (57cm x 28cm)

Features three snap closures which are located at the front makes the burp cloth used as a bib.

The snaps are easy fastening and adjustable to fit your baby.

Luvable Friends Burp Cloth 

burp bibs

Buy from Amazon now

The set includes three pack of burp clothes sized 17.5×7.25 inches

Luvable Friends is made of cotton, polyester, and fiber filling which is machine washable, soft and absorbent.

The fabric protects from baby drool and spills.


  • Customer complain the bib is scratchy
Best burp cloth diapers

Best burp cloth diapers

Gerber Birdseye Flatfold Cloth Diapers

Best burp cloth diapers

Buy from Amazon now

Made of 100% fabric that is soft, quick drying, comfortable, recyclable and reusable.

Finished edge to prevent fraying

Also, best for crafting, cleaning cloth, car washing and waxing

The burp cloth diapers is sized 24inx27in

Dundee Burp Cloths/Diapers

burp cloths or diapers

Buy from Amazon now

Dundee measures 14.5 inches x 20.5 inches

The multi-purpose cloth can be used as cleaning cloth, burp cloths, wipe out spills, diaper and changing pad.

It is made of cotton that is machine washable, absorbency and comfort.

The burp cloth is made of cotton which absorbs a lot of liquids


If you are looking for a stylish burp cloth, this is not the best choice


Burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

The burp cloth can be used for several tasks such as burp cloths, diaper or cleaning cloth.

It measures12x16 inches and is made of cotton fabric that is easy cleaning, durable and comfortable.

The linteum burp cloth is machine washable and dryable. It also has finished edges to prevent fraying.


When used as cleaning cloth leave very little lint

You may experience slight shrinkage during laundering

Most customers complain the burp cloth is rough and when they dry become wrinkled

Flannel burp cloth
Flannel burp cloths

Gerber Unisex-Baby Flannel Burp Cloth 

flannel burp cloth

Buy from Amazon now

Gerber flannel burp cloth measures 14 inches by 20 inches

It comes in four –pack of flannel in various prints featuring pre-folded panels.

Made of cotton fabric, makes this product absorbent and machine washable. Also, the material is ideal for wiping up spit-ups and spills

Luvable Friends Flannel Burp Cloths

flannel burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

Made of cotton fabric, which is machine washable, durable, soft and gentle on baby skin

Luvable friends come in 4-pack flannel. The set includes 2-patterned and 2-solid color burp cloths.

Measures 20 x 145″, these product is long enough to prevent parent clothes from drool and spills while burping and feeding your baby.


Luvable burp cloth is single ply compared to otherswhich are double-ply and above.

These make it too thin that any drool or spit-up can go through

Hudson Baby Flannel Burp Cloths

flannel burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

Hudson baby flannel comes in 4-pack with 3-patterned and 1-solid burp cloth that makes an adorable matching.

With 3-ply fabric in the middle and 2-ply fabric on the outside, making them ideal to prevent parents clothes from drools, burping, messy eating and snuggling spills while feeding your baby

Made of cotton fabric which is durable, machine washable, soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

It measures 12×8 inches

Organic burp cloths

Organic burp cloths

Organic cotton is best for your baby because:

  • No harsh chemicals against your baby sensitive skin
  • All impurities are removed makes the burp cloth feels soft
  • Organic cotton is durable last longer than conventional cotton
  • It is environmental friendly it is naturally grown with no fertilizers or synthetic pesticides

Organic lifestyle burp cloths

The organic lifestyle burp cloth consists of one double layer of 190 gsm organic cotton.

It is available in green and pink stripe with matching trim

Burt’s Bees Baby burp cloths

organic burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

Made of 100% organic cotton, making it machine washable, soft and absorbent

It comes with a set of 3 and measures 16 x 11 ¾

Others Burt’s Bees Baby organic burp cloths

Burt’s Bees Baby – 5 Pack 

Burt’s Bees Baby – 5 Pack 

Gerber Organic Birdseye Prefold Cloth Diaper

organic burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

Gerber Organic Birdseye cloth diapers are made of 100% organic cotton fibers which lightweight, soft, machine washable, quick drying and naturally grown

Prefolds panel makes it easy for the parent to use.

