Best Baby Bibs unbiased buyers guide and reviews (Updated 2020)

Baby bibs are one of the essential product each and every mom who has a child for three years and below must have.

Also, for kid above three years, they use a bib when doing art activities such as painting to prevent cloths from paints which are well known as smock bibs.

Before we start reviewing the best baby bibs let’s learn more about these essential baby products.

Top 20 Best Baby Bibs 2019

What’s a baby bibs?

For those who don’t know what baby bibs are used during the weaning period?

At this time food falls everywhere, so you need a bib to prevent the baby cloth from a mess.
During the teething period, there is saliva and liquid that comes out of the baby mouth called drool and dribble.

Bibs are used to wipe the spit and keep baby cloth protected and dry.

Comparison table

namefabricbest fortypeagepocketwhere to buy
Organic lifestyle stripe bibsorganic cottonfeedingfeedingnocheck organic lifestyle
happy healthy parentssiliconefeedingfeeding6months -6yearsyesCheck Amazon for best price
BABYBJORN Soft BibBPA-- free plasticfeedingfeedingyesCheck Amazon for best price
Bumkins polyesterfeeding&smockSleeved Bib6-24 monthsyesCheck Amazon for best price
MiiYoung bandanacottondrooling&teethingdrool3-2yearsnoCheck Amazon for best price
Neat Solutions whitecotton/polyesterfeedingfeeding10.8 x 8inchesnoCheck Amazon for best price
Neat Solutions multi colorcotton/polyesterfeeding &droolfeeding11 x 10 inchesnoCheck Amazon for best price
Luvable Friends N/Afeedingfeeding8 x 9 inchesyesCheck Amazon for best price
DREAM BEAR® Siliconefeedingfeeding3 months and upyesCheck Amazon for best price
green sproutscotton terryfeeding,drools & spit upsfeeding & drool3-12monthsnoCheck Amazon for best price
panda softwaresiliconefeedingfeeding10-72 MonthsyesCheck Amazon for best price
OXO Totsiliconefeedingfeeding6months &upyesCheck Amazon for best price
Bumkins polyesterfeedingfeeding6-24monthsyesCheck Amazon for best price
Vuminbox Baby Bandanafront organic cotton &back polyester fleecedrooling&teethingdrool3-24monthsnoCheck Amazon for best price
Luvable Friends cottondrool &spillsdrool6 x 7.5 inchnoCheck Amazon for best price
Bonimsiliconefeedingfeeding6-72MonthsyesCheck Amazon for best price
Daulia Baby Bandanaorganic cottondrooling&teethingdrool0-24monthsnoCheck Amazon for best price
Swish Baby Bandanaorganic cotton &polyester fleecedrooling&teethingdrool8..5 x 8.5 inchesnoCheck Amazon for best price

What is the difference between baby bibs and burp cloths?
Bibs are meant to prevent the baby cloth from mess during weaning and teething period while burp cloths to protect mom clothes when baby spit-up.
Does every mother need baby bibs?
The answer is yes.
Babies from newborn onwards make the mess. They spit and drool during the teething period.
When bottle feeding the baby is learning how to hold the liquid in their mouth, latch and suck during the learning process, they make a mess.
During the earlier day, the baby digestive system is not yet developed so they spit-up many times after every feeding you need baby bibs to keep baby clothes dry.
Also, when you start weaning food fall everywhere, you need the baby bibs to prevent your little ones cloth from the mess.
The bibs not only protect the cloths it protects the sensitive baby skin.

