Best pacifier clip (safest dummy holder 2021)

The pacifier clip is a hook that holds the soother close and off the ground when the baby decides to spit out from the mouth after use.

Best pacifier clip

Pacifier/ binky/soother/dummy whatever you may call it in your language is one of the essential baby products every mom must have. 

However, a pacifier can be irritating or drive mom mad the moment the baby throws it out of her mouth onto the dirty floor and gets lost.

Just imagine how you feel when finding a pacifier under a seat or guessing where it is only to find it somewhere when it’s dirty.

A pacifier clip is one of the items that can relieve all this stress no matter how many times your baby decides to spit –out a binky.

Pacifier holder comparisons

 NameImageWhere to buy
1.Organic lifestyle pacifier holderCheck organic lifestyle
2.MAM Pacifier ClipsCheck Amazon
3.BABYGOAL Pacifier Clips Solid Color Check Amazon
4. Upsimples Pacifier Clips Check Amazon
5.Akeekah Pacifier Clip Check Amazon
6.ITYBITY Pacifier Clip Check Amazon
7.Ulubulu pacifier Clips Check Amazon
8.little sprout Pacifier Clip Check Amazon
9.Leather Suede Braided Pacifier Clips Zelda MatildaCheck Amazon
10.BONbino Teether Pacifier ClipsCheck Amazon
11.JOMOLLY teether Pacifier Clip Check Amazon
12.Liname Pacifier Clip Check Amazon
13.Nookums Paci-Plushies Pacifier Holder Check Amazon
14.ForHe Baby Pacifier ChainCheck Amazon

The pacifier holder holds and keeps binkies close therefore prevent from falling on dirty floors or getting lost.

 It is also known as a pacifier holder.

 Some clips are made to be used as a holder or as a teether to relieve gum during teething time.

What to look for when buying a pacifier clip

  • Material

When buying baby products always make sure the material is not sensitive to the little delicate skin.

The same case applies to pacifier clips some are made of polyester, nylon, and silicone.

Make sure the material you choose is best for your child.

You can decide to choose between a cotton strap and a clip made of beads.

  • Check the clip jaw

Pacifier has a clip that attaches to baby clothes or bibs.

Make sure the jaw/teeth material does not damage your baby’s favorite clothes or bibs.

Most parents choose pacifier clips made of plastic than metal because plastic doesn’t easily tear your baby’s clothes.

  • Compatible

It should be easy to work on almost all pacifier brands available in the market.

Nothing annoys you like buying a clip only to get at home and find out cannot hold the brand of pacifier you have at home.

In addition to compatibility, it should easily attach to different places like toys, car seats, strollers, bibs, blankets, teething toys, and baby clothes.

How to attach a dummy/soother or pacifier holder/clip onto a baby’s dress

  • Easy to clean

All baby products should be easy to clean.

Most parents prefer buying clips made of beads.

The beaded pacifier clip is easy to clean.

Also, when on the go beaded pacifier clip is easy to clean using pacifier disinfectant wipes to clean and is ready to use compared to clips made of cotton straps.

  • Meets pacifier clip safety standard

The pacifier holder should be able to meet all safety standards required.

You can read the safety standards required from the Australian Government federal register of legislation or pretty little polka dot website 

One of the main Pacifier clip safety standards is that

  • The length is supposed to be longer than 22cm,
  • Should not easily break,
  • Fall off or come loose even if you throw against the wall or step on it.

You can also check from the brand website whether the product is independently tested and meet safety standard by bodies such as CPSC or CPSIA.

Added features that are not a must-have

  • Customized pacifier

Customization only applies if you take your baby in the baby’s care. You can prefer buying a clip that is customized made for your little one.

Brands like Ulubulu have a field name on the back where you write your child’s name for easier identification.

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You can consider choosing a clip that matches well with your baby clothes color or specifically designed for baby boys or girls.

Best pacifier clip reviews

Pacifier strap

Pacifier strap

  1. Honeyed pacifier clips

Buy here

Honeyed pacifier clips are made of ribbon which is washable, The quality of the ribbon is premium such that does not fold when wet.

The clip is made of metal which keeps a gentle but firm grip.

This holder is 11 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Honeyed pacifier clips have been fully tested for child safety by a CPSIA certified lab.

It is made of a material that is non-toxic, phthalates-free, lead-free, and fully complies with the small parts and sharp edge regulations that keep our little ones safe.

  1.  Best Pacifier Clip for MAM, Unisex

Buy here

MAM pacifier holder is made of a removable silicone ring and plastic sliding locks.

