Bath toy storage ideas to save money and space

How do you store your children’s bath toys? Let’s look at some of the best bath toy storage ideas.

Bath toy storage ideas

Storing your baby bath toy is one of the important things you should consider after bathing. Leaving them scattered all over the floor and in a bathtub can lead to germs, bacteria, and mold. To prevent them you need to store them correctly

What to look for when buying bath to storage

The storage option you choose should properly drain water. The storage can have holes on the bottom or use the mesh bags that properly drain water on the toys

At least you got an idea of the best bath toy storage to choose from. There are various ways to store your bath toy let’s look for different ideas to organize bath toys.

7 best bath toy storage ideas

  1. Bath toy organizer
  2. Plastic or stainless steel Colander
  3. Mesh bag
  4. Wire bathtub and shower baskets
  5. Plastic storage baskets with holes
  6. Hanging fruit basket
  7. Bath kneelers with pocket
  8. Laundry basket

Bath toy storage ideas

#1: Bath toy organizer

Bath toy organizers are specifically made to store bath toys safe in the bathtub. This is the modern way most moms are using nowadays.

#2: Plastic or stainless steel Colander

A colander is not only used in the kitchen or dining table to hold fruits, draining, or prepare ingredients in the kitchen but can also be used in the bathroom to hold bath toys.

Colander has holes for draining water and has base that sit stable on the floor.

Best colander

#3: Wire bathtub and shower baskets

Wire baskets with suction cups suction on the bathroom wall, shower wall or any other surface with

Best wire baskets

#4: Mesh bag

Mesh bags are easy to store bath toys and allows water to drain out the toys. You can also use the mesh bag to clean the toys. You put the toys in the mesh bag and throw it in the washing machine or dishwasher top rack for easier cleaning.

For easier storage, you can use command hooks –  specifically for the bathroom to keep the toys in the mesh bag stuck on the wall.

Best bathtub toy bag

#5: Plastic storage baskets with holes

Plastic storage baskets with holes for ventilation and allowing water to drain out is another good bath toy storage ideas.

The baskets can be stackable anywhere to offer plenty of space in the bathroom. You can decide to use 3m command hooks to hang them on the wall.

Another way to save space is by using a tension rod and hanging basket using hooks

Shower rod with toy baskets

Best Plastic storage baskets with holes

#6: Hanging fruit basket

#7: Bath kneelers with pocket

Bath kneelers are meant to relieve mom or dad pain on the knees and elbows when bathing your baby but there are some that have the pocket and you can use them to store bath toys

#8: Laundry basket

The laundry basket is made specifically to store dirty clothes. Most of them are made of waterproof fabric.

I would not advise on this storage idea unless you allow the toys to dry completely before storing them in the basket.

All the above bath toy storage ideas will help get all the toys off the bathtub floor preventing tripping hazard 

Make sure when storing bath toys in the storage ideas of your choice they are clean to prevent mold growth.

Share with us in the comment section below your baby bath toy storage ideas.

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