How to clean a pacifier (care and sterilizing in simple steps)

What do you do to your baby pacifier when it hits the ground or after daily use? Do you wipe them with your saliva or just rinse them under running water on the faucet. The best answer to this question is to clean it. How do you clean a pacifier? 

How to clean a pacifier

In this learn article you will learn how to clean a pacifier right at home or on the go

There are different ways to clean pacifiers at home or on the go some are bad methods others are good methods.

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A good method to clean your baby pacifier

#Method 1: Use of hands with warm soapy water

  • Washing the binky with warm soapy water is one of the quick methods. You can use this baby dish soap
  • You fill up the sink or bowl/ basin with clean warm soapy water.
  • Wash them using your hands with a clean dish rag/sponge
  • Rinse with clean hot water
  • Put them aside to air dry

#Method 2: Use of the dishwasher

Put the pacifier in the dishwasher silverware 

The hot water takes away any dirt and eliminates any germs.

Before using this method make sure the pacifier is dishwasher safe.

Bad method of cleaning a baby pacifier

Method 1: sucking pacifier in your mouth

Sucking pacifiers is the common method most parents use when they pick the baby pacifier that has dropped on the ground.

The method is a bad habit because cleaning pacifiers with your own method can pass bacteria from your mouth to the baby leading to sickness or cavities.

Method 2: use running water on the faucet

Cleaning pacifiers using only running water directly on the faucet is not an effective method of cleaning the pacifier.

Running water will not help remove stubborn dirt/ germs on your baby pacifier.

How to Clean a pacifier on the go

When on go there is no access to the dishwasher or warm soapy water so make sure before leaving the house you have an extra binky to replace the dirty one.

Another thing to save you when on the go is making sure you have attached your baby pacifier using a pacifier clip to prevent it from falling from your mouth to the dirty ground.

Best pacifier clips

Just in case the above two methods are not working for you can use pacifier wipes to clean the binky while traveling.

Best pacifier wipes

How to sterilize the baby pacifier

Cleaning the pacifier is removing the dirt from the binky while sterilizing is killing germs on the pacifier.

How do you sterilize the baby pacifier?

#Method 1: how to sterilize pacifiers in boiling water


  • Put water in the Sufuria or pot let it full boil 
  • Put the binky and allow settle in the boiling water for five minutes. (Continue boiling for five minutes)
  • After five minutes put off the fire and scoop them out of fire or sieve them placing them on a clean dry towel.

#Method 2: How to Sterilize pacifiers in the microwave

There are two ways of sterilizing pacifiers using a microwave one is using a pacifier case and the other one is using a glass container/microwave-safe dish.

Steps on how to sterilize using a glass container/microwave-safe dish.

  • Fill water halfway in the glass container or bowl
  • Submerge clean pacifier in the water halfway
  • Run the microwave for two minutes and flip the soother on the other side for two minutes

 Sterilizing Using a pacifier case/carry case

  • Add 0.9fl.oz/25ml clean water in the case
  • Submerge the clean pacifier in the case with water
  • Run microwave at 750-1000W for 3 minutes
  • Let the pacifier cool for five minutes and remove in water
  • Pour water from the case 
  • Set the pacifier side to dry.

# Method 3: Sterilize using the dishwasher

Make sure you put a pacifier in the top dishwasher (silverware holder) as the bottom rack is too hot for a pacifier and can melt.

The hot water kills germs on the binky

Before attempting this method make sure the pacifier is dishwasher safe.

# Method 4: How to Sterilize pacifiers in a sterilizer machine

You can use either an electric or microwave sterilizer machine-like Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer or Tommee Tippee Steri-Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer to sterilize the binky. 

Sterilizer uses heat to kill any bacteria.

Make sure you refer to manufacture instructions to take you through the simple process of sterilization.

Before using any sterilizing method make sure the soother is safe to sterilize most pacifiers are okay others are not.

Also, follow the instruction to know for how long to sterilize the pacifier and how to do it safely.

Please ensure the pacifier are completely clean before sterilizing them.

Drying pacifier

You can allow the pacifier to air dry. Some pacifier is made of a material that has a drying feature but it takes time.

While air-drying you can wrap them using a clean kitchen towel to avoid contamination.

How to air dry video

To quicken the air-drying process wash your hand and squeeze the water out of the nipple using the fingers.

You can shake off any excess water out of binky.

Storing pacifier

After cleaning, sterilizing, and drying the pacifier you need to keep the pacifier clean until you need it.

A safe place to keep is in the ziplock bag or pacifier case. You can use a clean tight lock storage container to store the pacifiers

Best places to store a pacifier

Cleaning a pacifier does not require special talent just the above simple steps and you are done.

Let us know how do you clean your baby pacifier right at home or when on go in the comment section below

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