The Flat head syndrome what you need to know

What is a flat head syndrome?

Flat head syndrome

The flat head syndrome is the condition where part of the baby’s head becomes flat due to pressure exerted on one spot.

What are the causes of flat head syndrome? 

Read detailed information about what causes the baby flat head syndrome.

Type of the flat head syndrome 

There are three different types of flat head syndrome. These include:



Plagiocephaly is the most known problem by most parents. The baby has a flat spot on the side of their head.

The head looks like the shape of a parallelogram.

Other features include

  • One check is bigger than the other
  • Eyes and ears are not at the same level
  • Forehead appears slopped



The baby has a flat spot at the back of their head. It commonly happens when the baby spends most of their time sleeping on their back.

Other features

  • Head is taller than normal size
  • Ear tips protrude
  • The baby has a wide head
  • Head length from the front back is short.


The baby’s head shape is long and narrow that is the length from front to back is longer than the normal size.

Sign of flat head syndrome

Most parents get confused after birth whether their little one is developing flat head syndrome because many vaginally delivered babies are born with the misshapen head at birth.

This usually corrects itself within the first six weeks after birth, but after that, if you notice the baby still has a flat head, it is a case of flat head syndrome.

When to worry

As the baby starts to sit or crawls flat head syndrome starts to correct itself. This is when the babies are at the age of six months.

From birth to six months if the problem is mild, the head shape will start to improve itself gradually so you shouldn’t worry but it is essential to seek medical advice earlier when you notice your baby has a flat head spot.

Seeking advice early is essential because there are simple natural practices that you can take to correct the problem.

Also, at an early age is more comfortable to correct since the baby’s skull is soft and developing so the younger the baby is, the easier it is to fix the problem.

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Who are the most victims to develop flat head syndrome?

The case is always reported to babies who are good sleepers, babies with Torticollis, premature babies, and babies with a large head. Read more about baby head shape and circumference.

How to treat the flat head syndrome

Flat-head syndrome does not affect your baby development or require surgery. A simple practice like positional therapy is enough to handle the problem if mild, but in severe cases, doctors may recommend cranial orthotic therapy (which is the use of the flat-head helmet to correct the problem.

what is flat head syndrome

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There are other parents who use the flat head pillow to correct the problem but under supervision.

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