Teething toys safety tips (what to check to prevent accidents)

One of the best ways to soothe your baby gum during the teething stage is by using teething toys. Like any other toy, there are tips you should check for your baby’s safety when choosing teething toys. Here are teething toys safety tips.

Teething toys safety tips

10 Teething toys safety tips

  • Avoid toys made of toxic material

Teething toys should be made of BPA and phthalate-free material. It should be food-grade plastic and non-toxic.

Avoid toys made of harmful chemicals such as lead, PVC, cadmium, vinyl, and latex.

Teething toys made of a material such as untreated natural hardwood, natural rubber, food-grade silicone, food-grade plastic, and organic cotton are safe

  • Do not freeze teething ring

Refrigerate the teething toy for 15 to 30 minutes to chill but do not freeze it. Frozen teething toys are hard and can harm your baby’s delicate gum.

The frozen teething toy can lead to frostbite.

  • Avoid teething toys with small parts

There are teething toys decorated with small parts such as nubs and beads and other small parts to entertain your baby.

The small part can be potentially dangerous to your little one because it can lead to choking hazards. For safety measures make sure the small part cannot break off or large than your child’s mouth.

You can buy the toy in one piece only.

  • Avoid liquid-filled teething toys

Most companies that manufacture liquid-filled toys claim the liquid inside is plain water, glycerin, or salty water so it cannot harm your baby when swallowed.

The water inside the teething toy can be contaminated with bacteria which can be harmful to your baby.

The liquid-filled teething toy may crack with chewing leading the liquid to get into the baby’s mouth.

  • Avoid toys with ribbons and strings

The teething toys should not have ribbons and strings. In case it has one of them it should not be more than 10 inches long because it could be a strangulation hazard for babies.

The strings or cord can irritate his or her sensitive skin.

Make sure you read the label instruction and information before giving it to your baby.

The instruction label gives detailed information about how to use the toy and which age is suitable for it.

  • Avoid toys that are complicated to clean

As you know teething toys spend most of their time in the baby’s mouth make sure the toy does not have crevices and corners that are not easy to clean.

Those hard-to-reach areas can be potential hiding places for germs causing illness to your baby.

It is recommended to clean teething toys after each use.

  • Avoid toys with sharp part or object

This applies mostly to wooden toys to make sure the end is sanded to a smooth finish. The same case applies to silicone and rubber material it should have a smooth finish not to harm your baby’s delicate gum.

  • Choose the right toy for the right age

Right toys for the right age are helpful because they make sure your child is safe and have fun with something in their current stage of development.

  • Buy sturdy toys

Buy teething toys that do not break easily even when the baby bang or pull them when playing. Broken toys can injure your little one when playing.

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