The material is BPA and BPS free which meets and exceeds both US and European safety standards.

With plastic sliding lock that allows one-handed attachment and detachment of pacifier clip from clothing. 

Also, removable rings make these binky holders not only compatible with the MAM pacifier but also with other brands with rings or ribbons such as Dr. Browns, NUK, Avent, Tommee Tippee, and Smilo.

If you need a MAM ring pacifier adapter, you can buy it here 

The MAM pacifier holder is multifunctional it can also be used to prevent the loss of teether, toys, and other accessories.

This product is available in different colors and also available with a pacifier for breastfeeding babies.

It is also available specific for baby boys or girls. You can find here 

Looking for more varieties of MAM pacifier clip buy from Amazon 

  1. BABYGOAL Pacifier Clips Solid Color 

Buy here

The BABY GOAL is made of polyester with waterproof PUL fabric comes with a plastic clip that is BPA, phthalate, latex, and leads-free.

The plastic clip is not easy for your baby to pull off, will not harm the baby’s clothes, and safe on the baby’s teeth if they chew.

Each pack has 3-pieces, and no pacifier is included. It is also available in a pack of four which comes with a case () and six.

In addition to the packaging, they have a specific set for girls and boys 

  1. Baby Pacifier Clips by Upsimples

Buy here

The Upsimples pacifier is made of the metallic clip and plastic teeth making it easier to take off and attach to the baby’s clothes.

The strap is made of polyester which is washable, durable, and soft.

The strap material can be washed by hand using cold or warm water. You can use a soft brush if lightly stained.

This product is one inch wide and 9.2 inches long including a metal clip and loop.

The elastic loop fits well on a pacifier, teething toys, and soothie.

Each package includes six unique stylish clips.

The Upsimples are available for baby boys and unisex.

  1. Baby Pacifier Clip Girl by Akeekah 

Buy here

The Akeekah is made of an elastic loop that is easily tied to dummies and teething toys.

The clip is made of plastic material that is BPA-free and can easily attach to a baby’s clothes and bibs without damage.

The strap is made of long-lasting polyester ribbon

This clip complies with the safety standard, so you don’t need to worry about your baby’s safety.

Pacifier Clips Holder for Girls and Boys Bubble pressure – Soothie Pacifier Clip Holder, Unisex & Universal Pacifiers Clips, Newborn Baby Soother, Best Cute Pacifier Leash Holder 

  1. BooginHead Baby Newborn PaciGrip 

Buy here

The pacigrip has a loop that easily and quickly attaches to your favorite pacifier, therefore, makes it compatible with all brands of soothers.

The grip is made of nickel material with a smooth beveled edge that is gentle on your baby’s cloth. The strap is made of polyester.

This pacifier comes with a variety of designs and patterns available here

  1. Mud Pie Women’s Unicorn Pacy Clip 

Buy here

The mud pie pacifier holder is made of polyester.

This holder is available in different patterns and colors to match your baby’s clothes. The design is available here

  1. NUK Disney Pacifier Clip, Mickey Mouse

Buy here

Nuk pacifier holder features Disney design, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and others.

It fits both pullers and buttons pacifier brands.

Choose the design of your choice here

  1. Munchkin 2-Piece Pacifier Clips

Buy here

This pacifier holder works with all pacifier styles.

The package comes with 1-blue and 1 green pacifier clip.

  1. Dr. Brown’s 3 Pack Pacifier Clips

Buy here

Dr. Brown’s pacifier holder features a durable metallic clip that is attached to baby clothes.

It works with most brands of pacifiers and soothers.

  1. Chicco Fashion Pacifier Clip

Buy here

The clip features a cloth loop that easy to use and attach to all pacifier brands.

  1. Nuby Cloth Pacifinders with Plastic Clip

Buy here

This holder has a plastic clip that you can securely attach to a shirt or bib

Nuby cloth Pacifinders work with any pacifier that has a handle.

It comes in the following patterns Butterflies, Elephants, and Monkeys, Frogs, Circles, Rectangles, or Hearts

  1. Philips Avent Pacifier Clips

Buy here

Philip Avent pacifier holder comes 2 in one pack, which is suitable for babies from 0-18 months.

It fits all pacifiers that have ring handles.

The clip is gentle on cloth does not leave marks on your baby’s clothes.

More straps

Natural pacifier holder

Organic pacifier clip

Organic lifestyle natural pacifier holder

Prevent your baby pacifier from falling on the ground and getting dirty or lost using an organic lifestyle, natural pacifier holder.

