Best teething toys for babies 2020 (reviews and buyers guide)

Since there is no quick way to fix teething issues having the best teething toys can help relieve the pain and discomfort experienced during this period.

Teething is a stage that every child must go through to some it can be an irritating, painful and uncomfortable time.

The pain and discomfort can cause your baby to become fussy, sick or have a sleepless night so most parents find a quick way to fix the problem.

Using baby teething toys is only quick solution.

Best teething toys

NameImageWhere to buy
The First Years Stars Water Filled Teether Water Filled TeetherCheck Amazon
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Carry Teethe Purse water filled teetherCheck Amazon
Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether Check Amazon
Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether silicone teetherCheck Amazon
RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teetherbest baby teethersCheck Amazon
Safety 1st featuring Mombella Ellie Elephant Teetherbaby teething toysCheck Amazon
The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn Teether baby teetherCheck Amazon
BEBE Cookie Teethers & Gum Massagersbaby teetherCheck Amazon
Little Toader Teething Toys teethersCheck Amazon
Molar Muncher Infant Baby Teether Non-Toxic Silicone TeetherCheck Amazon
Dr. Brown's Coolees Soothing Teether Check Amazon
Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys Gel teetherCheck Amazon
Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and TeetherCheck Amazon
Nuby Reversible Teething BibNuby teething bibCheck Amazon
Dr. Brown's Super Soft Bandana Bibs with One Snap-On Teetherteething bibCheck Amazon

What is a teething toy?

The teething toy is a baby toy specifically designed such that the baby can chew so as to relieve teething pain, sore and sensitive gums.

The teething toys are made of different designs including:

Baby teether toothbrush-this look the same as a toothbrush

Teething jewelry-they are made in the form of a necklace or bracelet. The teething jewelry is made with safe material that the baby can easily chew and can be worn by moms or babies.

Novelty teether

Baby teether rings

Baby mitten teether


How to soothe a teething baby

Baby teething symptoms and signs

Everything you need to know about baby teething

When to use baby teething toys

Babies start teething from four months upward at this time you will notice some of the baby drool and most of them trying to put anything on sight even their figures in their mouth to get some relief.

During this period would be the best time to introduce the teething toy.

What are teething toys made of?

Teethers are made of different materials such as natural rubber, wood, silicone, BPA-free plastic or fabric

What to look for when buying baby teething toys

  • Material

Teething toys are made of different material such as wood, silicone, natural rubber, BPA-free plastic or fabric. Choose the material of your choice and make sure there are free from toxic chemicals.

  • Easy to hold

Teether should be of a perfect size that is easier for your child to grab. The easier the baby can hold the teether the higher chances of liking it.

  • What inside the teething toys

Teethers are filled with content to help your child feel better. That content can be purified water or gel, make sure you are sure what is filled inside.

  • Tear resistant material

Constant chewing the teething toys can create small hole risking your baby ingesting the liquid filled inside. Choose the teether made of a stronger material that is tear resistant.

  • Size

Teethers will spend most of the time on the baby mouth. The small-sized teething toy can be a health hazard as your baby can easily swallow and choke them leading to death.

  • Teething toy with attached clips

Nothing is so irritating like bending all the times to pick the teethers on the floor especially if it dirty. The best way to solve this is to buy a teether that has attached clip on it or you can easily attach it on any available brand of the clip.

Here is the review of the best teething toys

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water filled teething toy

Best cold teether

The First Years Stars Water Filled Teether 

Water Filled Teether

Check Amazon for the best price

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Carry Teethe Purse 

Water filled teething toy

Check Amazon for the best price

The bright starts baby teether has handle bead chaser and purse shape which is filled with water.

This product helps support the pink power mom program benefiting breast cancer charities globally.

The colorful color dances across the screen when each song is played therefore keep your little one entertained.

The bright starts teether comes in different eight styles.


•    It is Dishwasher and freezer safe

•    Bright fun colors to entertain your baby

•    It also plays a song, and colorful color dances across as each song are played keeping your baby entertained

•    The different texture that is fun for your baby to feel.

•    Easy to grasp

•    A wide variety of different styles to choose from.


•    Amazon customer reviews complain the teether is heavy.

Silicone teether

Silicone teether

Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether 

munchkin teether

Check Amazon for the best price

This teether has four different surfaces and is recommended from six months and above.