For instance, if your baby drools, dribble and spit-up more often his clothes wet and if you don’t change regularly, he gets irritated rush where the wet clothes were.
The bibs protect your little one cloth thus reduce a lot of work of changing baby clothes and saves you from hours of laundering.
Baby bibs protect the little one cloth from spills, keep outfit dry, keeps baby dry and prevent clothes from staining.
When is the best time for babies to wear bibs?
If your baby is drooling too much the best time to put the bib is when he wakes up.
Your baby can wear bib during the time for feeding and drinking if he doesn’t drool.
What to consider when buying baby bibs
There are tons of baby bibs on the market. Some have unique shapes and features but what do you find when buying baby bibs

baby bibs
You need a baby bib that will absorb the spit up.
Also, consider if your baby has an allergy to certain fabrics. Some neckline has Velcro and ties that can scratch the infant neck making it uncomfortable and irritating to your baby sensitive skin
Check whether decoration or embroidery is absorbent otherwise even if it looks attractive and does not soak the spit up then it’s not worthy.
The fabric should be soft, absorbent, and non-scratchy
The best absorbent materials are the cotton muslin, flannel, cherry cloth, chenille, and Minky fleece
You will need to wash bibs more often so the fabric should be sturdy to stand repeated washing.
Make sure decoration too is sturdy they don’t come off quickly after a few washes.
The best bib gets softer after wash.
Make sure the bib can be cleaned using the dishwasher, hand washing, washing machine or wipe down.
Baby spit runs efficiently and food fall everywhere, Food and spit-up can travel off the bibs messing the baby clothes. You need big bibs that will cover the front torso.
Easy to fold up
The baby bib is one of the items you must have in the diapers bags when you are going out with your little one. You need a bib that you can quickly fold into a small size not to take too much space in your diaper bag.
Best fit
The baby bib must fit snug and closes so well that the baby cannot easily remove.
Make sure the bib fits well your baby because loosely fitted bib can make food, spit-up or other liquid go through your baby clothes.
Additional features
Some burp cloths have extra features like pocket, snaps, and fasteners that allow being used as a bib
Others have unique shapes that will enable fitting well on your shoulder or under the baby chin.
Bibs have unique styles and different colors that make your baby look attractive to go for a bib that is fashionable and cute.

Types of baby bibs
  • Drool Bibs

The drool bibs are meant to prevent your baby torso from the dribble. They are small in size. They are also called dribble bibs/bandana bibs

  • Feeding Bibs

best bibs

The feeding bibs are used during feeding time.

They are quite large and most comes with an extra pocket to prevent the baby cloth from messy and the floor too.

  • Sleeved bibs

baby bibs

The sleeved bibs are also known as shirt bibs for babies.

The sleeved bibs are other types of bibs that are used during feeding time. They cover the arm and most of the baby body.

The bibs are not only used during feeding but can be used during craft times

The sleeved bibs are either long sleeved or short sleeved.

Long sleeved bib has open back allowing it easier to remove messy bib from the baby while smock bibs do not have an open back.

  • Disposable Bibs

As the name suggests, they are used and thrown in the trash.

They are mostly used when on the go.

The disposable bibs are made up of paper with a water-resistant coating that prevents liquids from leaking in the baby clothes.

It has a sticky tab at the top of neckline to hold the bib in place when feeding.

They are lightweight do not take too much space in the diaper bags and are mostly expensive.

Reviews of the best Baby Bibs 

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LARGE Waterproof Baby Bibs

Toppy Toddler LARGE Waterproof Baby Bibs

best bibs

Buy from Amazon now

Closure mechanism

Toppy Toddler LARGE Waterproof Baby Bibs has double plastic snaps which are secure and located at the side making it difficult for a toddler to unfasten but easy for a parent to snap on and off.


The bib fits for age 6- 48 months, but it is adjustable to use after teething years.


This bib is simple to clean and is made of durable fabric which stands repeated washes.

You can machine wash using warm water or rinse with warm water, soap and hand to air dry.

Also, the fabric is lightweight thus makes it dry quickly and ready to use in 30 minutes.


It is made of polyester in the front. At the back is made of TPU laminate which is breathable unlike plastic, waterproof and easy to wipe layer that keeps the baby dry.


  • The bib is larger than most of the bibs. It is 13 inches wide and 18 inches long


  • The front of the bib is made of fabric that is not absorbent which makes it hard to absorb the liquid.

Others best LARGE Waterproof Baby Bibs made of absorbent fabric

KUDL Premium Cute Baby Toddler Bibs Burp Burpy Cloths 

Baby bandana bibs

Baby bibs for drooling are also called Bandana Bibs/dribble bibs/teething bibs/drool bibs.