On the back of this product, you can write the children’s names for easier identification mostly in daycare or public places.

This pacifier holder is made of organic cotton which is GOTS certified, a wooden rubber tree clip to attach to clothing, and a Velcro sticker to attach a pacifier.

To clean the pacifier holder wipe using a damp cloth, air dry, and do not tumble dry.

It comes in different colors brown, pink and blue


Beaded Pacifier clip 

Most all beaded pacifier clip are made of chewable silicone which is provide teething relief and gum massage.

The beads are made of BPA free material which is safe on your baby

  1. Pacifier Clip Girl, BPA Free Silicone Teether by ITYBITY 

Buy here

The ITYBITY is a handmade design with custom bead colors.

The beads are made of chewable silicone, therefore, provide teething relief and gum massage.

The beads are BPA, phthalates, lead, PVC, metal, and cadmium-free.

This product has a locking snap on each end of the beads and a safety clip. It also meets safety length requirements and certified by CPSC and CPSIA.

The pacifier holder works on a different brand like MAM and NUK pacifiers.

It holds pacifier and teething toys, and you can attach to clothes, blanket, toys, strollers, and car seats.

Comes in different teething toy styles include cupcake teething toy, Bow Pacifier Clip, Football Baby Teething Toy, Butterfly Teething Toy, and  Baseball Baby Teething Toy.

It is also available in four different colors, specifically for boys and girls 

  1. BONbino Teether Pacifier Clips

Buy here

The Bonbino comes with a free ebook worth $10 which contains essential information on remedies for teething. The book is accredited by experts and will help learn about the teething process. It also comes with an adapter for soothie and MAM pacifiers.

The clip is easy to use even be used with one hand. It can easily attach to car seat straps, bibs, stroller, and blankets

The beads come in different shapes that allow the baby to gnaw and bite to soothe their aching gum. The beads are non-toxic, BPA, and phthalate-free.

It comes in two colors pink and purple.

  1. JOMOLLY teether Pacifier Clip 

Buy here

This product is independently tested and approved by CPSC and CPSIA

With an adapter for a round pacifier meaning JOMOLLY clips fit all your favorite brands of pacifiers and soothers.

It is made of quality material that will not break when chewed as pain relief or rust. Also, the material is non-toxic it is BPA, lead, phthalate, and latex-free. The clip is made of plastic.

  1. Little sprout Pacifier Clip 

Buy here

The little sprout is designed and crafted to feature marble-like beads. The colorful beads are easily chewable therefore massage and soothe teething gums.

It works with different pacifier brands and attaches easily to baby clothes, toys, bibs, strollers, and car seats.

This product is independently tested and approved by CPSC/CPSIA. Also, the clips are carefully inspected and tested by two separate companies. It meets the consumer product safety commission for safety in both the material and design of the products.

The beads are made of silicone which is BPA, PVC, lead, metal, and phthalate-free. The beads are easy to clean with disinfectant pacifier wipes making them more sanitary than cotton strap pacifier clips. In addition to beads, they are food-grade, have no taste or smell.

baby girl pacifier clip

Baby girl pacifier clip
  1. Ulubulu Muted Girl Pattern Combo Pack of 3 pacifier Clips 

Buy here

The Ulubulu girl pacifier clip is made of a cotton strap, nylon loop, and sturdy metal clip with a plastic jaw. The metal clip ensures the pacifier is securely fastened and plastic jaw /teeth guaranteed your baby’s cloth wouldn’t get damaged.

It fits most pacifier brands and complies with US and European safety standards.

This clip keeps the pacifier attached to the baby’s clothes

It comes in 36 different styles. You can find the styles that will interest you here.

Each package comes in a set of three and has a personalized name field at the back to keep things straight at daycare or park. Just write your name using a ballpoint pen or sharpie.


Leather pacifier clip
  1. Leather Suede Braided Pacifier Clips Zelda Matilda

Buy here

The high-quality handcrafted pacifier clip is made of vegan suede leather. It is knotted and braided to the highest quality standard that it looks beautiful on both sides.

The clip is nickel and lead-free which makes it safe for your baby. Also, the inner part is a plastic grip that ensures your baby’s clothes are not damaged.

This product is 10 inches long from end to end which is the right size. It has vibrant colors that won’t fade.

Boy's pacifier clip

Boy’s pacifier clip
  1. Liname Pacifier Clip for Boys with BONUS Teething Toy & eBook 

Buy here

Liname pacifier clip comes in four-set with free teething toy and Ebook. The teething toy attaches easily to the clip allowing you to hang it on your baby for easy access. Also, the teething toy is soft providing a solution to massage delicate irritating gum, and its shape is for a small hand to hold.

