Mimos Pillow Review 2019 (flat head baby pillow)

Mimos pillow is designed to prevent and correct babies flat head syndrome known as plagiocephaly.

Mimos pillow

The pillow is made in Spain with the highest standard and acknowledges by Spain health ministry.

The team of doctors designs the pillow together with neurosurgeon and physiotherapist to lessen the pressure under the head.

What is the right age to use Mimos pillow

The pillow is effective to use the first 6-months from birth. It is designed to prevent the flat head syndrome from the early days when the baby is born.

How to use Mimos pillow?

The pillow is designed for the baby head. The baby sleeps on the pillow while the rest of the body face-up.

Why choose Mimos pillow

  • Breathable fabric

Both cover and pillow are made of cotton, which is breathable and Oekotex certified. The cotton fabric is light, soft, and comfortable.

In addition to cotton, the fabric is certified for dustmite and chemical-free, making it safe for your baby sensitive skin. You can use the pillow without cover.

  • Available in different colors

It is available in different colors white, pink, and blue trim, which are easy to match with your baby clothes or different gender.

  • Machine washable

The pillow is easy to wash and dries quickly

  • Increases the area contact beneath the head

It increases contact beneath the head by 400% times. By increasing the area of contact beneath the baby’s head helps reduce pressure on the baby head, therefore, flattening on the back or side of the head.

  • 3D spacer fabric

It is made of 3D spacer fabric. The 3D spacer fabric is a super soft and flexible material that helps baby sleep has a comfortable sleep.

The 3D spacer fabric help disperse air and moisture. Liquid and air pass through the upper part, and the microfilaments transport them away, leaving you with a cool and dry pillow.

Also, the microfilaments allow for the airflow.

  • The right size of pillow

Baby’s head is not of the same size, so when it comes to the flat head pillow, most parents are confused, which is the right size for their babies head.

But Mimos pillow has answered the question by providing pillows of different for every stage of your baby growth according to neck length and head size.

The only thing you need is to measure the baby’s head circumference, and you get the right size of your baby.

  • Safety tested and certification

The pillow is certified by several safety certification bodies, which include:

The pillow is tested and recommended by pediatric doctors, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists and midwives in Europe, and specialists in Canada, US, and Australia.

It is certified by textile safety certification that guarantees the absence of chemical in the pillow

IT is approved by European CE class 1 device. The certification and marking declare the pillow complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation.

It is tested by European safety certification that verifies the pillow safety standard and is safe for babies between 0 to 3 years.

The European safety tests for the impact, tensile tests, compression, torsion, fall, and absence of small parts that can cause choking on babies.

It is ISO 13485 certified. The certification was written for medical device manufacturers that ensures the production, consistent design, installation, development, and delivery of medical devices that are safe for their intended purpose.

The pillow is tested for TUV RHEINLAND for airflow safety and anti-suffocation. The pillow does not pose any risk of suffocation and asphyxia for babies of any age.

It is tested and confirmed by US lab and medical experts for carbon dioxide rebreathing safe.

The Momos pillow is tested by BUREAU VERITAS and has passed the airflow test.

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What is the right size for your baby?

The Mimos pillow comes in three different sizes, which include:

Mimos baby pillow (size-xs)

Mimos pillow size s

The Mimos pillow XS before was L. The size is suitable for baby head circumference less than 37 cm.

This size mostly fits premature babies and is used for correction and prevention.

The pillow can be used with or without Mimos cover

MIMOS Baby Pillow New (S)

Mimos pillow size s

The MIMOS baby pillow S before was XL. It is ideal for head circumference between 36 and 46 cm.

This pillow is used for correction and prevention of baby flat head or Plagiocephaly.

Mimos Baby Pillow for Plagiocephaly and Pressure Distribution (M)

Mimos pillow size m

The Mimos pillow M before was XXL.

It is used for correction baby flat head syndrome or Plagiocephaly.

This size is ideal for head circumference between 42 and 49cm.

Mimos pillow size L

MIMOS Baby Pillow size L previously was size XXXL.

It used to help improve sleep position for babies with a head circumference above 49 cm.

This size is suitable for 18 months and adults.

Mimos pillow size P

Mimos pillow size p is suitable for head circumference between 36 and 46cm.

It used on the pram, stroller and baby swing.

Momos pillow cover.

It is recommended to wash the Mimos pillow once or twice a month. To prevent frequent washing, you need to protect the pillow using the Mimos cover.

The Mimos pillow covers are available online and are made to match with your pillow size.

The cover will protect the pillow from small vomiting, saliva, and sweating.

All Mimos pillow cover is made of fabric that allows baby to breathe safely and absorb liquid.

The cover material is polyester, which is removable and washable.

White Cover for Mimos Pillow (Size S)

mimos pillow cover

The Mimos pillow cove size small is ideal for XS and S pillow

White Cover for Mimos Pillow (Size M)

Mimos pillow cover

It is Mimos cover for pillow size M

White Cover for Mimos Pillow (Size P)

Mimos pillow washing instruction

It is recommended to wash Mimos pillow once or twice monthly.

The pillow can be hand washed or using the washing machine.

When using washing machine laundry net is recommended and set it either normal or gentle.

Use mild detergent to clean the pillow, and no bleach product is used.

To prolong the life of the pillow avoid frequent washing, and this can only be done using Mimos cover. 

Do not twist or tumble dry to avoid damaging the 3D polyester fiber. You can hang or dry flat in the sun or air-dry.

You can also pat dry the pillow using a clean towel but no twisting.

Mimos cover will help protect the pillow from saliva, sweat, and others, therefore help reduce frequent washing.

Preventive and correcting your baby’s flat head syndrome work well up to the age of 3-months. After that, it becomes hard to correct the problem and alter the baby sleeping position. 

The Mimos pillow is used for correction and prevention and produces an excellent result when introduced at birth.

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