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs by Copper Pearl

best bibs

Buy from Amazon now

These stylish drool bibs are made of absorbent cotton on the front and polyester fleece at the back that keep even the baby with a lot of drool and dribble completely dry.

The bib has 2-nickel snaps which allow the bib to be adjustable to fit newborns and toddlers baby with ages ranging from 3-24 months. The snaps are secure makes it difficult for the child to unfasten but easier for parents to snap on or off.

They are perfect for a drooling and teething baby

If you are looking for a bib that is fashionable, cute, has a unique design such as floral, pink polka dots and other designs that are trendy, Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Drool Bibs is the best choice. You will no longer have to worry about boring and ugly bibs covering your cute child cloth.


  • The bib has lovely colors and unique designs which add a splash of style to the baby outfit.
  • It can also be used as a functional accessory to make your girl adorable.


  • When you wash it to bunch up or turn out wrinkly but when you put the bib on it straighten up.
Best organic bandana Bibs for Drooling and Teething

Trendy baby #1 Mommy Approved Bandana Bib 

baby bibs

Buy from Amazon now

The most comfortable and softest bandana bib made of natural organic cotton on both sides which is an excellent material for your child.

The fabric is absorbent to keep your baby dry from spit-ups, drool and dribble.

With two nickel snaps makes the bib has proper fastening and secure fit to the different size of the baby ranging from three months up to two years.

Trendy baby #1 Mommy Approved Bandana Bib come with four unique handmade embroideries that are adorable and very stylish for cute baby fashion.

The color is neutral makes it a unisex bib and a good match for any outfit

If you want a baby shower gift that is wrapped well in a beautiful gift box, Trendy baby #1 Mommy Approved Bandana Bib is a perfect baby gift set.


  • Easy to wash
  • Two snap buttons for size adjustability
  • Organic cotton on both sides which is soft and best for a baby with sensitive skin
  • Unique design that is adorable, trendy and super cute


  • No waterproof lining
  • Other Best organic bandana Bibs for Drooling and Teething

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with Snaps by Matimati (Monochrome)

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs by KiddyStar

 Baby Bibs with Snaps

Maxy Moo Moo Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps

best bibs

Buy from Amazon now

Tripple layer protection makes the bib 100% waterproof. These layers include a waterproof inner layer between two soft, absorbent outer layers.

Made of large terry cloth and plastic lines make the bib perfect for all day droolers

The plain bright different colors make the bib easy to coordinate with your baby’s outfit and fit for both girls and boys.

It comes presented with high-quality magnetic gift box makes it perfect baby shower gift.

Three snap fasteners make the bib adjustable to suit age 3-24 months.

Others Tripple layer protection Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps

Charis kid BEST Baby Teething Bibs 

Little-Likes Waterproof Baby Bibs 

Silicone baby Bibs

Silicone baby bibs are also called plastic Bibs

Waterproof Silicone Bib by happy healthy parents

baby bibs

Buy from Amazon now

The bib is made from food grade silicone which makes life easier when it times to clean up after feeding.

It has open pockets to catch crumbs or any food debris


  • Best bib for baby taking solid food.
  • Suitable for a child who is starting to feed herself because it has open pocket that catches any food that she drops while attempting to eat


  • Not best bib for Drooling and Teething because it will not absorb any liquid.
  • Silicone bib can irritate the baby skin so keep the bib off the child’s skin.

Tommee Tippee Explora  Bib

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Bib 

 Long sleeve bibs for babies/smock bib

Pikababy Waterproof long sleeved bib 

baby bibs

Buy from Amazon now

Perfect bib sized to fit kids and babies from 6- 24 months both girls and boy.

If you are stressed to find the perfect gift for a baby shower and new mom, Pikababy Waterproof long-sleeved bib can be a good choice.

The bib offer full body coverage, protect shirts and sleeves and adjustable back ties closure for a secure and custom feature.