The strap is made of a satin durable satin ribbon that is soft to touch and washable. It also has a cute double-sided design with modern colors that will compliment any outfit. The bonus teething toy is made of food-grade silicone.

This product will connect to all types of soother and pacifiers with or without a ring. It has plastic teeth which easily attaches on the bibs, baby clothes, teething toy and blankets without damage.

When it comes to safety, you can rest with the confidence that the product complies with the CPSC safety standard. It is BPA, lead, Phthalate-free

It is also available for girls with bonus teething toys and an ebook.


Best silicone pacifier clip

  1. Vesta baby pacifier clips

Buy here

The vesta baby pacifier clips will not only keep your soother in place but also help soothe your baby’s sensitive gums.

It is made of soft food-grade silicone beads and roses for your little one to bite on and relieve the pain of teething while helping the development of her teeth.

The food-grade silicone is non-toxic and BPA-free.

It is compatible with all brands of the pacifier and can hold teether toys for your little one to bite on

This holder without a clip is 22cm. The measurement meets American, Australian, and European safety length standards.

  1. TYRY.HU Pacifier Clips Set of 2 (Green, Gray)

Buy here

The TYRY.HU Pacifier Clips is 26 cm in length.

These paci clips are sized just right to attach easily to the pacifier, Binky, Soother, Dummy, Soothies, drool bibs, clothes, teething toys, blankets, strollers, play gyms, and car seats.

It is made of food-grade silicone beads which are BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead, metal-free, Non-toxic, and rust-free.

The beads have a textured surface, which is chewable therefore provide instant teething relief and gum massage.

This holder comes in vibrant colors which can help for visual perception, motor, sensory development.

For a safety guarantee, the holder is CPSC/CPSIA CERTIFIED.

  1. Ali and Oli pacifier clip 

Buy here

The Ali and Oli pacifier clips are made of food-grade silicone chew beads which are BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free.

It comes in 19 different colors which makes it easier to choose the color that fits you.

It has an 8-inch length which helps keeps your pacifier and teether toys off the floor away from germs and bacteria.

The clip is made of stainless steel which helps keeps your baby’s pacifier clip firmly attached.

These clips are sturdy and can hold any toy, plushies, teether toys, or teethers that you can fit the cord loop through


Best non-toxic pacifier clip
  1. Mooi Baby Silicone Baby Teething Pacifier Clips  

Buy here

The Mooi baby pacifier clip is made of silicone beads that are washable and durable. The clip is made of plastic clips so as not to rust or hurt the baby’s teeth or gums.

It is excellent for pacifiers, soothers, bibs, baby blankets, stuffed animals, sippy cups, or anything else you need holding onto.

Mooi baby pacifier clips are non-toxic, lead-free, latex-free, and BPA free

Animal pacifier holder

Animal pacifier holder
  1. Nookums Paci-Plushies Elephant Buddies – Pacifier Holder 

Buy here

Nookums paci-plushies has flexible hug ring that easily attaches and detaches to a variety of baby pacifier that has button shield.

Each paci-plushies comes with the Nookum pacifier that easily detaches from the animal for replacement and sanitation. The Nookum pacifier is made of medical-grade silicone which is BPA, phthalate, and latex-free

When the baby outgrows pacifiers, the paci-plushies become a baby toy.

It has a huggable design that is sized for little hands and textured for touch and exploration

The paci-plushies animal is made of polyester which is machine washable and tears-free.

  1. Nuby Plush Pacifinder

Buy here

It is made of polyester and plush animals to keep the baby entertained.

This Pacifinder is available in different animal styles, such as Dog, Lion. Elephant, Bear, or Rabbit.

It is ideal for babies from 0+ months and is BPA-free.

BabyHuggle Giraffe Pacifier

Nuby™ Plush Snoozie Pacifier Holder (Giraffe)(Pack of 12)

STAR-FLY Safe infant Pacifiers holder

RaZbaby Raz-Buddy JollyPop Pacifier Holder 

Personalized dummy clip

Personalized pacifier clip
  1. ForHe Baby Pacifier Chain

Buy here

The FORHE baby pacifier chain works with all pacifier brands and teething toys.

It is made of plastic crystal beads which are suitable for 0-3 months. This brand is 28cm/11.02 inches.

