Best skin to skin shirt for mom

Skin to skin shirt for mom is designed specifically for Babywearing or kangaroo care, they create something like the womb which holds the baby and frees your hands.

skin to skin shirt for mom

The skin-to-skin contact with the baby right after delivery and a few days at home is very beneficial to you and your infant. This is commonly known as the fourth trimester

Every mom should do skin-to-skin contact more often for at least 60 minutes but since mom’s life is a busy life finding those minutes to lay on the couch or bed to cuddle the baby skin to skin is hard.

This is where the Skin to skin shirt comes in, The shirt helps your baby to stay close to you but your hands are busy attending other duties in the house.

Skin to skin shirt is also called a baby-wearing shirt or skin-to-skin kangaroo care shirt.

Skin-to-skin shirt for mom comparison 

 NameImageAgeMaterialWhere to buy
1Nesting Days Baby Shirt5-18lbCheck best price Amazon
2VIJA Design Halter Strap Kangaroo Topno weight limitcotton and spandexCheck best price Amazon
3Nuroo Pocket Hands-free4-45lbspolyester and spandexCheck best price Amazon
4Lalabu Soothe Shirt7-15lbspolyester, rayon, and spandexCheck best price Amazon
5VIJA Men's Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-shirtup to 15lbscotton and jerseyCheck best price Amazon
6DadWare Cotton Bondaroo Skin to Skincotton and spandex jerseyCheck best price Amazon
8Lalabu Dad Shirtpolyester, rayon, and spandexCheck best price Amazon
10MyRoo Tubepre-term to 12lbsnylon and spandexCheck best price Amazon

What is a skin to skin shirt for mom?

The babywearing shirt is also called a baby carrier shirt.

The babywearing shirt helps maximize closeness during the first months and keeps that cuddle even when you have duties to attend to at home.

They are designed in two ways Kangaroo shirt and skin to skin shirt.

Kangaroo shirt

This design has the pouch outside the shirt where the baby is placed for kangaroo care. The baby does not experience direct skin-to-skin contact.


This design has the pouch/pocket inside where the baby is placed.

Also, there are other skin-to-skin shirts that don’t have a pouch/pocket but have an inside support band around the waist that holds the baby.

You put on top or T-shirt then slip the baby inside to help maximize skin-to-skin contact.

Skin to skin shirt is supposed to be used while seated or lying down. If you are standing hold the baby with your hands to prevent falls.

What is skin-to-skin contact?

Skin to skin contact also referred to as Kangaroo care is when your baby is placed naked or with a diaper on mom’s bare skin or chest immediately after birth and a few months at home.

The benefit of babywearing shirt

  • Skin to skin shirt helps promote and maximize skin to skin contact.
  • The shirt is innovated to make it easier for the parent to wear because no clips, no knots, no tie, no scratchy Velcro is required.
  • It allows discreet nursing anytime or anywhere you go with full coverage.
  • Helps free mom’s hands to attend other duties in the house.
  • It promotes bonding between parent and baby.

How to know if the babywearing shirt is the right size for you

Make sure the shirt is flattering and follows your body no too loose/tight.

Skin-to-skin shirt for mom

Best babywearing shirt reviews 

Skin to skin shirt

Skin to skin shirt for mom

  1. Nesting Days Baby Shirt 

The Nesting Days Baby Shirt is a patented wearable nest, body shaper, and shirt.

It is suitable for 5-18lb. Also, made of soft, sturdy, stretchable fabric that molds according to the baby’s changing size and stage of development.


  • The shirt mold to your baby changing size and stage of development.
  • It is made of stretchy fabric
  • Available in different sizes such as X-small, medium, Large, X-large


  • The cost is higher compared with other brands.
  1. VIJA Design Halter Strap Kangaroo Top

The kangaroo top with halter strap is made of a blend of cotton and spandex fabric.

Wear it when you lay 45 degrees in a bed or chair. It has side seams with elastic shirring preventing the baby from slipping sideways. Also, the double band at the bottom and inner support to the buttocks / lower back prevent the baby from slipping down.

