Baby proofing the bathroom (simple tips anyone to follow at home)

The bathroom is meant to be a fun place for your family to enjoy a bath but it can also pose risk more to babies, toddlers, and kids than adults. This is the reason why baby proofing the bathroom is important for your child’s safety. Like any other room in the house, the bathroom includes … Read more

Best baby bathtub for newborn and toddler

In the past days, many parents or caregivers used to bathe their little one directly in a kitchen sink or use baby bath bucket/baby bathing basin but these days’ things have changed and there is a bathtub specifically made for babies. In this article find out the best baby bathtub. Baby Bathtub assist you safely … Read more

Best bath toy organizer 2021 (Simple and easy storage)

Bath toys are one of the essential product every mom need to entertain her baby when bathing but when the fun is done it becomes stressful how to organize the toys and keep them safe, clean and dry off the bathtub floor. There many bath toy storage ideas using the best bath toy organizer that … Read more

Bath toy storage ideas to save money and space

How do you store your children’s bath toys? Let’s look at some of the best bath toy storage ideas. Storing your baby bath toy is one of the important things you should consider after bathing. Leaving them scattered all over the floor and in a bathtub can lead to germs, bacteria, and mold. To prevent … Read more

How to clean baby bath toys (both outside and inside)

Bath toys spend most of their time in warm soapy water so you might think they are always clean no need to clean them but what about inside which is always damp and ideal for mold and mildew growth. Having said that in this article learn how to clean baby bath toys to get mold … Read more

Best bath books for babies 2021 (Waterproof and floating)

Reading a book to your baby does not have to wait during bedtime when you are bathing them you can also take advantage of this time and read the book. I know you are worried about wetting those books but there are Baby bath books that are waterproof. Baby bath books comparisons In this article, … Read more

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