Pregnancy Pillow buying guide (what to look for)

Choosing the pregnancy pillow can be tricky because they are many varieties, design, and different types of them in the market. What do you look for when buying, find out Pregnancy Pillow buying guide

Pregnancy Pillow buying guide

What is a pregnancy pillow?

For those who don’t know what a pregnancy pillow is a cushion that is specifically designed to support the pregnant mom’s body.

The pillow is also known as a maternity pillow.

During pregnancy period mom’s body keep on changing tummy will continue growing in size.

As a pregnant mom’s body expands, it becomes hard, uncomfortable, and difficult to sleep.

The Best pregnancy pillow is one of the essential products that every mom needs during the postpartum period to make sleeping smooth and comfortable.

Pregnancy Pillow buying guide

What do you consider when choosing the best organic pregnancy pillow?

There are essential factors to consider before making the final pick. These includes:

  1. Size and shape

Pregnancy Pillows are made of different shapes and sizes.

Some pillows are big which makes them best suit for a large bed.

Other have funny or contoured shapes which makes them occupy big space in your bed.

Before making the final choice consider the size of your bed versus the size of the pregnancy pillow.

  1. Pregnancy pillow fillings

There are different filling material used in pregnancy Pillows. Some of the stuff used includes:

Organic fillers- these are pillows that are filled using natural cotton, spelt, wheat, wool, and kapok. If you prefer a pillow with a distinct smell and eco-friendly, this is the best choice for you.

Memory foam fillings- it is a common type of filling found in the market. The type takes the shape of the body as applied to it.  The pillow is made of synthetic fabric which makes the pillow comfortable.

One of the downsides of memory foam fillings can cause heat to build up which is not comfortable but if you shred it allows air to circulate resulting in the reduction of temperature.

Once you lift your body, the memory foam pillow comes back to its original shape.

Styrofoam ball fillings

The ball looks the same as the white ball found in the bean bag. The balls are lightweight, make a lot of noise, and adapt to your body shape.

Microbead fillings

The pillow is made of fine balls the same size as sand. The microbeads are lightweight compared to sand which makes is portable from one place to another. They produce no noise a

Hypoallergenic fillings- it is the best material for mom prone to allergies, sensitivity to certain chemicals or material.

Polyester fiber fillings

It is another popular filling found on a most pregnancy pillow.

The polyester is soft, does not breathe like other fillings and does not make noise.

The amounts of polyester you use to fill the pillow determine the firmness.

  1. Easy to clean

Pillows are not easy to clean when buying choose the pillow that has a removable and washable cover.

Also, prefer a pillow that offers an extra zippered case even if you buy it for an additional fee.

The extra case will help you replace as you wait for the other to dry and help maintain your pillow smart and clean always.

  1. Fabric

The pregnancy pillows are made of different fabric such as cotton, polyester, polyester and cotton blend.

Choose the materials that you feel you are comfortable.

Most preferably cotton because expectant mom sweats so much you need something that absorbs and does not produce heat.

  1. Sleep position

There are different sleeping positions some are recommended for pregnancy mom, but others are not.

Also, an expectant mom keeps on changing position left-right, so you need a good pillow that supports to sleep the right place.

Also, the pregnancy pillow will make it easier and faster settling in the right sleeping position

Such sleeping position includes:

Side sleepers

It is the most recommended sleeping position for an expectant mom but preferably the left side. So if you like sleeping on the right side, you need a pillow to support and rest the right place.

Back sleepers

It is not recommended sleeping position from the first trimester, so they are the pillow that is best for such moms to help sleep in the right position.

Tummy or stomach sleepers

It is also recommended but with the support of the right pregnancy cushion.

  1. Body parts that aches

When pregnant pay attention to which body part that aches and pain mostly when you wake up.

The following parts are mostly affected, and each area needs the support of specific pregnancy pillow.

Neck- makes sure the neck muscles are not strained

Shoulders – your shoulders need to be supported to minimize pressure on them when side sleeping

Belly- you should prevent the weight of your uterus from pulling your abdominal and back muscles.

Lower back

Your natural curve of the spine needs so much support to reduce back pain.