It measures 14” x 20”


There are very thin to be used as diapers- if your baby is a heavy wetter they cannot hold up.

Baby-Boys burp cloths

Spasilk Baby-Boys Newborn 3 Pack 100% Cotton Burp Cloths

baby boy burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

The double-layered Spasilk is made of cotton which is machine washable, soft and absorbent

Measures 12-inch x 17 inch fits perfectly on shoulders and laps

Gerber Baby Boys’ 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloths

Boy burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

It has finished edges to prevent fraying

Prefolded panels Gerber Baby Boys’ 4 Pack Flannel  is made of cotton.

It measures 20″ x 14.”

Baby-girl burp cloths

Gerber Baby Girls’ 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloths

baby girl burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

It has finished edges for durability and to prevent fraying

It is made up of cotton and measures 20″ x 14.”

Diaper burp cloths

Birdseye Burp Cloth

diaper burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

The birdseye is not only used as burp cloths but can also be used as cleaning essentials.

Made of cotton and one layer thick which making this burp cloth washable, lightweight and tumble dry low.

It is size 27x27cm and available in different packs.

More Diaper burp cloths

YOOFOSS Prefold Cloth Diapers -3 Layer Muslin Burp Cloths 10 Pack Baby Muslin Squares 14”x20” 

Baby Burp Cloth by Ely’s & Co– Waterproof Reversible Jersey Cotton Large Burp Cloths, Cloth Diapers 20″ x 12″ 5 Pack Grey Combo for Baby Boy Baby Girl

personalized burp cloths
Personalized burp cloths

Designs by Chad and Jake Baby Personalized Boston Celtics 

personalized burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

This product measures 13.5″ x 19″ and is personalized with the name of your choosing.

It is embroidered with the official team logo (Celtic logo) and baby’s name.

The product is made of cotton which is machine washable and soft.

Set of three personalized baby burp cloths towels by KA’s baby boutique

Monogrammed burp cloths

JJCuties Monogrammed Handmade Baby Burp Cloths

monogrammed burp cloth

Buy from Amazon now

The Teepee, deer head and Woodland diaper Burp Cloth is ideal for burping, diapering, changing pad and nursing.

It is made of terry cloth which very absorbent and for heavy use. The decorative side is made of cotton.

Each burp cloth is approximate 16.5″ x 8.5″, lightweight and easy to roll up and fit in a diaper bag.

This product is top stitched for extra durability and gives a nice finish look.

It is made in a smoke-free home and fabric have been prewashed.

More Monogrammed burp cloths

4peasinapoddesigns Monogrammed Baby Girl Burp Cloths 

Burp pads
Burp pads

Green sprouts Stay-Dry Burp Pads (5 Count) | Ultimate protection from drools & spit ups | Waterproof protection, Soft & absorbent terry, Machine washable

Kushies 2 Piece Burp Pads Flannel, Lattice Grey/White 

How do you use bibs and burp cloths

There are different ways to burp a baby 

  • Placing the baby on your chest or shoulders

If you are putting the baby on your chest or shoulders, put a burp cloth over your shoulders to prevent your clothes from spit and the bib on your baby.

  • Sitting baby on your lap

If your kid is sitting on the lap, put the bib on your child and place the burp cloths to catch any spit-up.

Face down across your lap

Place the burp cloth on your lap and have your bib to wipe any mess on the baby.

Frequently asked questions  

What is the best fabric for burp cloths?

The best material is cotton, flannel, chenille and terry cloth.

At what age does mom need burp cloths

Burp cloths are used from birth up to around nine months.

Once the baby starts to sit on her own and moves around burping is no longer required.

How do you make burp cloths at home   

I have compiled the list of website to learn how to make burp cloths at home.

The Best (and Easiest) Burp Rags You Will Ever Sew

How to make burp cloths from flannel

How to make burp cloth from diapers from :

DIY Cute & Easy Baby Burp Cloths

The burp cloth is one of the essential products every mom requires in her diaper bag. Consider the above factor to guide you when you decide to buy.

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