How to get Free baby stuff in 2020 (samples, coupons, and giveaways)

Every mom will agree with me babies need a lot of things and most of them are must-have for your baby. The baby stuff can be costly and everyone wants to learn how to save money on baby essentials. There are several ways to save money on baby stuff one of the best is by getting free baby stuff, samples and coupons.

That why we have prepared the list of Free baby stuff, samples, coupons and the best deal to help save and put more money back in your pocket.


free baby stuffs

How to get Free baby stuff

free baby stuffsWhere to get them

A chance to get free baby stuff samples
Claim here

Mom and baby samples
Get Free Mom and Baby Samples Today!

Free baby pampers
An everyday family is offering free diapers to US parents who have babies or baby on the way.
You can also get a chance pregnancy and a baby email newsletter, access to free baby samples, weekly offers, baby coupons, baby magazines, weekly coupons and more
Free Baby offers and samples at

Samples and Savings - Diapers
You just need an email for a chance to get FREE Diapers Samples.
Get it here

Johnson's Baby Relief Kit
get a Johnson's Baby Relief kit with a pre paid visa gift card.
Get a Johnson's Baby Relief Kit! Click Here!
Amazon baby registry

PincheMe gives free giveaways each month every Tuesday. The box is filled with free baby products, food, health & beauty.
Get PinchMe giveaways here

Here is a list of Best Free baby stuff, Giveaways, samples, coupons, and the best deal

We participate in affiliate programs from various companies mentioned in this post and earn a commission when you click on our site. It won’t charge an extra cost but you will get a small commission. Read the disclosure.

#1: Free baby diapers

Diapers are must-have products for your baby and one of the most expensive.

There are companies and organizations that are offering free diapers to mom.

Everyday Family 

everyday family

The company is offering free diapers to US parents who have babies or babies on the way. You just need to register for an everyday family

Click here to sign up today. You will direct to the right page where to register for free.

On the same, you can also get pregnancy and a baby email newsletter, formula samples, access to free baby samples, weekly offers, baby coupons, baby magazines, weekly coupons and more.

Samples and Savings – Pampers Coupons

free diaper samples

Parents who are expecting newborns or have a baby here is a chance to get free pamper samples. You just need to enter your email here for a chance to acquire a free pamper sample.

Sample and saving

Free diaper

Use your email for a chance to get a free diaper sample.

National Consumer Center

Collect 100 points to get a $1000 in Huggies gift cards

YOUSWEEPS – Win a Huggies Gift Basket (US)

Enter your email below to win a Huggies gift basket from YOUSWEEPS

Free sample of Cuties Complete Care baby diapers

Looking for a free sample of Cuties Complete Care baby diapers, Visit cuties website and fill the form. This is only available in the US.

Free dry nites pajamas pant

Sign up to DryNites to get a free sample pack of pajama pant to help you manage bedwetting

Other places to get free diapers sample

#2 Free baby stuff Amazon

Amazon Family

Sign up for Amazon family account and get a 20% discount on items such as a diaper, baby food, and more products.

Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon baby registry is another place to get free baby stuff after you complete the registration.

The baby registry is for prime customers who have created and completed the baby registry. Also, you have at least $10 worth of items purchased off the list

#3 Free baby stuff samples via testing

YourBabyClub – Win Baby Prizes – UK

Your Baby Club is offering one lucky member a HUGE prize bundle. Enter your details below you can be one of the lucky winners.

Product Testing – Baby Samples & Products (UK)

Product Testing - Baby Samples & Products (UK)

Get Free Baby Samples & Products by testing a variety of all the latest tech, gadgets, fashion accessories and more.

You need to write a simple review in exchange for keeping their chosen product for free.

Apply to test here

Product Testing – Baby Samples (US)

Product Testing - Baby Samples (US)

Register your details with Product Testing USA for a chance to be selected to test baby samples worth $200.

Product Testing allows a user to test a variety of all the latest tech, gadgets, fashion accessories and keep them after testing.

Users need to write a simple review in exchange for keeping their chosen product for free.

Product Testing – Yummy Mummy Changing Bag (UK)

Test and keep Yummy Yummy changing bag. The bag is Worth £79. all you need is to write a simple review in exchange for keeping their chosen product for free.

Samples Avenue – Mom & Baby Samples

If you want to try new moms and baby products for free.

Fill the simple form below and claim now.

Samples and Savings – Baby Stuff

Baby stuff can be very expensive getting somewhere to acquire them for free can save you a lot in terms of money.

Sample and savings make getting baby stuff easier. You just need to enter the email below and get a chance to have a sample of free baby stuff.

Johnson’s baby products

Johnson’s Baby Relief Kit 

You can easily get Johnson’s baby relief kit with a prepaid visa gift card by signing up using your email

Kiwi OnlineTester – Baby Products (New Zealand)

Kiwi OnlineTester - Baby Products (New Zealand)

Enter the contest to win baby products worth $2000!