This pillow is made of soft waterproof fabric, breathable material which stain and odor resistant for babies and kid.

These easy to clean bibs are perfect for preventing mealtime messes.

Features pocket for catching crumbs, vibrant colors, fun and attractive patterns


  • The bib has adjustable back ties closures that fasten securely at the back that makes fit well for the baby.
  • It ties in the back so the baby can’t pull it off
  • The arm holes are tight, so it makes a close fit to the wrist, so less chance of food going down the arm.
  • It is best wearable baby bib in the market
  • When your child is wearing long sleeves protect the sleeve from getting messy
  • The bib is close around the neck, so water and food don’t get underneath.
  • Pocket on it help catch the crumb and food.


  • The arm holes are small if your baby has a big hand it takes an extra effort to get the kids hands through the hole.

Other Best Wearable and Waterproof long-sleeved bib

Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib

Hi Sprout Toddler Baby Waterproof Sleeved Bib

Baby boy Bibs

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Bib 

baby bibs

Buy from Amazon now

The bib is made of a combination of comfortable fabric and silicone which are machine washable and easy wipe.

The fabric is soft, conforms to the body and is comfortable around the baby’s neck.

Wide, soft and open pocket, allows the bib to efficiently catch the crumbs and spills.

The bib length and pocket are designed such that do not interfere with high chair tray or table.

Sturdy neck closure keeps bib secure and adjustable as your baby grows.

It is ideal to fit for children six months and above

Luvable Friends Boy’s Drooler Bibs

Buy from Amazon now

Made of PEVA backing and cotton-polyester blend makes the bib protect baby cloth from drool

The Good Baby Boys Bandana Drool Bibs 

baby bib

Buy from Amazon now

This stylish bandana drool bib is made of cotton on the fabric and polyester fleece on the back thus guarantees the best bib for drooling and teething.

 The bib is recommended for the baby age 3-24months and has 2-nickel snaps that adjust to your growing baby.

Baby girl Bibs

Baby Girl Bandana Drool Bibs for Drooling and Teething by MiiYoung

Buy from Amazon now

MiiYoung bandana bibs come in with floral and girlish prints that will make your little princess look charming.

Made of organic cotton in front and polyester fleece in back keeping your baby’s soft skin dry and protected

Two Adjustable Hypoallergenic Nickel-Free Snaps assures the bib can fit babies of different ages. The recommended age for this bib is from newborn -24 months

Neat Solutions Multi-Color Solid Bib, Girl

Buy from Amazon now

Made of cotton and polyester blend, makes the bib good solution for messy mealtime

Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib 

Buy from Amazon now

With adjustable Velcro closure, Bumkins bib is flexible to fit your baby as grows and fits 6-24 month baby.

Bumkin bib is made of polyester fabric which is lightweight, easy wipe, machine washable and hangs wash.

Generously sized catch-all-pocket makes bumkin bib great for containing spills and crumbs

Disposable baby Bibs

Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Baby Bibs

Buy from Amazon now

It has adhesive tape that provides proper fit

Crumb catch pocket helps protect your baby from spills and mess

The slim and re-sealable package design comfortably fit in the diaper bag making the bib perfect on the go.

Bibsters Large Disposable Bibs 

disposable bib

Buy from Amazon now

Bibsters disposable bibs comes in 32 counts.

It catches spills, drips and solid food afterward you throw away

Munchkin Disposable Bibs

Buy from Amazon now

It comes in 24 per pack

Easy to use self-adhesive fastener that keeps bib in place.

The leak-proof liner keeps spills from leaking through while at go or home

Munchkin Disposable Bibs has a pocket that contains spills from landing on the baby laps

Short sleeved Bibs

Bumkins Waterproof Junior Bib, Raindrop (1-3 Years)

Buy from Amazon now

Made of 100% polyester fabric which is machine washable, hand dry, waterproof material, easy wipe, odor and stain resistant

Measures around16″ sleeve to sleeve, 15″ across, and 14″ from the neck down makes the bib fit 1-3years babies

Adjustable Velcro closure secures the bib flexible to adjust as your baby grows.

