Stay at home mom depression

Loneliness, loss of purpose, isolation, and loss of identity is what most stay at home moms go through. All this lead to stay at home mom depression.

Stay at home mom depression

According to a poll conducted by Gallup stay at home mom report depression what is the real cause of Stay at home mom depression?

There are many causes of stay at home mom depression. In this post, we are going to discuss the main cause of stay at home mom depression


The transition from working mom to stay-at-home mom can be hard for someone who hard career before. The change can be a real cause of depression.

Loss of identity

Most of our identity is attached to the kind of job we do; so without a traditional office job, no one recognizes you.

Since stay-at-home mom is not going their 9-5 office job no one recognizes them hence lose identity.

Also, as a stay-at-home mom, we spend most of our time taking care of the family, we have no time left to take care of, and this leads to loss of one identity.


Stay at home mom spend the whole day working from housekeeping, feeding the baby, cooking, running errands the list is endless.

The job is demanding you don’t have time to take a break, no leave, no weekend or sick leave leading to fatigue

Lack of appreciation

Society doesn’t recognize stay at home mom as a job. Working mother


Isolation is another real cause of stay at home mom


When you are busy taking care of the baby you are imprisoned at home. So you are alone home with no adult to talk to or social interaction except repeating the same duties leading to loneliness.

Comparing yourself with others

Most stay at home mom like comparing themselves with other mom and feel they have not achieved anything.

We start to judge by what is looking outside and forgetting no one is perfect.

Lack of finances

Remember stay at home mom is a non-paid job. If you were working before becoming one you were earning something. The change from salary to the non-paid job makes you feel pressure from tight finances, therefore, lead to depression.

How to overcome stay at home mom depression

Create time to interact with other stay at home moms. If no one in your local area join an online support group and interact with other adults.

  • Find a hobby to do during your free time

For lack of finances, there are hobbies you can do as stay at home and earn, start a home-based business, there are online jobs you can do while taking care of your children and if you are gifted you can make crafts and sell at a profit.

  • Create me time

Create time to unwind. Get involved in something you love like going for walk, nap, read a book, visit the gym, or library. During me-time, you can allow kids to play independently in their room or allow them to watch a favorite TV program. You can let a relative, partner, or friend watch the children and have uninterrupted me time.

  • Exercise
  • Set real goal

One mistake that stay at home moms make is overthinking since they are not providing financially they should do all the duties perfectly without even asking for help.

They set goals that are not real to accomplish.

  • Sleep enough

Sleep deprivation is a major cause of depression. Make sure you have enough sleep as an adult.

Remember depression is a condition and is very crucial to find a plan or treatment to overcome.

If you are stay at home moms reading this please share with us stay at home depression that you went through and how did you overcome it.

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Stay at home mom depression

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