10 easy at home workouts for Stay-at-Home Mom

10 easy at home workouts for Stay-at-Home Mom


Benefit of workouts to women

It helps lose weights
It boost your daily energy
It improves your mood
It relieves stress and anxiety
It helps in disease prevention, certain cancers like breast cancer
It helps in better sleep
If you exercise regularly, you live long according to research
It keeps your heart healthy
Read more on benefits of exercise here and here 
Here are quick exercises Stay-at-Home Mom can do at home and fit comfortably in your busy schedule.

Push up
Stay at home mom workouts

Place your hand on floor wider than your shoulder
Lift knees off the floor and should be behind hip
Straighten the body
Lower the body until the chest nearly touches the floor
Push up help strengthens arms, chest, back and abs

Stay at home mom workouts

How to do squat
Stand with your feet – hip wider
Turn your toes 45 degrees
Clasps your hand in front of chest
Lower yourself down by bending hips and knees. Do not let knees move past your toes when lowering, keep core tight and back straight
Once your thigh is parallel to the floor, press your heels and go up back to standing.
Do ten slow squat every day until you get used to
Squats help strengthen abdominal muscles.

Mountain climbers

Stay at home mom workouts

Position your hand directly under your shoulder
From head to heels should be in a diagonal line and toes just off the floor
Bring the right knee onward beneath the chest. Switch the legs bringing forward left knee
Do about ten

Tricep dip
Stay at home mom workouts

Sit on the chair/couch/bench
Slide your butt off the chair and Place your hand apart on the edge of a chair, bench or couch
Keep the body close the chair
Slowly lower your body as you bends the elbows
It helps tone the triceps

Glute Bridge

Lie down on your back, position feet flat on the floor and bend the knees
Raise the waist up off the floor and keep shoulders on the ground.
Squeeze the butt without over stretching your lower back until you have straight line between knees to shoulders


Lay on the floor or mat on your stomach or face down
Keep your hands and arms straight throughout the process
Lift up your hand and legs 5 inches off the ground
Hold for five seconds
The exercise is best for abs and the back.

Stay -at -Home Mom workouts

Lay on the floor with knees and elbow resting on the floor
Keep your neck aligned with the spine and look forward
Lift knees up and support leg on toes
Stay in this posture for 30 seconds until you are comfortable. Then move to 1-2 minutes

Tuck jump

Position your feet together with forearms extending straight forward and elbows resting at waist
Slightly bend your knees
Sit back into half squat


Read how to do burpees the right way 
Stand straight and put your feet together
Position arms by your side
Bend knees and squat down placing the hand on the floor


stay at home mom workout

• Jogging
• Skipping rope or Pretending to skip without a rope
• Walk around the house
• Pretend you are running in front of the mirror for fifteen minutes (my favorite)
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There is no excuse that you can’t do exercise or you don’t have time to go to the gym. The above exercise can fit in ten minutes anywhere during the day. Also, there are exercises you can do while your children are asleep. The best part you don’t bother to put on workout clothes you can just do them in pajamas or just t-shirt and leggings or short.
Please let us know easy workouts that you are comfortable doing at home in the comment section below.

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