It easy for baby to grasp, hold and chew.

This product is a teether and toy in one. It is interesting such that you can twist and turn in many different ways you can either form a rough circle, love shape, and many different shapes.


The teether has different colors, movement and it is lightweight for your little one to grasps.


•    With time the silicone or plastic part mildews. It seems the joint between the parts allow moisture to pass through forming mold.

•    The teether has two different parts made hard plastic and soft rubber. Customers complain the plastic part is hard to chew.

•    It is not ideal for back teething. The shape of this teether is hard to get at the back of the mouth mostly when the molars are coming out.

Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether 

silicone teether

Check Amazon for the best price

This textured carrot teether is perfect for soothing tender gums and providing teething relief.

It features easy to hold handles that are easy for your baby to grasp. The handles are soft, bend and can be chewed on. Also, has interesting texture on carrot leaves and tip that might be fun to your little one.

The Infantino teether is BPA free and dishwasher safe.


It has a soft texture, bright colors and easy to hold handle that can be appealing to your baby.


The teether does not have the liquid that would chill in the fridge.

RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

best baby teethers

Check Amazon for the best price

The RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Teether is made of silicone which is constructed on one piece.

It features patented berry bumps texture which will gently soothe and stimulate baby gums. Also, this natural berry texture helps introduce your little ones to healthy fruits at a tender age.

In addition to features, it has looped handle which is easy for your little one to handle and can be used with a holder allowing it to be used as a hands- free teether.

This product comes in different shape such as spoon and toothbrush that are made of soothing berry bumps.

It is not liquid filled but can be frozen and remain cold not hardened.


It does not contain liquid refill you can put in a freezer but does not stay cold or freeze for so long.

Safety 1st featuring Mombella Ellie Elephant Teether

baby teething toys

Check Amazon for the best price

The safety 1st teether is made of safe silicone which ideal for babies from three months and above. It is also ideal for all stages of teething.

This product is safe to keep in the freezer and the top rack of the dishwasher.

Is not only used for alleviating baby teething gum but has bright colors and interesting textures designed to stimulate your baby’s senses of sight and touch.

It is easy for your child to grasps, easy for the child to manipulate on its own and no matter the angle the child hold they have something to chew on.


No liquid fill

The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn Teether 

baby teether

Check Amazon for the best price

The first year’s teether features gentle vibration from the corn cob which will sooth the baby gums.

It is recommended for age six months and up.

BEBE Cookie Teethers & Gum Massagers

baby teether

Check Amazon for the best price

The BEBE Cookie Teethers & Gum Massagers is the first original sandwich cookie teething toy which comes in one hard and one soft for two chewing sensations.

The black one has a unique pattern and hard texture for extra teething relief. Each flower and ridge has a different chewiness level.

The second one has a unique pastel pink cream ring, is a soft and chewier texture for extra gentle teething relief. It has a floral pattern and bright colors that stimulate sensory, visual and motor development.

It comes with two detachable cords with breakaway clasps which are meant to be worn by adults or attach to stroller or carriers. The cord should be removed if used without a parent’s supervision.

Little Toader Teething Toys 


Check Amazon for the best price

The little toader teething toys are made of silicone which is food coloring safe, BPA Free, Lead-Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free.

It meets and exceeds safety standard in Europe, US, Canada, and Australia.

Constructed with a solid piece with no part to break off making the little toader teether safe from choking hazard. It is also designed to duplicate the texture of real food like chicken wings, broccoli, pizza, ice cream, waffle, and carrot.,

best molar teether

The best teether for molars

Molar Muncher Infant Baby Teether Non-Toxic Silicone Teether

best molar teether

Check Amazon for the best price

The molar muncher is a hand free baby teether that soothes the entire gum simultaneously. It is ideal for latter stages of teething reaching all the way back to molars.

It is made from the USA and constructed with single piece construction with no crevices where germs can hide.

This product is FDA approved food grade non-toxic silicone, recommended by pediatricians and pediatric dentists, dishwasher and refrigerator safe.


The molar muncher baby teether does not have liquid fill inside to keep it chilled.

Dr. Brown’s Coolees Soothing Teether 

best teether for molars

Check Amazon for the best price

The Dr. Brown’s Soothing Teether is shaped such that can reach all areas of mouth for cooling comfort making it ideal for front and back teething.

This teether stays cool without a liquid filling and is freezer safe.

