Simple and easy to follow stay at home mom schedule

I am a Stay at Home Moms of two kids for five years and one year. I work from home on my blog. I don’t have house help, I attend house chores and look after my kids alone. But having Simple Stay Home Moms Schedule have helped me handle everything alone.  But all these have been easy and achievable by having a simple stay at home mom schedule.

stay at home mom schedule

Most Stay at Home Moms like me will surely tell you that it’s not an easy task to work at home and look after children especially if you have kids who are five years and below. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find an hour to do things that you passionately love.

As I’ve mentioned in my post how to be a Successful Stay at Home moms what makes you achieve your goal and do things that you passionately love is to have a schedule.

Many are times when moms ask me how do I structure my day to achieve what I’ve set for a day, but always answer them they must have a schedule, and that’s why I decided to write  an article on  a simple stay at home mom schedule

Note that my Simple Stay Home Mom Schedule keeps on changing since my baby has grown and changed.

Here is the simple stay at home mom schedule for five years old and 1-2year-old that is working for me.

 5:30 Am        

Wake up and prepare breakfast

5:45 Am         

Take breakfast together with my husband

5:55 Am         

My husband leaves home to go to work

6:00 Am        

Back to sleep for 30 minutes (I always tell Moms naps in between makes your body feel relaxed and fresh to work for next hours).

6: 30 Am        

I wake up have a bath for 15 minutes and make my bed.

6:45 Am    

Wake my five-year-old son.

6:50 Am        

My son takes breakfast, and my daughter is up for breastfeeding.

7:00 am         

Prepare my son to go to school

7:20 am         

Take my son to school

7:35 am        

Back from school and make breakfast for my one-year-old daughter

8:00 am            

Baby naps (if your child has a sleeping problem this book can help you).

8:10 am        

Back to my online jobs; I work on this blog it’s my bread and butter. I work on my blog since my daughter will sleep for two hours (check online jobs, crafts or business you can do at home as a Stay at home mom). Two hours are enough to write a new blog post since its morning; there is no interruption and the mind is fresh.

9:30 am       

 I take my 10 o’clock snack as I meditate about my day.  I love doing it alone 30 minutes before my daughter wakes up.

10:00 am        

Baby wakes, and she eats her breakfast. At this time I am energized after taking a snack, the little one is full we take 30 minutes to play. If your kids are at home for holidays, you can read a book together or do some art in their drawing books.

11:00 am        

I am still energized after taking a snack and happy mom after playing with my daughter, so I start my cleaning time. This the time I do laundry, it takes one hour or less since I do laundry daily. My daughter is either seated on the baby activity center playing or sitting on the mat playing with her toys. I always put her somewhere I can watch her, and she can see me too this cools her.

11:40 am      

Give my daughter a fruit and continue with cleaning the house. I use a mop to clean the house, and at the same time, I can carry my daughter on the wrap if she is fussy. I can wash the dishes that we used for breakfast while I am still carrying my daughter and the house is neat.

Sometimes I give my daughter fruits that she can easily hold with her hand and feed herself and make sure it’s her favorite fruit so that she can do it alone while I am cleaning.

I never do general cleaning on weekdays I spare that for the weekend.

There are babywearing products you can use to wear your baby and at the same time attending other activities in the house.

Read more benefit on babywearing

12:45 pm       

We take lunch. Most of the time I prepare my daughter lunch early in the morning as I make breakfast and I take last night leftovers. Preparing my daughter lunch early in the morning saves me time.       

1:30 pm           

My daughter takes a shower and has an afternoon nap. Me too I take 30-minutes naptime. Make sure you have a wind-down routine/me-time it is not necessary you sleep, you can do exercise at this time/read book or meditate.

2:00 pm           

Wake up and continue with my online jobs where I had left in the morning for about one hour 30 minutes.

Sometimes I even start preparing dinner when I feel not working on my blog.

3:30 pm           

Baby wakes up, and I give her a snack.

4:00 pm       

Pick my son from school as I buy supper, the following day snacks, lunch for my daughter and fruits. Since I walk a distance while I pick my son, I consider it enough exercise.

Remember I am alone, so I am still carrying my daughter on my back using a sling. That is another exercise (ha ha ha weight lifting).

In the morning I still walk that is enough exercise for me.

4:30 pm           

My son takes a snack and tea.

5:00 pm           

We do homework for 30 minutes, and the kids go outside to play together as I prepare dinner.


My son takes a shower.

7:00 pm           

 My son and daughter take dinner

8:00 pm            

My husband and I eat dinner, clean the dishes. If he is home earlier, we take the same time with the kids.

Between 6:30-8pm we enjoy time together we can read kids books for 20 minutes, give stories, watch television or hear how my son spends their day.

Also, at this time we fold the clothes that I washed during the day.

The kids prepare to go to sleep at 8 pm.

I like putting my bed to sleep at 8 pm by the time is 6 o’clock he already sleeps 9 hours plus, and in the afternoon they sleep 1-2 hours at school.

How many hours of sleep do kids need?

