The best toothbrush for baby (for 0 to 2 years)

Taking care of the baby teeth should start before the first teeth come out that is the first few days after birth. At this time you can start cleaning the baby tooth using a soft damp cloth to clean the gum. When the baby tooth starts to come out, that’s when you are supposed to introduce a baby toothbrush to clean the teeth.

Best toothbrush for baby

Baby toothbrush comparison table

 NameImagefeaturesAgeWhere to buy
1BabySonic Electric Toothbrushelectric baby toothbrush0-3 yearsAmazon
2Nuby Electric Toothbrushelectric baby toothbrush3+monthsAmazon
3Summer Infant Gentle Vibrations Toothbrushelectric infants and toddlers toothbrushinfant and toddlersAmazon
4Baby buddy Brilliant Baby’s 1st ToothbrushBaby first toothbrush4 months upAmazon
5RADIUS - Pure Baby ToothbrushBaby first toothbrush6 to 18 MonthsAmazon
6Jordan Step 1 Baby ToothbrushBaby first toothbrush0-2 YearsAmazon
7Dr. Brown's Finger ToothbrushFinger ToothbrushAmazon
8Bassion finger toothbrushFinger ToothbrushAmazon
9Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush Finger ToothbrushAmazon
10Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging ToothbrushTeether toothbrush3+ monthsAmazon

It is essential to start cleaning the baby’s gum even before the first tooth comes out because it will help clean off the bacteria and plaque that cause teeth decay and gum diseases.

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Choosing the right baby toothbrush

The baby toothbrush should be the one specifically designed for your baby tiny tooth.

How do you choose the best toothbrush for the baby?

  1. Soft bristles

Baby gums are very delicate, so they need a toothbrush that has soft bristles that will not harm the gum.

  1. Material

As said above the bristle should be made of soft material.

It should be made of non-toxic, BPA free or food gradable material such as silicone

  1. The small size brush head

The brush head should be of small size so that it can fit well in the baby’s tiny mouth.

  1. Easy to hold

The brush should have a handle that is easy to grip using a small baby hand.

  1. Long handle

The long handle is important mostly when the baby wants to hold the brush on themselves.

When the baby begins holding for themselves, they use both hands so the handle should be long enough to fit them.

Also, when you are training the baby how to brush on their own, the handle should be long for the baby to grip and mom hand too.

  1. Additional features

Bright design and colors

Bright colors and different design attracts the baby to make it easier to brush.

The brush can have characters of your favorite baby cartoon; the handle can have finger contours to attract your child to hold.

Different types of baby toothbrush

They come in different types such as:

  • Baby Finger toothbrush 
Finger toothbrush

The finger toothbrush is also called a baby gum brush.

It is designed to fit mom’s finger.

They have some soft bristle silicones at the end.

It is inserted on the mom index finger, and the bristle gently cleans the baby gums.

This type is suitable for newborns up to 12 months.

They do not have a handle for babies to hold.

How to use the baby finger toothbrush

Place the brush over the adult index finger, get the brush wet, gently brush or massage baby teeth or gum,

Note: make sure the brush snugly fits on the fingertip to make sure it will not come out during use.

Do not leave the children unattended with the finger toothbrush and it is not a toy.

  • Teether toothbrush

The teether toothbrush is also known as a chewable brush.

Unlike most teethers, teether toothbrush has silicone bristles that come to contact with the baby gum when they bite on it.

The soft bristle help soothes the teething gum and the same time wash off bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

You do not need the toothpaste on this type since the baby use it as a teether and at the same time clean the teeth on their own.

  • Baby first toothbrush
best baby toothbrush

These are old toothbrushes that everybody uses at home, but the baby toothbrush has small soft bristles.

The standard toothbrush is available in different sizes; there are baby toothbrush ideal for babies from 6 -18months and toddler toothbrush suitable for age 18-36months/ three years.

Unlike finger toothbrush, this type has a soft, colorful handle for baby/mom to hold.

  • Baby Electric toothbrush
Baby electric toothbrush

These types of brush are electrically powered.

They usually use AAA or AA battery to operate, but some have an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

When the brush is put on, the vibration is passed via a motor to the brush head. The bristle moves gently on the baby teeth you only need to control the position of the brush head.

The advantage of using an electric toothbrush it does a lot of scrubbing work for you and the movement can provide a thorough cleaning.

The brush head comes in different size small for age 0-18months and large for 18 months and above.