#4 Free baby stroller

Review & Keep a Mima Xari Stroller! Worth $1450

You are expected to write a simple review in exchange for keeping the Mima Xari Stroller.

Test and Keep the Egg baby stroller

Enter your details below to test and keep the Egg baby stroller worth $1000!

#5 Free baby stuff Nursery Furniture

Product Testing – SilverCross Nursery Furniture (UK)

Product Testing - SilverCross Nursery Furniture (UK)

Review & Keep Silver Cross Pursuit Pram & Pushchair 7 Piece Bundle!

#6 Free baby formula

Here are companies that are offering free baby formula


Join Enfamil Family Beginnings to get free samples of Newborn Infant Formula, Enfamil Infant Formula, Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Formula, and Enfamil Newborn 2 fl. oz.

Apart from baby formula samples, you can also get Nursette Bottles, Belly Badges, formula checks, expert tips, and coupons.

Also, you can have a chance to win free formula for a year.

Store brand formula

Get coupons for formula and free baby samples from store brand formula


Sign up with Similac strong moms rewards to get free formula samples, free shutter fly photo book and nutrition guidance for you and baby.

Nestle baby

Create a free account with nestle baby and you will receive a ton of free samples from the brand that you and your baby will love

Other places to get free formula is through companies that make the formula. Sometimes the company gives free coupons or samples of their product.

All you need is to register with these companies or follow them in their social media account and you will get to know when they have free giveaways.

Such companies include:

Other places to get free formula

  • Check a free formula from your doctor

You can check a free formula from your doctor. Formula companies sometimes give samples of their products to the doctors (mostly pediatricians) to give to their clients.

You can check with your doctor if they have any formula with them.

  • Free government program

Also, a free government program is another place to get the free formula. Most countries the government set up a program to provide low-income families with baby food such as formula.

Keep checking your local authority hospitals you may get the free formula.

#7 Free children books

Free Amazon Kindle children books

Download dozen of children Ebooks in Amazon Kindle

Book yards

Download free babies and parenting Ebook at Bookyards

Free children stories

Find original free stories for the kid at free children’s stories website.

Free kids book

Find books for little ones up to grade 5, older children and young adults at free kids book.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a free program that mails free books to children from birth to age to participating communities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Republic of Ireland

Baby sleep advice free Ebook

Store brand formula free parenting Ebook

Other ways to get baby stuff totally free

#8 Baby swap

This is the best way to get free baby stuff. You can organize a group of other moms and exchange the baby stuff that you don’t want for the things you need.

#9 Organize baby shower

Make an arrangement with a member of family or friend to throw a baby shower and you ensure you invite all your friends. Most of them will attend to celebrate this happy time with you and bring you in baby stuff.

#10 Ask friends or family members for baby stuff that they are not using.

A lot of parents hang on baby stuff that they are no longer using or they have outgrown them.

Check out on relatives, friends, and neighbors who have small babies to see if they have baby stuff they are not using.

You will be surprised to get expensive products like baby gear or clothes for free from them.

#11 Free baby stuff on Craigslist

We know Craigslist as the place to sell and buy stuff, but it is also a place where you get free stuff.

To get free baby stuff on Craigslist is very simple just go to craigslist website

Select the city/country/state which is close to where you live.

You will be directed to all Craigslist classified

Under the for sale category, click free.

You can use the search tool and type the keyword for the item you are looking for.

Once you find the item you are looking for, click on it to view more information. There may be pictures.

Contact the person who is giving away there maybe email or phone number provided. Use the means of the communication provided to contact the person.

#12 Freecycle free stuff

A Freecycle is a place where people post item which there are no longer using.

To get items from freecycle

Visit the Freecycle website. Membership is free.

Create your account if you are a new member. Some groups accept members automatically or take a few days to approve.

Once accepted, you will have a confirmation email telling you so.

Find a group near you. You can use town or state names near where you live to find the best group.

Once you get the right group for you, read the note at the top of the group forum to get more detail, rules, and details on how to use Freecycle

Click on an orange tab to see offers, all items and wanted.

#13 Garage sales close

When garage sale is over people often get rid of items they didn’t sell.

To get free baby items when garage sales are over visit the place when about to close and ask for the baby items they didn’t sell that they are getting rid of.

You will be surprised getting with a ton of items.

#14 Contact the companies directly

You can contact the company directly asking them you want to try on of their products.

#15 Companies reward program

Some companies have a reward program where you earn free cash, free points and free baby stuff for shopping with them. These companies include:

Huggies rewards

Huggies is a company that sells baby products such as diapers, wipes, and swim pants.

It has a program known as Huggies reward that is open to parents over 18 years old living in Canada and the United States.

