How to stop the use of a pacifier

A binky is one of the essential baby products it helps on soothing your little one and prevents sudden infant death. However, being the essential product most parents don’t like introducing because of the stress they have when trying to stop the use of a pacifier.  Sucking binky can easily become additive to most babies but how do you stop the use of pacifier when the right time comes.

How to stop the use of a pacifier

Choose the right time to stop the use of the pacifier

Most people say there is no right time or wrong time to wean off the pacifier, but I’ll try to differ with this.

It is not advisable to use a pacifier for a prolonged period before age two is not a long time. Use of pacifier after age two can affect baby teeth development.  Try to stop the use of pacifier when the baby reaches age two

Pediatrician’s advice to wait when the baby reaches six months to 12 months to wean off the pacifier. At six months the risks of sudden infant death have reduced, and after 12 months the pacifier can interfere with the baby language development skills.

Also when we say that you choose the right time don’t try to stop the use of pacifier when the baby during life event changes such as when he started to go to daycare

Make sure to inform everyone who spends most of the time with the baby

Ensure you tell all caregivers your plan to wean off the pacifier. At least when the baby visits the grandmother, daycare or at school, the message will be consistent everywhere.

This method helped me when I wanted to stop breastfeeding my daughter. My second born daughter stopped breastfeeding by word of mouth. She went to the daycare and the caregiver told her breastfeeding is for babies so she, hated it and stopped.

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When she came back home, I sat down to breastfeed, and she refused and said she is not a baby anymore and that is we were done.

Offer other ways to soothe your baby

When you take off the pacifier find different ways to soothe her such as rocking, soft singing, swinging, or giving sweet stories.

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Remove the pacifier out of sight when preoccupied

Make sure the pacifiers are not anywhere the baby can easily see. When the baby is playing with another outside, using her toys or preoccupied with other activities make sure she is not using a pacifier and is out of sight.

Introduced other things when the baby is crying for a pacifier

You can decide to give the baby snack that she can chew like a pacifier, frozen fruit or healthy ice blocks.

You can let the child use a toy to take the bed when she wants to sleep but make sure the toy is safe and doesn’t pose a health risk.

Appreciate the child every time she stops using the pacifier

You child needs appreciation when she does something right. You can decide to reward with a gift/incentive or praise them with word of recognition.

Make the pacifier taste unappealing

One of the best ways to do this is dipping the pacifier on bitter drinks like lemon juice or vinegar. The unpleasant can keep the baby off.

Cut the pacifier teat may be triangular immediately when she puts in the mouth will have a confused taste or cut the nipple shorter and shorter until the whole nipple is gone.

Take the pacifier gradually

You can decide to start to take away the pacifier when the child is busy playing if the child asks for it tricks them by playing with them.

Start small and eventually completely take it away.

You can also try to take off during the nap time and replace with other soothing methods until they fall asleep.

When they stop asking pacifier during naptime or while playing take it off at night. During bedtime, you can give them stories, read books or a song.

This method is not easy for the first days but as you continue and stick to it becomes easier.

 Communicate to your child they won’t have a pacifier at this time

Before deciding to take away, the pacifier talks to your child that she won’t have pacifier maybe during naptime, when playing or at night while asleep.

Start by choosing the child not to use a pacifier during the night and use it at daytime or vice versa

You can decide to take it away completely

When you consider the pacifier away prepare rough days ahead, sleepless nights and restless night but after a few days, the child forgets about it and gets used to it.

Be firm

Children are smart especially when you trying to train something new or stop a habit. Once the child realizes when she/he cries, throw a tantrum or scream you will give her back or change the mind they will take advantage.

Be consistent and firm as pacifier weaning will not happen faster.

The ways to stop the use of pacifier vary from child to child the earlier you do it, the easier it is going to be, and less it affects your baby development.  For a toddler, you have to be very creative but children less than one year is easy all you have to be patient. Experiments the above method we have shared until you find what suits your baby and share with us in the comment section how you stopped the use of the pacifier.

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