10 Best convertible car seat for small cars to buy 2018

One of the main factors to consider when purchasing a car seat is the size of the car. Small car owners can support me on this many are times you buy a car seat and return it later because it doesn’t fit your vehicle.  Most car seats in the market are 18 to 23 inches wide which is not easy to fit small cars especially when you are in fixing the car seat rear facing which requires so much space. Since most car seats are wide to fit your small, they are companies that have recognized the challenge and has manufactured seat specifically for the small car. If you didn’t know there are we have prepared an excellent review of 10 best convertible car seat for small cars to buy 2018.

10 Best convertible car seat for small cars to buy 2018

Why convertible car seat for small cars

Most parents are aware they are different types of car seat from infant car seat and booster car seat, but why do we consider convertible car seat for small cars and not other types.

Convertible car seats are the type that is recommended for your small car because most of them are not wide, they convert from rear facing to forward facing. Other types of convertible car seat are used for school-aged/until the child needs car seat no more/ use a car seat belt.

What is a convertible car seat?

It is car seat that start can start as a rear facing and converts to forward facing once your baby grows.

Some brands have added features turned to the booster and used when the child no longer need a car seat.

Convertible car seat saves mom a lot of money because you do not need to buy the seat as your child grows.


What to consider when buying a car seat for small cars

To determine which car seat to buy for your small car there are few things you need to consider so as not purchasing a seat that doesn’t fit your car. Such factors include:

  • Meets safety standard

When buying a car seat for your small car, most people tend to concentrate so much on size and forget the safety. When comes to baby product safety comes first. Make sure the seat meets all standard safety requirements.

Read car seat safety standard requirements. 

  • Size of the car seat

Most car seats are 18-23 inches wide this size is best for big cars and may not fit well in small cars because they are huge, bulky and heavy. The size of the car seat is very crucial it goes hand in hand with the size of your vehicle.

 If you have a small car, you need a car seat that has a width of 15 inches and 18 inches front to back. The size fits well in your seat leaving enough space to accommodate more people or extra car seat.

  • Easy to install

Fixing and detaching car seat can be a challenge especially if you have a small car. Make sure before leaving the store you can fit the car seat without a struggle. If you are buying online, you can go through other customers review or ask the customer care whether the product is convenient regarding installation.

Make sure the car is easy to install and remove out of the car.

  • Adjustable

The car seat that is adjustable in different angles/ positions offers comfort to the baby. It also allows changing position easily from sitting position to lying position (when the baby is asleep).

  • Weight and height

All car seat has weight and height limit. Make sure you choose the seat that fits your baby weight and height. For instance, rear-facing limits should be 4-30/50 pounds or up to 30 inches height while forward facing 22+ pounds, 34+ inches in height.

Where to place the car seat

Where to place the car seat depends on different types of a car seat. There are three different type of car seat

Infant car seat– It is meant for children from birth to 15 months or babies weighing 5-50 pounds. It is supposed to be placed rear-facing on the back seat and preferably on the center seat so as the driver or front seat passenger will not have to push the seat forward leaving them with small leg space.

The seat comes in three types:

  • Rear-facing infant car seat
  • Rear-facing convertible car seat
  • 3-in-1 newborn car seat

Convertible car seat- the seat is meant for babies from 20lbs to 40lbs. The seat can be fit on any seat facing forward. But they are the type of convertible car seat called rear-facing convertible car seat meant for newborns or babies weighing from 5 pounds and above. The rear-facing convertible car seat is positioned rearing facing.

Booster car seat – can be placed on any car seat facing forward.

The benefit of the convertible car seat

Convertible car seat grows with your child. You do not need to buy the car seat twice because they convert from rear facing to forward facing.

Other convertible car seats are 3-in-1 they can be used from day one until your child is grown enough to use car seat belt. This type helps save a lot of money.

When buying a convertible car seat for small cars pay attention to the above to purchase the right product that will fit without challenges.

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