More personalized pacifier clip

IVANICA Personalized Baby Name Pacifier Clips

1PC Private Custom Pacifier Clips with Metal and Natural Crochet Beads TONYGIGI

crochet baby pacifier holder
Crochet pacifier clip / Crochet pacifier holder

Pacifier Clip, SUGEE Universal Braided Pacifier Holder

Angel Baby Pacifier Holder for Boys and Girls,

Rruierty Baby Vintage Crochet Cotton Pacifier Clips

Crochet pacifier holder

Buy here

This product is a carefully crafted handmade pacifier clip.

It is very easy to use and attaches to a stroller, clothes, and car seats easily.

The clip is not only used to keep the pacifier within reach but can also be used to soothe the teething baby, therefore, enable active gum to exercise and promote the development of strong healthy teeth and gum.

It is made of cotton material which is washable and easy to disinfect.

Teether pacifier clips
  1. Nuby Silicone Teether & Pacifier Holder Combo 

Buy here

The nuby pacifier holder comes attached with a silicone teether.

The holder and teether are easy for your little one to hold.

The teether has multiple surfaces that help relieve the discomfort of sore and tender gums.

It is available in three colors blue, Aqua, and purple

Wooden pacifier clips
  1. Mali wear Natural Wooden Teething Toy Interchangeable Pacifier Holder Strap

Buy here

This wooden pacifier holder is made with natural CPSIA Tested Food Grade ingredients specifically to meet Your Natural Bab’s Teething Needs.

Ocharzy 15Pcs Pacifier Wooden Clip Teething Beads Suspender Clips

Babe Basics Pacifier Clip | Handmade Natural Wood Dummy Chain Teething Toy- 

How to use a pacifier clip

The pacifier holder has two ends. One end with a loop or snap closure and the other end has a plastic/metallic clip.

The clip is attached to the baby’s clothes.

The loop or snap closure attach to the pacifier.

Follow the website below to learn step by step guide

pacifier clips DIY

How to make a pacifier clip

I have prepared websites and videos on how to make pacifier clips from scratch

How to Make a Beaded Pacifier Clip

Watch the below video to end or read the website to learn how to make a pacifier holder using beads.

How to make ribbon pacifier clips

Find out Videos and websites to learn through

How to Make a Braided Pacifier Clips tutorial

diy braided pacifier clip

How to make wooden pacifier clips

Other accessories you might need

Plastic pacifier clips

These are Plastic clips for making pacifier holders, bib clips, toy holders, and various other ribbon or sewing crafts. They have to grab teeth that secure tightly.

KAM Plastic Pacifier Clips/Suspender Clips 

Buy here

The clips are great for making pacifier holders, bib clips, toy holders, sewing, and ribbon crafts

A pack has 15 pieces with gripping teeth that will secure tightly and a Random Mix of the color.

These clips are 15/8 inches long and 5/8 inches wide. The loop for holding ribbon is 1 inch making it easily hold ribbons up to 1 inch.

It is made of lead and phthalate-free material, making it comply with CPSIA requirements regarding harmful substances in children’s products.

Marrywindix 25pcs 1″ Pacifier Suspender Clips

LIHAO 50x Pacifier Clips Holders for Teething Toys Baby Blankets – 10 Colors-

How to clean and take care of pacifier clips

Simply clean with disinfectant pacifier wipe mostly beaded or leather clips.

You can also use warm soapy water, on the top rack of the dishwasher.

After washing, let it air dry completely or dry it with a soft clean cloth.

 Store in a pacifier holder case or clean container or a zip lock bag until ready to use.

Pacifier clip safety standards

The pacifier clip safety standard means all the requirements to anything that is designed to be attached to baby soother or dummies like ribbon, cords, chain, pins, yarns, strings, twines, and leathers.

The pacifier holder is supposed to meet a certain safety standard which includes.

The soother chain should have a length of 22 cm to prevent the risk of strangulation.

No part of dummy chain\ribbon\yarn should tear, break, or separate. This includes opening and closing the jaw of the fastener, which is clipped on the baby’s clothes.

Stickers, labels, and decal should not be attached to the soother holder as they can become ingestion and choking hazards.

Other safety measures buyers should be aware

The clips are not for use while your baby is asleep.

 Never leave your baby unattended with a pacifier clip.

 Before each use, carefully check your pacifier holder for damage to prevent a choking hazard.

Are pacifier clips safe?

The pacifier holder is safe as long they have met all the standard requirements needed.
The standard requirement needed includes the length of the holder should be 22 cm, including the jaw itself so as to prevent strangulation risk.

Are beaded pacifier clips safe?

The beaded pacifier clips are safe as long as they meet the above-stated safety requirements.

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