You can use this skin-to-skin shirt to breastfeed while wearing. You slide the halter straps over the head to breastfeed comfortably. The strap gives additional support when wearing the baby seated on the chair, but when you get up, you must hold your baby in one hand.


  • It has a double band at the bottom and inner support to the buttocks that prevent the baby from slipping down.
  • It can be used for breastfeeding while still wearing your child.
  • It comes in different sizes Xsmall, small, medium, large, X-large.


  • Not hands-free keep the hand on the baby.
  1. Nuroo Pocket Hands-free, Skin-to-Skin Baby Carrier 

nuroo shirt

Features hug and cross closures that allow Nuroo Skin-to-Skin Baby Carrier the perfect fit for your postpartum body changes and as your baby grows.

This skin-to-skin shirt is NICU friendly and accommodates preterm babies from 4lbs to 45lbs.

It is made of a blend of polyester and spandex fabric which is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and allows just the right amount of compression to ensure proper support and positioning.

In addition to fabric is machine washable and dryer safe.

The Nuroo skin to skin comes with a support belt that provides support for the baby, and the mom’s back and belly.

Sizing is based on your pre-pregnancy bust, and dress size from XS/S, M, L/XL, 2XLor fitting 0-26, and it adheres to the sling carrier standard.

It can be worn as a nursing top and maternity shirt.


  • Designed for preterm and full-term baby.
  • With baby snugly secured, mom’s hands are left free for other tasks.
  • Support up to 45 LBS
  • Made of soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabric.
  • Provide custom change as your body changes and baby grows
Kangaroo shirt for mom

Kangaroo shirt for mom

  1. Lalabu Soothe Shirt (M, Pure Black)  

The Lalabu Soothe Shirt is all in one babywearing shirt, nursing tank, and a carrying pouch for your baby.

Made of polyester, rayon, and spandex which make this skin-to-skin shirt soft, wrinkle-free, and secure.

This skin-to-skin shirt is expandable creating an inmate swaddle right against mom. The head support flips up to hold the baby’s head while asleep and tuck in when not in use.

It features two fabric layers for extra coverage, a soft elastic band for support, a built-in nursing bra that makes breastfeeding easy you don’t need to wear a separate bra, and covers your stomach while nursing.

Only use the soothe shirt when the baby is 7lbs to 15lbs and not for use on the premature baby or if your little one is too long.

Always have one hand supporting your baby and make sure the baby’s head is supported with the head support panel or your hand.


  • It does not offer direct skin to skin contact

Peony Red New Summer Kangaroo Baby Carrier Clothes for Mother Sleeveless Big Pockets Tank Top

skin to skin top
Skin to skin top
  1. Seraphine Womens Babywearing Wrap Cotton Breastfeeding Top

This top is ideal for both discreet skins to skin contact with your baby or as a regular wrap nursing top.

It is suitable from birth which offers hands-free while sitting or reclining.

  1. Kids father THE SKIN-TO-SKIN KANGAROO T-SHIRT and nursing shirt


Babywearing shirt India

FENICAL Mom Kangaroo Care Shirt 

Fenical kangaroo care shirt is made of polyester which is comfortable for wearing and sturdy enough for babywear.

The shirt can also be used for breastfeeding; it covers your stomach while nursing, and you do not need to wear a separate top underneath.

ViKimLand Kangaroo Care Dad Shirt

Kangaroo shirt for dad
Tube shirt

MyRoo Tube – The Only Seamless Hands-Free Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care Shirt, (Size 1 (Sm-XL), Brown)  

My Roo Tube is made of nylon and spandex which is soft, breathable, and lightweight material that allows for visibility of the baby through the garment to ensure correct positioning and is thin enough to help prevent parents from becoming too hot.

Easy to use no buttons, buckles, zippers, Velcro, or ties makes Skin to Skin easy and convenient while allowing parents to remain hands-free while reclined in the Kangaroo Care position.

This Kangaroo skin to skincare shirt is an incredible four-way stretch that easily accommodates different body types, twins, and breastfeeding in various positions.

It comes in two sizes: Size 1 Fits (Sm-XL), Size 2 Fits (2XL-3XL), and is designed explicitly for pre-term and full-term babies up to 12lbs.