  • Newborn to 2 months- 16-18 hours (8-9 at night 7-9 daytime naps)
  • 2-4months- 14-16 hours (9-10 hours night 4-5 for 3-naps)
  • 4-6months- 14-15 hours (10 at night 4-5 for 3-naps)
  • 6-12months-14 hours (10-12 at night, 2-4 for naps)
  • 12-24 months -13-14 hours (11-12 at night 2-4 for naps)
  • 2-3years-12-14 hours (1-hour nap)
  • 3-5years-11-13 hours
  • 5-12 years- 10 -11 hours

Make sure your child sleeps enough hours.

9:00 pm           

Children sleep and I start tidying the house. Mostly my children sleep either 8 pm or 9 pm

9:30 pm           

I work on my blog, I read and prepare tomorrow to-do list. I can read a bible, a book. There are books for stay-at-home mom you can read.

Before I sleep, I make my outfit and kid’s uniforms are ready because it makes my morning less stressful.

11:00 pm          Sleep time

On the weekend I alter the schedule I never wake up early since my husband is at home I usually wake at 7 o’clock.

Also, in the afternoon and afternoon, I don’t work on my blog. I create time for my family and me-time.

At this time I only do a simple exercise like skipping using a rope or plank. I can do it early in the morning or evening when I am not lazy.

My daughter has grown and is now three years I have survived with the same schedule above from 1-3years.

Some things have changed since I am earning from my blog I hire someone to do laundry in my house twice a week.

The schedule has changed my daughter is now going to school I am alone home. Hurray more me-time and extra time to work at home on my blog.

Since I have more time my blog has grown, I have started a new blog so as I can add an extra coin in my pocket.

My new schedule for 3years old and eight years old 

5:00 Am – 5:45 AM     

Wake up, prepare breakfast, take breakfast together with my husband and my husband leaves home to go to work.      

5:50 am-6:20 Am        

I never go back to sleep. I do morning devotion (read the bible and pray)

6: 20 Am    

Wake my eight-year-old son to take breakfast. He is now mature and independent. He takes 10 minutes for breakfast. The same time I am skipping or doing planks. The reason why I like these two exercises takes a few minutes and very effective.

Read the Importance of plank   

6:30 Am    

My son is preparing himself to go to school. As I said earlier my son is independent, I have taught him the routine to follow, and he follows it strictly.

As he is preparing himself I am taking a shower. 15 minutes are enough for my son to get dressed, I have a shower and dressed. Before I sleep, I make sure I have arranged everything he needs to put on the following morning. I make sure shoes are brushed, and school uniform ironed and ready.

He picks the clothes and put on.

He goes to school on his own which is a few meters from the house. I am always neat (hair kept, smart clothes and simple makeup) in the house you can think I am heading in the office but that one of the best secrets I have learned if I want to be a successful Stay-at-Home Mom.

6:50 Am        

My son leaves to school alone.

7:00-7:30 am         

I wake my three years old daughter, and she takes breakfast

7:30 – 7:45 am          

Prepare her to go to school. I take less than 10 minutes because everything is ready. As I said earlier, I prepare a uniform last night and make sure the shoes are polished.

7:50 am  

Take my daughter to school. Another exercise I never use the school bus we walk to school because it’s not far from home. 15 minutes are enough.

8:20 am-12:30pm  

Back from school and start my online job.  I have short breaks to stretch myself and have a snack or fruit. Nowadays I never do laundry I have hired someone for that since my blog is earning.

12:30 pm

Take lunch, clean dishes and my house up to 2 pm


I take a nap for 30 minutes. Naptime is very important to me I feel fresh and strong to work the other part of the day.

2:30 pm

Wakes up and work for one hour thirty minutes my online job

3:30 pm

Prepare 4 o’clock snacks for my kid. It takes 15 minutes to prepare or less.

3:45 pm

I leave to pick my kids from school as I buy supper, the following day snacks, and fruits. Since I walk a distance while I pick my kids, I consider it enough exercise.

4:30 pm           

My kids take a snack and tea.

5:00 pm           

We do homework for 30 minutes, a few games here and there like 20 minutes. My kids take a bath. I prepare supper up to 7:00 pm.

7:00 pm           

 My son and daughter take dinner

8:00 pm            

My husband and I eat dinner, clean the dishes. If he is home earlier, we take the same time with the kids.

Between 5-8pm we have time together we watch television, read a book, give stories and listen to how everyone spends their day.

9:00 pm           

Children sleep and start tidying the house putting toys the right place and arranging my couch pillows. Mostly my children sleep either 8 pm or 9 pm.

9:30 pm           

I work on my blog, I can read and prepare tomorrow to-do list. I can read a bible, a book. There are books for stay-at-home mom’s book you can read and if you are in business there are books for stay at home mom.

11:00 pm          Sleep time

The above schedule will work until my kids are adult. It is more flexible and easy to follow. They can be a few changes because I”ll involve them to a few tasks in the house.

Stay at home mom schedule

Schedules help the day run smoothly. They also help accomplish your daily goals. So Moms make a Schedule and try to stick to it.

Let’s meet in the comment section as you share your daily Stay at home schedule.

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