How electric toothbrush work

At least you have learned there are different types of baby toothbrushes but the question is what type of toothbrush is best. Find out here how to choose the best for your child

Our top pick 2020

  1. Baby electric toothbrush: BabySonic
  2. Baby electric toothbrush: Nuby Electric
  3. Baby electric toothbrush: Summer Infant Gentle Vibrations
  4. Electric toothbrush for toddler: SEAGO 
  5. Baby first toothbrush: Baby buddy Brilliant
  6. Baby first toothbrush: Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler
  7. Baby first toothbrush: RADIUS
  8. Baby first toothbrush: Jordan Step 1
  9. Baby first toothbrush: All set health
  10. Baby first toothbrush: Ecovona
  11. Baby first toothbrush: Trueocity
  12. Baby first toothbrush: Farber
  13. Baby Finger Toothbrush: Dr. Brown’s Finger
  14. Baby Finger Toothbrush: BASSION
  15. Baby Finger Toothbrush: Summer Infant Finger
  16. Baby Finger Toothbrush: BabyBaus   
  17. Baby banana toothbrush: Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging
  18. banana: Cactus

Electric toothbrush for baby

  1. BabySonic Electric Toothbrush 
baby Electric brush
  • Age- 0-36months (3 years).

The brush-baby brush is battery powered with soft sonic vibration. It uses one AAA battery.

It features a unique two minute light timer and 30 seconds pulse reminder.

In the package has one AAA battery and two tiny brush head (1-replacement head) with soft brushes.

It is suitable for 0-36months (3 years).

Brush head can be replaced, and Brush-Baby BabySonic refill brush heads are available for replacement 

2. Nuby Electric Toothbrush with Animal Character

electric  brush for babies
  • Age-3+

The Nuby electric toothbrush is sized for your little one hand.

It also has played the music that plays for two minutes to make brushing fun and let you know when to stop brushing.

In the package includes one AAA battery and two heads for two stages of cleaning. Stage-1 soft gum massager for the parent to clean baby’s delicate gum and stage-2 soft bristles to clean the toddler’s new teeth gently.

The brush can be easily replaced, and 4-pack replacement toothbrush is available. Nuby Vibrating Toothbrush Replacement Heads 

3. Summer Infant Gentle Vibrations Toothbrush  

baby electric toothbrush
  • Age-infants and toddlers

The summer Infant toothbrush comes with three toothbrush head with four functions. One head is used as a gum stimulator to help soothe baby sore gum, and the other two toothbrushes head can be used for extended use.

The toothbrush is suitable for infants and toddlers.

It comes with a convenient storage case.

4. Seago Electric Toothbrush for Toddlers

electric toothbrush
  • Age-6 months-4 years

The SEAGO electric toothbrush cleans up to 16000 times a minute making it remove plaque better than a conventional manual toothbrush.

The body is made of food-safe ABS and TPE soft rubber. The bristles of the brush head are DuPont bristles to protect the softer tooth enamel.

It has 30 seconds reminder and two-minute built-in smart timer, therefore, encourage dentist-recommended two minutes brushing time.

It features ergonomic designs on children hand is tuned therefore provide excellent grip, mini brush head to fit the baby mouth, LED light to help observe the teeth problem and appealing outer of penguin.

Seago brush has IPX7 waterproof design making it easy to clean the with water without damaging the battery.

It is suitable for six months to the four-year-old baby, uses AAA battery that can last up to 120 days and brush head can be replaced.

Other Electric baby toothbrushes that you might like

 FOREO Issa Mikro Rechargeable Baby Electric Toothbrush with Soft Silicone Bristles, Bubble Blue

Lucktao First Soniclean Baby Teething Toothbrush Toddles LED Light Waterproof

 AOZBZ Kid Baby Electric Toothbrush,

Dad tech Baby Electric Toothbrush, Toddler Teeth Brushes with Smart LED Timer and Sonic Technology for Infants Ages 0-3 Years (Pink)

Electric toothbrush replacement head

Babybuddy Brilliant Kids Sonic – Replacement Heads, Blue, 2 Count- 

Nuby Vibrating Toothbrush Replacement Heads 4 Pack 

Brush-Baby BabySonic refill brush heads for 0-18 months x 2 

2018 Intelligent Kids LED Light Soft-bristle 3 Brush Heads Ultrasonic Child Electric Toothbrush Battery Reminder (Replacement Brush Head) 

Aguard Tutus Electric Toothbrush Head Stage 1 DUPONT’S Tynex Brush, Ultrafine and Soft Suitable from 1year to 4years Old

first baby toothbrush

Best baby first toothbrush

5. Baby buddy Brilliant Baby’s 1st Toothbrush Teether

baby toothbrush
  • Age-4 months up

The baby buddy tooth1st is an excellent training infant toothbrush from four months and up with or without teeth.

This toothbrush works with water to help clean sugar and bacteria from the mouth to prevent cavities.

The toothbrush can be chilled in the freezer to soothe tender gums during teething.

The brush has innovative H-shape to gently clean and messages upper and lower teeth and gum simultaneously.

It is FDA approved food grade silicone which is natural, safe and BPA free.

It is available in a variety of colors for both girls and boys, dishwasher safe, easy to clean, convenient to use at home and on the go.

6. Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush Set

Baby toothbrush
  • Age-infant to toddler

7. RADIUS – Pure Baby Toothbrush 

best baby toothbrush

Available at

  • Age: 6-18 months

The radius baby toothbrush is designed explicitly for delicate teeth and gums from 6-18 months. It softly massages the whole mouth as it works to remove plaque build-up on your little one’s tiny teeth.

Features corner-less oval brush which is safe and sensitive for your tiny baby mouth, so you do not worry harming your baby when you brush correctly.

The brush has 8,000 pliable vegetable derived bristles. All the bristles are soft for cushioned brushing in your baby delicate mouth.

8. Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush

baby toothbrush
  • Age: 0-2 years

The Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush is designed to be used on babies from 0-2 years.

Featuring a short neck and unique teeth ring that helps prevent baby from swallowing the brush. It also has soft bristle and small head specially designed for the baby first tooth.

It has ergonomically shaped handle good grip for both baby and parent. Also, the handle of the toothbrush is nontoxic and can be used as a teething ring under parental supervision.

9. All set health Baby Toothbrush 

Baby toothbrush

Available at

  • Age: 0-2 years

The all set health toothbrush in a pack come six toothbrushes with a bonus animal toothbrush holder.

It is made of food-grade material that is Non-toxic, phthalate and BPA free.

This brush features a short neck and oval-shaped ring handle to prevent swallowing and choking. Also, the shape of the handle makes it easy to grip as training toothbrush.

The toothbrush has a toothpaste indicator on bristles, so you know how much to use.

In addition to features the bottom of the toothbrush act as gum massager and teether for babies. The handle is soft and flexible enough for your little one to chew on painlessly

The small brush head fits in the tiny baby mouth, and vibrant colors make the kids excited to brush their teeth every single time

10. Ecovona Baby & Toddler Toothbrush 

Baby & Toddler Toothbrush

Available at

  • Age: 0-2 years

Ecovona baby toothbrush has a wide and easy-to-grip handle that makes it easier for babies and toddlers to hold and move.

To prevent accidental choking, the toothbrush has wide handle and short neck to help in such.

It also has a small brush head that fits just right in the small baby mouth.

This toothbrush has textured handle for babies whose teeth are yet to erupt, making it best-relieving teether. The handle is soft and flexible enough for your baby to chew without pain.

The toothbrush has vibrant colors which makes your little one have fun while brushing the tooth.

11. Trueocity Baby Toddler Toothbrush 4 Pack 

Baby Toddler brush

Available at

  • Age: 0-2 years

The Trueocity baby toddler toothbrush has soft bristles to clean children’s teeth and soft textured handle to help soothe teething baby gum.

This brush has a wide handled to prevent chocking and pricking while brushing. The handle has a hole that child’s finger fit perfectly for easy grip.

The toothbrush is made of non-toxic, BPA and phthalate-free material.

In the package come with four pack of toothbrush in different colors.

It is available in different colors assorted (contains all colors Blue, Orange, Pink, Green), blue and pink

The trueocity toothbrush is ideal for 6 to 12 Month, 12 Months and up, 1 & 2 Years, Infant & Training Toothbrushes

12. Farber Baby & Toddler Toothbrush 

 Baby brush

Available at

  • Age: 0-2 years

The Farber Baby & Toddler Toothbrush is made of food-grade material that is Non-toxic, FDA approved, BPA, and Phthalates free.

It is available in seven different colors purple, yellow, for boys, for girls, and assorted. In a package comes four packs.

The toothbrush is ideal for babies from 0-2 years.

Other baby first toothbrushes that you might like

Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care Set System (Colors May Vary) – 

Orajel Baby Tooth/Gum Cleanser, Apple Banana, 1 set, 2 Pack 

MAM First Brush, Unisex, 6+ Months, 1-Count 

NUK Training Toothbrush Set 

Colgate Kids My First Toothbrush, Soft, Ages 0-2 (colors vary) 1 ea 

Thomas the Train Baby Toothbrush with Reward Stickers

Rain Organic Bamboo Baby Toothbrush

 Baby Toothbrush Set (4 Pack) by BOLOLO, Infant Training Tooth Brush Age 0-2, BPA Free, Safety Cover Design(Multi) 

Finger toothbrush
Baby Finger toothbrush

13. Dr. Brown’s Finger Toothbrush

finger brush for babies

Available at

Dr. Brown’s Finger Toothbrush is a silicone brush which BPA free.

The brush is designed to fit over the adult finger to clean and massage the baby’s sensitive skin.

It is dual sided meant to brush emerging baby teeth and messages, baby, sensitive gum.

The finger toothbrush has a protective case which makes brush great for travel use with or without toothpaste.

14. BASSION Baby Toothbrush 

finger brush for babies

Available at

The Bassion finger toothbrush is two-sided meant to brush the teeth and massage the gum.

