Best Babywearing coat and jacket (help protect you and your baby from cold)

Babywearing coat and jacket are specifically designed to wear your baby during cold and snowy climates.

Babywearing coat and jacket
NameImagedescriptionWhere to buy
Suse's Kinder babywearing coatBuy from Amazon
Sweet mommybabywearing coatBuy from Amazon
FUN2BEMUM babywearing coatBuy from Amazon
Zeta Villebabywearing coatBuy from Amazon
D-Pink babywearing coatBuy from Amazon
Modern Eternity babywearing coatBuy from Amazon
Zip Us Babywearing coat extenderBuy from Amazon
MalishastikBabywearing coat extenderBuy from Amazon
XtendherBabywearing coat extenderBuy from Amazon

The coat helps protect you and your baby from snow, wind, and cold.

Most of these jackets have water repellent outer and is suitable for temperature from +Celsius or Fahrenheit to – Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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A babywearing coat is not a carrying system you need a wrap, carrier or sling to support/carry the baby.

The coat has a various part which includes:

  • Baby’s hoodie – The hoodie can be detachable or permanent to protect your baby’s neck and head from cold, snow, and wind.
  • Mom collar or hoodie- The jacket has either collar or hoodie both can be detachable or permanent to help protect mom neck and head from cold or wind
  • Insert –some of the coat has a maternity insert and babywearing insert. The insert help extend the size of the jacket depending on the mother and baby size. The maternity insert help extends your coat over your baby bump, making it fit up to the end of pregnancy. The babywearing insert help extend jacket around your baby in a carrier, wrap or sling.

Watch the video to learn how to use insert

How to use baby carrier jacket 3-in-1

How to use baby carrier jacket-back carry

Babywearing coat reviews

  1. Suse’s Kinder Wyoming Babywearing Winter Coat for Men and Women
Babywearing winter coat

The Suse’s Kinder Wyoming Babywearing Winter Coat has a water-resistant shell and plenty of warm polyester insulation.

It has three drawstrings on the waist and torso area so you can easily adjust the coat to keep the draft out.

The coat is designed to be light, has a soft turtleneck to keep drafts from reaching down into coat and looks great without the baby.

It is designed to be used over most structured carriers and baby wraps.

2. Sweet Mommy Maternity and Mother’s Down Duffle Coat with Baby Wearing Pouch

Maternity coat

The sweet Mommy coat features a removable baby pouch. 

It can be worn through your pregnancy, over your baby using baby carriers to keep your baby warm and protect from wind. 

You can wear this jacket by yourself as a casual jacket. It has a high collar that can be lowered or kept high to shelter your neck in the coldest days.

The removable pouch can be used as a babywearing cover, nursing cover, stroller cover, and car seat cover. 

This design is available in camel, khaki, and navy.

Other sweet mommy models

Sweet Mommy Quilting Maternity and Babywearing Coat

Sweet Mommy Reversible Maternity Pregnancy Baby Carrier Babywearing Down Coat Removable Panel

Sweet Mommy Maternity Pregnancy Baby Carrier Babywearing Hooded Tweed Poncho Coat

3. Zeta Ville – Women’s Maternity Padded Jacket

babywearing jacket

Zeta Ville maternity jacket is perfect for carrying your baby in a baby carrier.

The hooded jacket with long sleeves helps protect you and your baby from cold and wind.

The panel is removable, making the jacket to be worn during your regular days.

3 in 1 babywearing jacker

3 in 1 babywearing jacket

4. FUN2BEMUM 3in1 Softshell Babywearing jacket maternity coat DUST MINT

3 in 1 babywearing jacket

The FUN2BEMUM is 3 in 1 babywearing jacket ideal for carrying your baby and toddler depending on the weight.

Since the insert is easily removable can be worn as a casual daily garment

It has one removable insert to carry your baby back and the front.

3 in 1 means babywearing front, back and as a casual jacket.


  • Detachable mom-hood
  • Adjustable sleeve cuffs with velcro
  • Adjustable baby`s collar 
  • Babyhood has elastic cord stoppers with a fully functional head support

5. D-Pink Women’s Maternity Jacket

baby carrier jacket

D pink women maternity coat features removable panel for babywearing.

It is 3 in 1 coat that can be used during pregnancy, babywearing and as a casual jacket.

The jacket is available in different sizes and to choose the right size that fit select based on your current bust measurement and shoulder size.


XS: Bust: 40″—–Shoulder: 16″—–Length: 32″

S: Bust: 42″—–Shoulder: 16.5″—–Length: 33″

M: Bust: 44″—–Shoulder: 17″—–Length: 33.5″

L: Bust: 46″—–Shoulder: 17.3″—–Length: 34″

XL: Bust: 48″—–Shoulder: 17.7″—–Length: 34.3″

XXL: Bust: 50″—–Shoulder: 18″—–Length: 34.6″

 6. Modern Eternity Maternity Jacket Quilted 3 in 1 Technology  

Babywearing jacket

The modern eternity maternity jacket is 3 in 1 coat that is used for babywearing, during maternity, and as a stylish regular coat.

It is made from warm weather-resistant polyester, which helps keep the baby warm during cold seasons.

Babywearing coat extender

Babywearing coat extender

Coat extender zips straight into your regular jacket and extends your coat to be worn over your baby bump during pregnancy and continue using after birth for babywearing.

It helps keeps your baby safe, warm, and protected.

 Zip Us In Jacket Expander Panel

babywearing coat extender

Turn your regular Jacket into a Maternity or Babywearing Jacket using zip us in jacket expander panel.

The zip us in coat extender is ideal for use with your infant carrier, baby carriers, baby slings, and baby wraps.

The company offers four different zipper types which are available in two lengths. The standard-length panels are 65cm, and the longer length is 80cm. the zipper types include:

  • Single vision panel
  • Double vislon panel
  • Single coil panel
  • Double coil panel

To get the right panel or zipper-type contact the seller before ordering to guide you.

How to use zip us in coat extender

Malishastik Babywearing Coat Extender

Coat extender

The Malishastik coat extender can be attached to any babywearing carrier and jacket or coat for men and women.

It is one size 80*80 cm / 31*31 inches which fit most body type from s to XL.

The outer cover is made of polyester, which is rain and wind resistance; the inner cover is warm and puffy micropolar.

This coat extender features a detachable hood and warm pocket.

It is available in two colors Navy blue and Black .

xtendher Jacket Extender  

Jacket extender

The Xtendher jacket extender Works with fashionable coats, jackets, sweatshirts and activewear you already own. It also doubles as a baby cover.

This extender features a detachable hood, which helps protect your baby from rain, wind, and snow.

The jacket maternity expander grows with you; it allows you to wear your stylish coat all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

It is one size that fits all and is made of nylon outer shell and lined With Polartec Fleece.

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