It is appropriate for ages from three months and above.


It does not have liquid fill inside to keep it chilled.

Gel teether

Gel  teether

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys 

Gel teether

Check Amazon for the best price

This multi-surfaced teether is constructed with soft textured material which helps massage and stimulates baby gums.

The teether is ideal for three months and above. It is filled with non-toxic purice gel when placed in the refrigerator provides cooling on baby’s gum and aid to stay cool for a longer time.

Easy to grip design is ideal for little hand.

Bright colors provide visual stimulation for your baby and help on eye-hand coordination.


Comes with a warning about the gel inside if the baby teeth cut this teether in her mouth rinse her mouth thoroughly and throw it away. The gel inside seems to might cause harm on your baby but not charity sure of that.

Gel Filled Teethers – Pack of 2 Assorted Designs- A to Z toys

Baby teether toothbrush
Baby teether toothbrush

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

Baby teether toothbrush

Check Amazon for the best price

The teething brush looks like peeling toothbrush which is made of food grade silicone.

It features soft silicone bristles which help massage little teeth gum. The soft bristles help the baby develop good oral hygiene habit early and preventing cavities later.

This teether has easy to grasps banana peel handles which are also made of silicone, therefore, cannot injure the baby.

It is ideal for infants to 12 months, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Also, it is available in a variety of colors to suit any baby style.

Plush teething toy
Plush Teething Toy

Bright Starts Snuggle Teether Assorted 

Plush Teething Toy

Check Amazon for the best price

The bright start Snuggle Teether features soft fabric; crinkle sound and soft plastic teether at the feet to soothe aching gum.

It is available in two different jungle themed character giraffe or elephant. Also, it is suitable for age 0 to 36 months.

How to take care of this product you only need to wipe with damp cloth and mild soap. Do not immerse in water.

Munchkin Teether Babies Plush Teething Toy

baby mitten teether
Baby mitten teether

Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt Teething Mitten 

Teething mitten

Check Amazon for the best price

The malarkey kids munch teething mitten is chemical free and keep the baby entertained while relieving teething pain.

 It is a washing machine, dryer friendly, and ideal for babies 3+ and above.

This product features crinkle sound, a bump, and ridge textured which is made of food grade silicone. The textures come in three colors mint green triangle, grey stars, and pastel pink hearts.

Also, it comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to prevent the baby from dropping it on the ground and soft fabric that absorb drool. The fabric part is a black, grey and white pattern

The crinkle sound, pain relieving texture and contrasting colors that help in baby development milestone.

The teething mitten can be worn on either hand and comes with a travel bag.

This product is tested by Intertek to ensure that it meets all federal safety requirements, such as the Consumer Safety Standards (CPSC), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the latest consumer safety improvement law (CPSC). CPSIA) in the US and Canada.

Nuby teething mittens (Alt tag)- download image

Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten 

BabyNoms Teething Mitten

Teething blanket
Teething blanket

The First Years Star Teething Blanket

Teething blanket

Check Amazon for the best price

The first years teething blanket is made of terry cloth, crinkly satin, and chewable soft textures.

It features an attached loop for portability and a hidden squeaker in one of the points.

This product is lightweight and easy to grab.

Before washing the teething blanket put it in the washing machine, wash it in a delicate washer and hand to dry to maintain crinkly sound.

This teether is recommended for baby from six months old.

The blanket has five corners which act as a teether, and each has a different texture to relieve your teething baby.

Nuby Teething Blankie 

Green sprouts Muslin Blankie Teether 

Teething necklace

 Teething necklace

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Babies (Unisex) (Cognac) 

teething necklace

Check Amazon for the best price

This product is made of real Baltic amber. The natural Baltic amber is a good alternative for babies and toddler on the teething process. It also helps to boost the immune system and is anti-inflammatory therefore aid in reducing colic and gas relief.

The product is handcrafted using safety knotted amber beads.

Caution: remove the teether when the baby is unattended and while asleep.

 Amber Teething Necklace for Babies – Anti Inflammatory, Drooling and Teething Pain Reducing Natural Remedy – Made of Highest Quality Certified Baltic Amber – Perfect… – 

Fabric teether
Fabric teether

Sassy Terry Teethers

fabric teether

Check Amazon for the best price

The sassy teether is made of terry cloth which is machine washable, soft on the baby mouth and huggable.