The Huggies Rewards program reward in forms of points that are applied to your account.

You can join the program through Huggies reward website or Huggies rewards mobile app

How to get rewarded in Huggies rewards 

Huggies rewards reward when you complete activity on the Huggies website. You earn points by taking activities such as taking surveys, watching videos, reading articles, sharing on social media, and inviting friends to join the program

When you join the Huggies reward program you get 500 free points that are applied to your account.

You also get points for buying Huggies products.

When you purchase Huggies product don’t throw away the receipt.

Upload the photo of the receipt through the Huggies reward website or Huggies rewards mobile app.

When you are shopping you can use Huggies rewards app for just checking in and no purchase and you get rewarded with points

What to do with the points

Once you are rewarded with points you can donate to charity, enter to win sweepstakes, or get free stuff from the Huggies rewards catalog.

The free product you get with Huggies reward points is music downloads, coupons for free Huggies products, free photo books, gift certificates, coupons, and toys.

Pamper rewards

Amazon Family

Register with Amazon family and receive discounts on products like baby food and diapers.

Bamboo nature

At bamboo nature, you earn a point when you create an account with them, refer a friend and when you place orders in the store.

The points are redeemed for dollars which you can use in the next purchase


Carters reward program you earn dollars for shopping with them


Complete registration at motherhood website and receive coupons for discounts, sample products & exclusive offers from Motherhood

Moms meet

You get moms meet sample products you must be a mom ambassador or blogger.

 Baby cubby 

Create baby cubby account and earn reward points after each purchase

Target Online (US)

Target online US is allowing users of Target REDcard (debit or credit) to save 5% on their purchases on baby gear and furniture sales.

Other companies with a reward program

#16 Free baby box

Baby box co

Sign up baby box free online parenting classes and get rewarded with a baby box

Noobie box

Noobie Box is a free pregnancy sample box for moms-to-be

Amazon Baby registry box

Amazon box is eligible to select customers with active prime accounts. 

The box is available when you complete a baby registry and have over $10 of purchases from their registry.

Baby list

A bonus video on how moms are getting free baby stuff, samples, coupons, and the best deal

Every day there are new free baby stuff, samples, coupons, and best deal make sure you keep on checking back this article to get a new subscription, free magazines, and latest free giveaways

Related free mom and kids stuff

Free stuff to keep kids busy

kids free stuffdescription

Highlights Mathmania
Get 2 free mathmania book full of puzzles and mazes. The book help kid have fun playing with numbers without knowing
Claim it here

World of Wisdom
World of wisdom book is recommended by librarians and teachers for homework or researches.
the book is perfect for ages 8-14 years.
Your kid will get access to digital educational games and ebook.
Get it here

Roblox (US)
Roblox is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens.
Come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment.
Play free game here

WorldBook - Independent Reading
World Book has been helping young learners by providing fun, engaging, and easy-to-understand books for over 100 years.
Shop here

WorldBook - Fundamentals of STEM - Kids in grade 3-5

Highlights Puzzle Buzz
Get 2 FREE Puzzle Books from Highlights Puzzle Buzz! Perfect for kids who love puzzles & games! Kids will love having fun with mazes, word games and more.
Learn more here

Hooked on Phonics
Hooked on Phonics uses a proven, simple and fun method to teach critical reading skills. Developed by leading educator, each session takes just 20 minutes or less.
Get it here

Free stuff for Mom 

Free Mom & Dad stuffDescription

SuperSave - Makeup Samples (Full Form)
Submit email, complete a survey and get a free sample of make-up products from SuperSave!
Claim it Here

SuperSave - Dove Soaps
signup using your email, submit, complete a survey and get a free sample kit of Dove products!
Get your free sample here

Product Testing UK - Beauty
Sign up to receive FREE beauty product samples you can test and review.
Review Beauty Products & Keep Them FREE! Sign up Here!

Samples and Savings - Makeup
Sign-up using your email for a chance to get FREE Makeup Samples!
Get it here

Samples and Savings - Beauty Box
Enter your email for a chance to get a FREE Beauty Box subsciption!
Get your free box here

Samples and Savings - Bath and Body Works
Get it here

Samples and Savings - MAC Cosmetics
Enter your email for a chance to get FREE MAC Cosmetics Samples!
Get it here

Samples and Savings - Victoria's Secret
use your email to get free Victoria samples secret
Get it here
Test & Keep This Amazing Product!BaByliss Curl Secret Styler
Test & Keep the BaByliss Curl Secret Styler! Worth £120. all you need is to write a simple review in exchange for keeping their chosen product for free.
Apply to test here

Keep checking this page for more updates on free baby stuff, free mom stuff, and kid stuff to keep them busy if you are Stay-at-Home Mom.

Found free baby stuff that you would like to share with us?

Please let us know in the comment section below.

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