Ankle and knee

When pregnant you should keep your top and bottom leg aligned to prevent the pelvis from tilting backward or forward, twist spine and overstretch hip muscles

  1. Type of pregnancy pillow

There are various types of pregnancy pillow hoping the following guide will help choose the pillow that is best fit and comfortable for you

Different types of pillow

Wedge pregnancy pillow

The pillow is best for moms who side sleeper.

It is placed on your tummy to reduce strain on your back and hips.

The pillow can also be placed on your back if you keep on changing from left and right and you want to maintain sleep on your side.

The wedge pillow is designed in two shapes. Such as

Round wedge pregnancy pillow -which looks the same as the crescent moon

Triangular pregnancy wedge pillow -It has the same shape like a wedge of cheese.

It is small in shape so don’t take too much space in your bed making it comfortable to share the bed with your husband.

Also, the small size makes the pillow best for traveling.

The pillow is inexpensive if you are looking for the pillow that will cost you less this type to choose from.

The wedge pillow is not only used during the pregnancy period there are also used after giving birth as an anti-reflux pillow to your infant and mom can use it to support when watching television.

Advantages of the wedge pillow

• Small in size makes it takes little space of your bed and perfect for traveling
• Inexpensive

Disadvantages of the wedge pillow

If you need to support your head, you need to add an extra regular pillow.
Different styles (Round and triangular) make it difficult and confusing for mom to decide which specific shape is comfortable and best.

The full-body pregnancy pillow

The pillow is also called a full-length pregnancy pillow.

It is a pillow for a mom who prefers to sleep on their back and tummy.

The pillow offers full-body support which relieves pain in mom’s neck, back, and hip.

The full-body pregnancy pillow is big thus occupies ample space in the bed.

So if your bed is small, I would not recommend this type of pillow unless you are sleeping alone or planning to kick your husband out of bed.

Large size pillow is not easy to clean. If you are going to buy the Full body pregnancy pillow make sure it has a removable and easy to clean cover.

This type of pillow is the most comfortable and best in the market. However, it is the most expensive.

The pillow is made of two shapes

Straight full body pregnancy pillow– they don’t bend or twist easily. It looks similar to the regular pillow.

Flexible full body pregnancy pillow– it easily bends and forms the shape you want.

Shaped pillow

The pillow is designed using different shapes such as J, C, U, and V.

The U and V-shaped provided good support compared to J-shaped which offers the least support.

If you have back pain, it is the best type of pillow to solve your problem.

C shaped pillow is placed between your legs and rests on your head. Back is supported by the of the c thus helps reduce spine pain.

U-Shaped is best for moms who prefer sleeping on their back but can no longer sleep on back due to a large tummy. The pillow support both the front and backside offers excellent support to the head, back, and legs.

No extra pillow is needed to support head


  • The shaped pillows large that makes it bulky and occupies large space
  • They are expensive

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Commonly asked questions of pregnancy pillow

Do I need a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillow has so many benefits for expectant mom such as:

  • Expectant mom keeps on tossing and turning when sleeping causing them sleepless pregnancy pillow is designed uniquely to hold your body to eliminate the need for constant repositioning.
  • The pregnancy pillow helps relieve the added pressure on a pregnant belly,
  • Align the hips to help reduce strain on joints,
  • It keeps your neck, head, shoulders, back, knees and hips aligned all night long easing back pains, muscle aches, and spine and hips pains
  • The pregnancy pillow is also used after delivery to keep mom’s back cushioned, and baby supported while nursing.
  • The pillow can also be used by anyone looking to improve their sleep quality, people suffering from hip or back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, poor posture, athletes, and people in physical therapy or recovering from an injury.

Can I use a regular pillow as a pregnancy pillow?

Yes! You can use a regular pillow as a pregnancy pillow. But most expectant moms prefer pregnancy pillow because they come with unique features, designs, and styles that provide support and ease pregnancy pains.

How much will pregnancy pillow cost?

The cost of the pregnancy pillow depends on the quality of material, brands, and quality of the pillow?

Pillow and cover care

To clean removable pillow cover, remove the cover from pillow, machine wash warm and use non-chlorine bleach.

Tumble dry with lowest eat setting and remove promptly

Do not machine wash pillow spot clean with a soapy cloth to remove dirt?

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Expectant mom which organic Pregnancy pillow offers you the best comfort and support.

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