Best bamboo baby washcloths review 2021

Having problems with baby Eczema, Cradle Cap, or Acne? Forget about regular washcloths clean your baby’s face and body without the worry of scratching his/her delicate skin using hypoallergenic bamboo baby washcloths are free of harmful chemicals. Bamboo baby washcloths are an essential product for your baby during bath time, used as baby wipes and … Read more

How to care for and clean baby bath towel

A baby bath towel is an essential item during bath time. They help dry and keep your baby warm. However, like any other baby item baby towels require proper care to prevent your little one from infection. In this article find out how to care for and clean a baby bath towel. Quick tips to … Read more

Cotton baby towel with hood

Shop for a baby hooded towel made of cotton. In this article find out a cotton baby towel with a hood. The hooded baby bath towel is best for drying your infant from head to toe. They are ideal for use in the house, beach, and pool. Our top picks Organic cotton: Piglet Bath Wrap … Read more

How to use a baby hooded towel

Baby hooded towel is easy to use for anyone even a new mom. Follow below step by step on how to use a baby hooded towel Lay the bath towel on a flat surface with the hood at the top and stretch straps to face outward. Place the baby at the top of the towel … Read more

Baby apron bath towel with hood

Baby apron bath towel is designed to be worn around your neck like the kitchen apron leaving you with free hands to lift the baby from the bathtub/water into your chest. The towel is also known as a Hands-free baby towel and a Baby towel with a neck strap Baby bath apron comparisons More baby … Read more

Baby hooded towel buying guide (what to look for)

What kind of baby towel should I buy? This kind of question every parent asks themselves when shopping for a baby bath towel. When it comes to buying baby towels you don’t need to take chances. Make sure you go through various factors so that you end with the best towel that is comfortable for … Read more

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