What are the causes of a flat head syndrome

Here are the causes of flat head syndrome?

What are the causes a flat head syndrome
  • Spending too much time lying on one spot

Flat-head syndrome develops after birth when the baby spends most of their time resting on one place on their back.

The problem increased in the early 1990s when the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP)  issued a recommendation that parent should put their babies to sleep on their back/side to prevent sudden infant death. The campaign is formerly known as back to sleep campaign.


The advised saved many babies from infant death, but experts noticed an increase in flat head syndrome. But laying the baby on their back has more benefit that outweighs the risk of the flat head syndrome.

Also, too much time spending on the car seat, swings, bouncers, and carrycot cause your baby to have a flat head spot. You can reduce this by putting the infant insert to place the baby head on a neutral spot or use a flat head pillow.

Also, rare cases babies develop flat head syndrome when they are inside mother uterus. This mostly happens if the mother is carrying more than one baby. The babies have restricted space inside the womb; movement inside the uterus is constricted, so they stay in one place, therefore, results in flattening of the head.

Another reason that can cause your baby to have a flat head in the womb is if the mother has low amniotic fluid. Your baby does not have enough room to move around and is not enough cushioned. Read more how amniotic fluid helps your baby develop throughout the pregnancy here.

A premature baby has a high chance of having flat head syndrome. Premature babies are not fully developed so they are born with soft bones meaning the head can be easily misshaped when coming out of the bath canal.

Also, since premature babies are required to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit, they spend most of their time asleep without moved up because of their health problem or extremely delicate body they are more likely to have a flat head spot.

Another cause of the flat head syndrome is if your baby has torticollis.  Torticollis is a problem caused if your baby has tight neck muscles they have a hard time turning their head. Since they are not capable of turning the head easily, they tend to keep the head in one position causing flattening.

Also, when the bone of the head skull closes early, mostly before one month, they can cause the baby head to remain flat. Referred to as Craniosynostosis.

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