It features fun fruit designs which have different textures to help stimulate baby’s gum

In the package includes two pieces set a watermelon and grape terry teether.

This one of the best cold teether you soak/dampen them in water, wring them and put them in the freezer. Once are frozen the baby chew easily and happily suck them as they thaw. As the ice melts the terry fabric holds the liquid, so it does not make a mess.

You can take care of the teether by soaking in hot water after use, clean using baby soap as you do on feeding bottles, rinse thoroughly and you can put them at the freezer.

Or hold the teether under running tap water to saturate half of the teether, squeeze excess water, put it in a freezer bag and freeze for one hour.


Since teething gel are not recommended for your teething baby giving them a cold washcloth or fabric teether is the best idea.

Green sprouts Muslin Blankie Teether made from Organic Cotton

Silicone teething rings
Silicone teething rings

The Original Baby Teether Rings [4 Colors] Soother Infant Teething Toy

teething rings

Check Amazon for the best price

The baby now teething ring is made of medical grade silicone which is BPA free.

It comes in four colors which is safe for baby to bite and chew. The four bright colors in each pack are appealing to stimulate baby’s sense.

This teething ring features a variety of texture (each ring has its texture) and easy to grab therefore perfect for little hand to hold and improves baby hand-eye coordination. The raised ridges enable your baby to develop the essential touch and feel senses.

The size is too large for your child to swallow they won’t prove to be a choking hazard and is also dishwasher safe.

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether, Orange 

silicone baby teether

Check Amazon for the best price

The comotomo baby teether is designed to mimic baby fingers and is made of silicone material which is perfectly chewable. The four prongs are the baby sized size and designed to mimic baby fingers.

In addition to prongs are long enough to reach back molars and are sensible sized to prevent choking.

This product is perfectly designed for the little hand to grab and hold easily.

It is safe in microwaves, boiling water, sterilizer, and dishwashers

It features one-piece design, comes in one size and two colors (blue and orange).


Amazon customers complain of its choking hazard. The prolongs breaks easily.

Nuby IcyBite Soother Ring Teether

Ring teether

Check Amazon for the best price

Munchkin Teether Toy, Fun Ice Ring 

teething ring

Check Amazon for the best price

In the package include two chewable teething rings to help ease teething pain.

It features easy to grasp ring shape, multiple textured surfaces and contain the gel which is refrigerator or freezer friendly.

The Munchkin teether is suitable for age 0+ months.


It is not dishwasher safe.

Wooden teether
Wooden teether

Promise Babe Nature Wood Teething Toys 

wooden teething toys

Check Amazon for the best price

The promise wooden teether is made of natural wood which is non-toxic, BPA free and phthalate free making it safe for your baby to chew. The natural wood has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties making wood a superior teething choice.

It is designed such that it had well polished and sanded rounded corner, edges and sturdy.

This product comes in different shapes such as fish, bird, cloud, elephant, whale, seahorse, rabbit, dinosaur and camera


Comes in small that parent fears the baby may easily swallow.

wooden teething ring
Wooden teething ring

Baby Love Home Baby Wooden Teether  

wooden teething ring

Check Amazon for the best price

The baby love home teething ring is made of wood which is free from toxic, BPA free and eco-friendly suitable for toddler chewing.

It is well polished and sanded such that it has no rough spot and provides a comfortable touch feeling for a baby.

The wooden ring can stimulate baby visual motor, sensory skills and improve your baby creativity.

Each pack comes with ten pieces which you can also use it to DIY necklace or bracelet.

Teething toys alternative

Teething toys are not must-have baby products.

Also, there are babies who are not fun of teethers there are other alternatives you can try before buying a teether.

You can use eco-friendly washcloths

You only need to find washcloths made of non-toxic fabric, wet it and put in a Ziploc bag.

Put the wet washcloth in the freezer until it is frozen.

The soft material and the cold washcloth can be used for soothing on tender and sore gums.

You can keep the baby mouth cool

The same case with washcloths you can find cold substances to cool your baby sore gum.

You can freeze carrot or silverware anything cold can relieve the pain of teething.

Extremely cold substances can be harmful to your baby health so use refrigerator to cool off but not the freezer.

You can use moistened gauze pads

You can use your clean finger to rub your baby gum but if you feel uncomfortable to put on the gauze pad

baby teething toy

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