Babywearing coat and jacket buyer’s guide and reviews 2019

Babywearing coat and jacket are specifically designed to wear your baby during cold and snowy climates.

Babywearing coat and jacket

The coat helps protect you and your baby from snow, wind, and cold.

Most of these jackets have water repellent outer and is suitable for temperature from +Celsius or Fahrenheit to – Celsius or Fahrenheit.

A babywearing coat is not a carrying system you need a wrap, carrier or sling to support/carry the baby.

The coat has a various part which includes:

  • Baby’s hoodie – The hoodie can be detachable or permanent to protect your baby neck and head from cold, snow, and wind.
  • Mom collar or hoodie- The jacket has either collar or hoodie both can be detachable or permanent to help protect mom neck and head from cold or wind
  • Insert –some of the coat has a maternity insert and babywearing insert. The insert help extend the size of the jacket depending on the mother and baby size. The maternity insert help extends your coat over your baby bump, making it fit the end of pregnancy. The babywearing insert help extend jacket around your baby in a carrier, wrap or sling.

Watch the video to learn how to use insert

How to use baby carrier jacket 3-in-1

How to use baby carrier jacket-back carry

Suse’s Kinder Wyoming Babywearing Winter Coat for Men and Women

Babywearing winter coat
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The Suse’s Kinder Wyoming Babywearing Winter Coat has a water-resistant shell and plenty of warm polyester insulation.

It has three drawstrings on the waist and torso area so you can easily adjust the coat to keep the draft out.

The coat is designed to be light, has a soft turtleneck to keep drafts from reaching down into coat and looks great without the baby.

It is designed to be used over most structured carriers and baby wraps.

coat extender

xtendher Maternity Coat Alternative. Jacket Extender Lined With Polartec Fleece. Nylon Outer Shell | Clip On Babywearing Adapter Panel, Converts Any Zip Up Coat, Doubles As Baby Carrier, 1 Size

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