Pacifier Pros and cons

Pacifier can be helpful to parents and the same time can have a negative impact before you buy a pacifier whether round shaped or orthodontic learn pacifier pro and cons.

Pacifier Pros and cons

Here are pacifier pros and cons

According to research use of pacifier when the baby is asleep can help reduce sudden infant death. However, do not tie the pacifier around the baby neck or use cord/string/ribbon to tie on to her crib.

 The pacifier calms the baby during painful experiences such as immunization or when taking blood samples for the lab test. It helps reduce how the baby senses pain and offer a relief making her more comfortable.

Use of pacifier reduces preterm babies to stay in the hospital. A preterm baby who sucks soother shows improvement in digestion, therefore, helps the baby have strengthens sucking habit and gains weight faster. Also sucking of pacifier promotes muscle development and oral muscle sucking.

The pacifier calms and soothes a crying baby.

Use of pacifier is easier to stop than thumb sucking.

Giving the baby pacifier is in your control, unlike thumb sucking. You decide when to provide the baby with a binky, unlike the thumb which is in baby’s control. According to research thumb sucking can be a hard habit to break compared to binky.

Pacifier can help baby fall asleep on their own. Rather than giving the baby breast to sleep, you can try to use a pacifier. Even when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night giving the baby pacifier can help the baby get back to sleep.

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Pacifier Cons

Use of pacifier for a prolonged time can affect baby teeth development causing the shape of teeth alignment. Also, the problem not only affects milk teeth but can persist when permanent teeth come out.

Early introduction of the pacifier before the baby has fully developed breastfeeding routine can affect mom milk supply to be low, and the baby becomes a poor feeder.

Sucking a pacifier easily becomes a habit or addictive to most babies and that’s why most parents don’t like introducing it to their baby because how hard to stop using it later. If you want to avoid dummy fights, then take it away when the baby reaches one year. Here are ways to stop pacifier use on babies.

Pacifier could cause awaken nights

Babies who are dependent on a pacifier when they want to fall asleep might become hard to learn to sleep on their own. Also when the pacifier falls out of the mouth at the middle of the night, they become fussy requiring the parent to get up and soothe the baby to sleep or get a pacifier for her.

Pacifier cause Ear infection

Suckling pacifier collects fluid in the ears which leads to an ear infection.

Having read the above pacifier pro and cons use of the binky after breastfeeding routine is fully developed before the baby reaches two years, moderately and occasionally cannot be harmful to your baby.

pacifier pro and cons

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