What stay-at-home moms do ?(duties they do all-day)

Everyone recognizes that work is the only job in that you receive a paycheck, get a pay rise, have vacation leave, sick leave, and monthly leave. In society’s eyes, being a stay-at-home mom is not a job. That is why everyone keeps asking what stay-at-home moms do all day.

what stay-at-home moms do

Most of them have the traditional thinking that the only job that a stay-at-home mom does the whole day is to sit in front of the television watching movies and babysit.

To clear up that confusion and change the mentality of society about what they think about stay-at-home moms, let me share what stay-at-home moms do all day.

  • Chef

The responsibility of the chef is preparing recipes, planning menus, shopping for ingredients, cooking, and ensuring clean kitchen conditions. Does an average mom perform all those jobs?

  • Household budget/ accountant

The role of the accountant is to create a budget, balance the budget, recognize cost-saving opportunities, and pay bills. When it comes to household budgets, moms manage a monthly, weekly, or daily budget for their homes. We try to find all the ways that we can save money and also help with paying bills.

  • Housekeeper

Housekeeping is one of the jobs everyone knows that mom keeps doing all day. For sure, mom, we spend most of our time washing clothes, dusting, cleaning dishes, picking up toys, and removing tough stains from the floor, carpet, and our clothes. We always feel like we have a mop in our hands.

  • Teacher

Mom, we do the work of the teacher by teaching our children manners, self-confidence, their first word, and colors as they grow. We help them with their homework and school projects.

  • Babysitter

The babysitter is one of the most important duties for the stay-at-home mom. We take care of the baby full-time, and their needs.

  • Chauffeur

Moms are like taxis. We take our kids to school, to the hospital, and shopping, and ensure they have arrived safely and at the right time.

  • Doctor / Nurse

Moms, how many times have you checked your baby’s temperature to check whether your baby is okay and, after realizing there is a problem, prescribed the best medicine for your child?

The funniest thing your baby gets healed after your medication. Isn’t the job of the doctor or nurse?

  • Stay-at-home mom works from home and earns money

There is one thing society doesn’t know about stay-at-home moms: besides attending to house duties and taking care of the children, they work from home as freelancers or entrepreneurs. These women do some freelance writing, graphic design, or other work online jobs, for a few hours a day. Others find jobs as virtual assistants, transcribers, or social media managers to make money from home while taking care of their kids. Some do home business, make crafts and sell them to earn money.

Stay-at-home moms are still work-at-home moms.

Stay-at-home moms are often seen as a burden to society. But they are actually the backbone of society because they do many things such as cooking, cleaning, caring for the children, and taking care of the family. They also help to keep the community running by volunteering in their spare time.

At least for those who have been asking what stay-at-home moms do all day, they have a job description.

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