Catch all pockets; guarantees bib contain spills and crumbs.

Reversible bibs
Reversible baby bibs

Reversible bibs

Buy from Amazon now

This reversible bib is super soft and absorbent to protect baby clothes and sensitive skin.

It is ideal for dribble catcher, therefore, can be used during a teething stage or first milk feeds.

The bib is simple and matches with your entire baby outfit.

Moon and Back Baby Set of 5 Organic Reversible Bib

Organic reversible bib

Buy from Amazon now

The soft baby terry has interlock fabric which helps protect baby clothes and skin.

Every moon and back baby bib is made of organic cotton fibers which are certified organic by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and certified free from over 100 harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX.

This bib can be worn backward or forward for options during messy feeding.

The bib is soft, snap free, comfortable to design and can be easily washed in a machine.

Reversible bandana bibs

 Goobie baby REVERSIBLE & WATERPROOF Cotton Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 

Reversible bandana bibs

Buy from Amazon now

The bib is made of cotton with a waterproof inner layer which is gentle to the touch and helps keep your baby tender skin dry and rush free.

 If your little one is a drooling machine Goodie baby bib is best for her, it has two outer layers which is absorbent and made of cotton. The bib also has an inner layer made of cotton terry with waterproof lining.

The Goobie baby has 2-nickel free adjustable snaps that keep bib in place and fits your growing baby from newborn all the way up to 24 months.

It has a reversible option to dress your baby in either stylish print or solid side to match his/her outfit.

Baby bandana bibs with a pacifier clip/holder

Baby bandana bibs with a pacifier clip/holder

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs by Dodo Babies + 2 Pacifier Clips + Pacifier Case in a Gift Bag

Baby bandana bibs with a pacifier clip 

Buy from Amazon now

The bib is made of organic soft cotton with front and polyester in back help keep your baby clothes dry and clean from spits-up and dribble.

Features adjustable snap button which will allow the bib to adjust to your growing child. The bib can fit 3-24 months old baby

It comes with free pacifier holder which will help keep your pacifier clean and safe.

It also has two pacifier clips that will help keep pacifier or teething toy close to your baby.

All these are packed in a gorgeous reusable gift bag, this makes a unique special gift, baby shower or registry gift.

Another sample Baby bandana bibs with a pacifier clip

Modesoda Baby Drool Bibs Set Waterproof burp cloths with Pacifier Clip 4-Pack

Find out more of baby bibs with pacifier holder

burpy bib
Burpy Bib

It is also called all-in-one burp cloths and baby bibs

The burpy bib is versatile can be used as a full coverage bib or burp cloth.

In lay man’s language, the burpy bib can be used as bibs and turned to be cute burp cloth.

Muslin Burp Cloths, Burp Bib Set (3 Pack) by Ziggy Baby

burpy bibs

Buy from Amazon now

Ziggy Muslim burp cloths can be turned into a cute bib for your baby in a snap.

It is made of cotton and absorbent 4-ply making it perfect to use for your drooling baby or over your shoulder.

The muslin cotton fabric is absorbent, breathable, machine washable in cold water and air dry recommended.

The Ziggy baby all-in-one burpy bib is sized 24×9.5inches thus provide generous coverage for newborns, toddlers, and large babies.

It has a trendy design, neutral black and white color and contoured shape that fits your shoulder comfortably

Baby Burp Cloth and Bib Set by Ely’s & Co

all-in-one burp cloths and baby bibs

Buy from Amazon now

The Ely’s & Co baby burp cloth and bib set is multi-use. It can be wrapped around your baby neck and use it as a baby bib or over your shoulder as a burp cloth.

It has a contoured design that easily fit on your shoulders and easily snaps in the back as a bib.

Made of 100% cotton with inner waterproof lining and sized 24 x 12” makes Ely’s &Co burp Bibs perfect to catch the drools, spit-ups, and food without leaking. Also, the fabric is durable, absorbent, machine washable and becomes softer with each wash.

