Different types of baby carriers

Babies, like being cuddled on the caregiver’s arms but carrying your baby the whole day using arms, is not easy unless you are a robot. Using baby carriers is another best way to keep your baby close while freeing your hands. If you are looking for the best carrier for you and baby it good to know there are different types of baby carriers.

Types of baby carrier

What are the different types of baby carriers?

There are seven different types of baby carriers available in the market, which include:

  • Ring sling
  • Baby wrap
  • Soft Structured carriers
  • Pouch sling
  • A simple piece of cloth
  • Mei Tai
  • Hard framed backpacks

#1. Baby wrap

Baby wrap

The baby wrap is a piece of cloth that you wrap around your body and your baby to hold him securely.

There are two styles of baby wrap

Woven wrap

It is a piece of cloth woven on a loom using hands or machines.

The woven wrap comes in different sizes from size two to eight.

It is recommended for babies from 8-35lbs (from birth to older kids)

Stretchy wrap

The stretchy wrap is a long piece of cloth that stretches a lot.

It comes in one size that fits all around 5.5meters and suitable for newborns up to six months or 14lbs.

If you feel baby wrap is best for you? Find out the review of the best baby wrap.

Baby wrap Pro

  • It used for babies from birth
  • It allows to position your baby in different styles (front, back, &hip)
  • It does not strain your back

Baby wrap cons

  • For beginners, some parents may find difficult tying.
  • It requires a lot of practice to learn how to make a secure tie
  • If you feel this type of baby carrier is best for you to find out the best baby wrap

#2. Ring sling

Ring sling

It a piece of cloth with two rings. The cloth is passed through the two rings to create a nice pouch to hold your baby.

The ring slings support baby from newborn to toddler (7.5lbs to 35lbs)


  • There is no need to tie anything like a wrap.
  • It is good for beginner
  • It is suitable for babies from newborn to toddler
  • You can use wring to breastfeed your baby.


  • Allows to carry your baby front and hip positions
  • If you feel this type suit you find out the review of the best ring sling

#3. Pouch slings

Pouch sling

This type comes in the form of a pocket with no ring or anywhere to tie or adjust.

It is worn like cloth sash from one shoulder to the hips.

The pouch sling ideal for carrying babies’ front and hip carry making it suitable for newborns.


  • It is very easy to use


  • It comes in one size 
  • Only used carrying babies’ front and hip carry.
  • It does not allow to adjust the size as the baby grows.
  • You can only share it with other caregivers unless you have a similar body type and size.
  • It can cause back and shoulder pain because the baby’s weight is not evenly distributed.
#4. Soft-structured carriers
Soft structured carrier

This is the type that almost everybody knows and most beginners prefer because they are easy to wear and adjust.

It has multiple safety buckles and adjustable straps to fasten the baby for secure support.

The structured carrier supports the baby head, neck and back making it ideal for babies from newborns and above.


  • It can be used to carry the baby’s front, back, and hip positions.
  • The baby weight is evenly distributed therefore does not cause back and shoulder pain.
  • It is wide enough to support your baby comfortably and in health positions. This helps reduces the risk of hip dislocation and promotes natural hip development.
  • It is easy to use compared to wrap and ring sling. You do not have to struggle to tie.
  • Most structured baby carriers are adjustable you can use from birth until the baby is grown.
  • Also, adjustability makes this type of baby carrier easy to share with other caregivers.


  • Structured carriers are the most expensive types of baby carriers.
#5. Mei Tai carriers
Types of baby carriers

Mei Tai carriers look almost the same as soft-structured but it is a long piece of cloth with straps that you need to tie around your body.

It has two shoulder straps and two waist straps that you tie over the shoulder and around your waist.

This type can be used to carry the baby back, front and hip.

The Mei Tai is suitable for babies from six months who have fully developed the neck and support their head.


  • It has straps that are tied around your body making them easily adjustable with different body types and sizes.
  • Its adjustability makes the Mei Tai wrap easy to share with other people.
  • It does not cause back and shoulder pain because the baby’s weight is well distributed.


  • You need to learn how to tie the wrap but not complicated as wraps.
#6. Hard framed backpacks
types of baby carriers.

This type of baby carries is framed and is designed to carry the baby as a backpack.

The hard framed backpacks have padded straps and addition non-padded straps that you tie around your chest and waist.

It used for babies who can sit unassisted.

This type is mostly designed for outdoor adventures.


  • It is best for outdoor adventures
  • It provides a good baby’s weight distribution so no back or shoulder pain.
  • It helps the kid explore comfortably.


  • It is bulky compared with all other types of baby carriers.
  • It does not fold up making it more difficult to store.
  • It is only ideal for baby’s who can sit unassisted
  • The carrier not include fabric but has a frame and when toddler added in it can cause back strain.
#7. A simple piece of cloth
Piece of cloth

It is a rectangular piece of cloth that you tie a knot at the end to support the baby.

In Africa is called Khanga, in Mexico Rebozos, and Indonesia Selendangs.

It can be used for front, back and hip.

What to consider when buying baby carriers

There are few factors to consider for you to choose the right baby carrier for babywearing, which include:

The age and weight of the baby

Different baby carriers support different weight and age some are for newborns and others specific for grown-up toddlers. Choose the type that fits your baby age and weight.


Some wrap can only be used on newborns and others are adjustable as your baby grow. This saves a lot of money you only buy one and adjust your baby grow.

Easy to use

Baby carriers such as wrap require a lot of practice to tie so you need the one that is you can easily learn how to fasten without a struggle.

The benefit of baby carriers

  • Baby carriers help frees your hands allowing you to do other tasks at home
  • Baby carriers are useful when you want to maneuver to crowded areas.
  • It helps keep the baby close to the caregiver, therefore, strengthen the bond between parent/caregiver and baby.

Bonus video

Since you have learned there are different types of baby carriers available in the market make sure you check all the options before you choose one.

You can decide to visit a babywearing international day near you.

During this day there are free meetings to guide people on the different types of baby carriers.

Also, the different brand brings samples of carriers along with them and you can get a chance to try out.

Please tell which baby carrier do you find suitable for you in the comment section below

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