It is specifically designed to fit snugly on the adult index finger for safety while cleaning your baby’s mouth.

In the package has six pieces of finger toothbrush suitable for your children from birth to 12 years.

15. Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush with Case

baby finger toothbrush

Available at

The Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush is a dual-sided brush for cleaning and massaging the gum.

It comes with a case for easier storage and travel.

The toothbrush helps when those baby teeth start to emerge from newborn and up.

16. BabyBaus Baby Finger Toothbrush  

Baby Finger Toothbrush

Available at

The baby baus finger toothbrush is recommended by the dentist to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup,

This toothbrush is made of food-grade silicone material which is BPA free, non-toxic and FDA approved.

It features soft and resilient bristle, which provides gentle massaging feel. Also has a dual-sided design which allows cleaning the tongue while massaging the gum.

In the package comes with three toothbrushes of different colors (blue, pink and clear) you will always have a spare.

It comes with hygiene case for storage

Other finger toothbrushes that you might like

Babybuddy Brilliant Finger Toothbrush 

Baby Orajel Sesame Street Elmo Tooth/Gum Cleanser Case Pack 6 – 571703

The Brushes – Baby and Toddler Toothbrush and Storybook – Willa The Whale!

NUK Infant Tooth and Gum Cleanser and Finger Toothbrush Set, 1.4 Ounce – 4 Count by NUK – 

COKAKA Baby Finger Toothbrush Infant Oral Massager Teether Food Grade Silicone with Colorful Individual Case 4pack for Infant and Toddler 0-2 Years

Babe bay Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush with Case Set Infant Training Teeth Brush Toddler First Teething Soft Babies Toothbrushes Oral Cleaning Massager 10PCS+4PCS Case 

Brilliant Baby Finger Toothbrush – Silicone Gum Massager and Teether Brush for Babies and Toddlers – Kids Love Them, Blue/Clear, 2 Count-

banana toothbrush
Baby banana toothbrush

17. Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging Toothbrush

banana baby toothbrush

Available at

The Nuby nananubs is made of soft silicone bristles which provide gentle cleansing for emerging baby teeth.

This product is sized enough for baby to hold, easy to clean, top-rack dishwasher safe and recommended for babies from three months and up.

It is available in yellow

18. Cactus Baby Teething Toys Toothbrush 

Baby Teething Toys Toothbrush

Available at

Age: 3 months up

Cactus is a 2-in-1 teether. It helps to relieve teething discomfort while preventing any cavity.

It comes with free e-book worth $10 which contains excellent remedies of baby teething.

The toothbrush is made of food-grade silicone which is safe on the babies and kids. The material is soft, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, BPA free and FDA & CE Certified.

This toothbrush has bright color and cactus design with multiple teething surfaces and textures.

It also has a small unique design that is easy to grip on infants and perfectly fit on your baby hands, therefore, enhances hand-to-mouth coordination through play.

The toothbrush is easy to clean throw it in the dishwasher on the top rack or wash it with your hand using warm water and soap.

When to start brushing the baby teeth

Start cleaning the baby tooth as soon as the first tooth appears.

It is very crucial to start brushing your baby teeth early so that they can easily incorporate brushing teeth as part of their daily routine.

You should brush the teeth twice a day in the morning and before going to bed.

How to brush the baby teeth

You start caring for the baby gum right away a few days after birth. At this stage, you don’t require toothbrush.

Dampen the soft cloth in water

Gently wipe the baby gum all around the mouth twice a day.

You can wipe the baby gum after feeding and before bedtime.

Once the first tooth comes out, you should start to introduce the baby toothbrush to clean the baby tooth.

Wet the toothbrush with water for children between 0-18 months you can use water only with no toothpaste.

You can start using toothpaste when the baby reaches 18 months. Use little toothpaste about the size of grain rice for children between 18 months to six years.

Increase the amount gradually up to a pea-sized when the baby is age six years old or can spit out well.

Brush gently all around the baby mouth

You should brush the baby tooth until they hold enough to hold the brush alone. Continue supervising the process until the baby can rinse and spit without no assistance. It usually happens at around age six years old.

 Taking care of the toothbrush

After cleaning the baby teeth, rinse the toothbrush with clean water, store the toothbrush upright in an open container to allow it to dry.

 If all the family toothbrushes are stored in the same place making sure the bristles do not touch.

It helps prevent the risk of transmitting germs from one brush to the other.

When should you replace the baby toothbrush?

The baby toothbrush should be replaced after every three months or when the bristle starts to come out.

When should a baby start using a toothbrush?

Your baby should start using a toothbrush as soon the first tooth erupt. Before that you can use baby finger toothbrush or wipe the baby gum using damp soft cloth.

Can babies use electric toothbrushes?

A child can start electric toothbrush at age 2.

baby toothbrush

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