Aden + Anais burpy bib 2 pack

Brolex All-In-One Muslin Burp Cloths and Baby Bandana Drool Bibs  

Lat lee and town Baby Bibs, Baby Burp Cloth

Bib and Burp Cloth Set
Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Hudson Baby 6-Piece Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Buy from Amazon now

Hudson Baby Bib and Burp Cloth Set include three bibs and three burp cloths.

It is made of super-soft and cotton rich terry fabric keeping mom and baby clothes dry and clean.

The bib has Coordinating bib and burp cloth designs for baby and mom

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Girls with 2 Burp Cloths By Zoozik 

baby bibs with burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

This stylish bandana drool bib is made of cotton on the front and polyester fleece on the back. The fabric holds up for all lots of washes, keeps your child clothes completely dry while maintaining style and comfort.

It comes with a burp cloth made of durable, eco-friendly and antibacterial bamboo fabric. The fabric makes the burp cloth perfect for the sensitive baby skin and won’t scratch or irritate your skin.

In the package has 4 set of bibs and 2 burp cloths making it a perfect baby shower gift

Each baby bib has two nickel free snaps that allow bib to be adjusted as your baby grow from infant to toddler. Also, hold the bib securely so your child won’t be able to pull off and it is easy for a parent to snap off and on.

Luvable Friends Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Thirty-one Bib & Burp Cloth Set in Apple Blossom 

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 8-Pack Burp Cloth and Bib Set

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 8-Pack Burp Cloth and Bib Set – baby girl burp cloth and bibs set

baby girl bibs with burp cloths

Buy from Amazon now

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls Burp Cloth and Bib Set is made of cotton on the front and blend 0f 83% cotton and 17% polyester at the back.

The set has 4-set of bibs and 4-set of burp cloths.

Bibs feature hook-and-loop closure and a three-layer lining with a waterproof barrier while burp cloths feature bound edge

The Simple Joys by Carter’s has another set for your baby boy Burp Cloth and Bib

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ 8-Pack Burp Cloth and Bib Set – baby boy Burp Cloth and Bib Set

Baby bandana bibs with washcloths

Rowko solutions Baby Bandana Drool Bibs | Pack of 6- With softest baby washcloth.  

baby bibs with washcloths

Buy from Amazon now

The Rowko solution baby bandana drools bib is made of organic cotton in front and polyester fleece on the back which is absorbent, soft and safe on your baby skin.

It comes with bamboo baby washcloths making it a unique gift for baby registry and baby shower gift for both girls and boys.

Features snaps which can be adjusted as your baby grows to make the Rowko bib perfect fit from 3-36 months.

Baby bibs pattern
Baby bibs pattern

We have prepared a list of website that will provide step by step guide on how to make baby bibs pattern

Cute & Easy Baby Bib Pattern

The Best (And Easiest) Bibs You Will Ever Sew

Baby Bib Pattern and Step by Step Tutorial

Frequently asked questions about baby Bibs
How many bibs do I need
There is no exact number of how many bibs every mom needs. It depends on how many times your baby feed and how much the baby drools. You need multiples bibs on hand.
If your baby feeds ten times in a day (am just assuming), drools all through, burps and spit-up after every feed you need ten bibs or less if you reuse them.
If you wash them after every use, you need less.
If you soak them after every use and wash at the end of the day, you need more.
What is the best fabric for best baby Bibs?
Bibs are made from different fabric such as cotton, plastic or silicone, mesh, and nylon
Cotton material is best at the time when the baby is a drooling or teething period because it is absorbent.
Plastic is best during feeding time because it’s easier to wipe out or spot clean the mess.
Read more on fabric guide from the plush addict.

Baby bibs DIY
Baby bibs DIY

How do you make baby bibs at home?
Steps by step guide how to make baby bibs at home from 

Wellness mama



Project Nursery
DIY baby bibs tutorial

Bibs are one of the items that every mom must include in their baby registry 

Also, when you are at a go, you must have it in your diaper bags to help keep your baby clean.
I hope our review of the best baby bibs to keep your baby cute and clean helps find the best bibs for your infant.

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