You can use the MyRoo tube with twins.

How to position skin to skin

When you are recovering from home or at the hospital lay on your back with a pillow supporting you up without a top then place the baby naked on your chest or between breasts and cover the baby back with the light blanket to him/her warm.

If you don’t want to show too much of your skin, you can use the skin-to-skin shirt which helps hold the baby on the chest.

Since parent life is a busy life mostly mom finding one hour to lay on the couch is not that easy. Skin to skin shirt is designed to hold the baby and attend to other duties.

Also, the skin-to-skin shirt is very supportive when you are healed after delivery and able to move around the house. It helps to get hold of your baby while attending to some duties keeping that snuggle.

How to use the skin to skin shirt

You wear your skin-to-skin shirt, dress the baby in a diaper only (while at home) but when at go your baby can put on light clothes.  Gently slip the baby into the skin-to-skin shirt.

Place the baby in a vertical position against your chest and the baby’s shoulder resting on or above your breasts.

Turn the baby’s head to one side and make sure the face or airways are open. The face must be kissable.

Video how to put the baby inside Skin to skin shirt

What to consider when buying a babywearing shirt

  1. Weight

Most Babywearing shirt is capable of holding weight from 6lbs and above. Others are ideal for preterm babies. Make sure the shirt you choose is capable of holding your baby weight.

  1. Fabric

The main thing you consider when buying baby clothes is fabric. Babies have sensitive skin, so ensure you choose the shirt that will not be allergic to your baby.

Also, the shirt should be made of sturdy material enough to wear your baby, comfortable for wearing, and withstands numerous washings.

The shirt is either made of 

  • Cotton
  • Cotton and spandex
  • Blend of spandex and polyester, 
  • Blend of spandex, rayon, and polyester
  • Nylon and spandex
  • Cotton and jersey

Cotton is a soft material, and hypoallergenic, polyester fabric is breathable during hot days, and blends of little percent of spandex stretch easily

  1. Design

The Babywearing shirt is made of two designs, which include skin to skin shirt and a kangaroo shirt.

Skin to skin shirt has a pocket inside to hold the baby.

Also, some skin-to-skin shirt doesn’t have pockets but have an inside support band around the waist, the baby is slipped inside the T-shirt and the band at the waist holds the baby. This design help baby experience skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo care.

Kangaroo shirt has a pocket outside to hold the baby. The kangaroo shirt doesn’t help babies experience skin-to-skin contact.

  1. Free your hand

There are designs that are made to free your hands to attend to other duties. Brands like Nesting Days Baby Shirt and Nuroo Pocket Hands-free, Skin-to-Skin Baby Carrier, are good to help free your hand.

  1. Easy to breastfeed

There is a baby carrier shirt that makes breastfeeding easy. In case you are traveling, this is the type of shirt you need. Mostly are v-shaped and made of stretchy material.

What is the right age to start and stop the skin to skin contact?

There is no minimum and maximum age limit for the skin to skin contact. Skin to skin can be practiced as long as you want.

As your baby grows, there are some great products for kangaroo care such as skin-to-skin shirts, baby wrap, slings, and carriers. All these allow the skin to skin contact while you are out and about.

Tips to remember before using Kangaroo shirt

  • Never leave the baby inside the shirt to breastfeed.
  • Do not put the baby in a cradle position inside the shirt is a risk of suffocation.
  • Never leave the sleeping baby in cradle position inside the skin to skin shirt.
  • Make sure the inside support band around the waist is well fitted to the parent body.
  • The babyface should always be open to allow the great flow of air.
  • The infant neck and head should always be supported until the muscles are fully developed.
  • Make sure the baby is positioned right inside the shirt. Safe position for your baby inside the skin to skin shirt 

For how long should you hold baby skin to skin contact?

You should practice skin-to-skin contact more often and try as much as possible to leave the baby for at least one hour.

Can dad too do skin to skin?

Dads too are supposed to be encouraged to practice skin to skin. It is the best way that help baby and dad bond. Also, it is helpful for moms when they need to take a shower or have me-time.
There is a kangaroo shirt specifically made for dads.

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