Tips on How to soothe a teething baby right at home

Teething is part of the baby development stage. During the teething stage, some babies may experience a problem such as excessive drooling, irritability, sore gums, trouble sleeping, and loss of appetite. It becomes hard and stressful for a parent to watch their child suffer through the uncomfortable teething stage.  Understanding how to soothe a teething baby can help ease pain and suffering to both parent and baby. Learn how to soothe a teething baby

How to soothe a teething baby
  • Massage the baby gum using your fingers

Pressure helps to calm the teething gum. Rub a clean finger on your baby’s gum. If you are not comfortable using your bare finger you can moisten the gauze pad.

  • Use chilled washcloths to soothe the gum

Take a clean washcloth and submerge it in water or chamomile tea. Squeeze until you remove excess water and place it in the fridge. Let it cool for about an hour or more, fold it smaller and give it to the baby to chew. Do not leave your baby unattended as this can be a choking hazard.

  • Give your baby teething toy to chew on

Teething toy, teething mitten, and teething bib are the new technology baby product that helps to soothe the teething gum.

You can consider using a liquid-filled teething toy or a non-liquid teething toy. Place your baby teething toy inside the fridge allow it to cool and give for your baby to soothe the gum.

Make sure the toy is easy for your baby to hold.

  • Use a cool metal spoon

Yes, a simple metal spoon in your kitchen can help relieve the baby’s pain. Place the metal spoon in the fridge let it cool and uses it to soothe your teething baby.

  • Use chilled fruits

Cut your favorite baby fruit into small pieces and chill them.  To prevent the chilled fruit choke the baby place it in the mesh feeder and give the baby to chew.

  • Frozen breast/ formula milk / food/ fruit juice/ yogurt

For sure frozen breast/ formula milk/food/ fruit juice can help soothe the teething gum. There are these Popsicle molds that you can fill with milk, vegetable, or fruits puree that is if you have already introduced food to your baby. Put your popsicle mold tray filled with puree, juice, or milk into the fridge let it freeze, and give the popsicles to your baby to suck.

The food popsicles are great since you have made them at home using natural food.

  • Chill hard food

If you have already introduced solid food to your babies such as cucumber, carrot, and celery you can use them to help the baby soothe the teething gum.

Clean and peel your hard food, place it in the fridge and let it cool. Once cool give it to your baby to chew.

  • Breastfeeding

Continue nursing your baby during the teething stage, breastfeeding on its own is a soothing experience and might give some comfort to your baby. When your baby is Gnawing on your nipple, it can calm your teething baby.

  • Offer your baby plenty of Cuddle /hold/hug/embrace

The best way to soothe your baby is to cuddle the baby. Hold the baby gently and provide quiet time while providing comfort.

  • Consult your doctor about medication

Most teething problems can be easily handled at home, but there are times the problem persists. At such times consult your doctor to give you the right tips or medication to soothe your teething baby.

  • Clean the drool away on the baby skin

Drooling is a common symptom when a baby is teething. Make sure you wipe the baby the drool away from the baby’s skin to prevent irritation or developing skin rashes. Also, you can use a teething bib or baby bandana drool bib to avoid your baby clothes becoming wet from drool.

Caution tip

Do not leave your baby unattended when they have a teething toy or something solid in the mouth. This can be a choking hazard so be careful.

Do not use teething gel, pain killer, or over-the-counter medicine to soothe your teething baby without consulting the doctor.

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