Best pacifier case (holder for carrying and storage)

Are you looking for a way to keep binkies clean, moist, and safe, then the pacifier case is the right choice for you.

Pacifier holder case

Pacifier case is one of the useful items for every mother who uses a binky must-have. It is a storage case for a pacifier and even a pacifier clip both at home and when on go.

Pacifier holder comparison

 NameimageWhere to buy
1Skip Hop Grab & GoCheck Amazon
2Accmor Check Amazon
3Ali+Oli Check Amazon
4Itzy Ritzy Check Amazon
5Faxco Check Amazon
6YLinkm Check Amazon
7AkeekahCheck Amazon
8Baby WingsCheck Amazon
9Chicco PACI-ROO Check Amazon
10Royal ClubCheck Amazon
11purifyouCheck Amazon
12LANEYLI Check Amazon
13Nuby PaciCheck Amazon
14silver maple Deluxe Check Amazon
15Baby kingCheck Amazon
16AiroadsCheck Amazon
17Travel Bug PaciCheck Amazon
18Simple Goods Check Amazon

Importance of pacifier case

  • The holder is used to protect pacifier from germs dust, dirt, debris, and pets
  • Keep soothers clean after wash
  • It stores an extra pacifier safely, clean and easy to find when not in use
  • Makes it easy to locate & discreetly store a pacifier
  • It helps hold pacifier both at home and when you travel
  • Pacifier case not only holds binky but other small items like bottle feeding nipples, change, lip balm, earbuds, mini hand sanitizer or small sets of keys.

What you should check when buying a pacifier holder

  • Compatible with all binky brands

Make sure it fits all major dummy brands.

  • Size

Make sure the size of the pacifier holder case fit your baby pacifier

  • How many pacifiers it hold

As you know most parents have more than one pacifier. The extra one is meant for an emergency when the other one has fallen on the ground or in case you are cleaning one you need extra to give your baby.

You need a pacifier case that holds more than one binky.

  • Material

Like any other baby product, a binky holder is supposed to be made of non-toxic material

  • Convenient to carry

This feature is applicable to a mom who travels a lot and needs to carry a binky with them.

You need a case that you can easily put in your baby diaper bag, Tote bag, or your purse.

  • Easy to clean

You need a case that is easy to clean and others you can even sterilize them using boiling water.

  • Closure method

The pacifier case is meant to keep the dummy well enclosed and off the dirt.

You need to check whether the case would close easily, stay closed, and not difficult to open.

Some snap shut and others use zip closure.

  • Added features

Some storage case comes with a pacifier clip attached.

Others come with having straps with a button closure clip to attach to the stroller or diaper bag.

There are brands that come with keychain holders to clip them outside the bag.

Pacifier case comes in different colors although this is not something to consider you can decide to choose your favorite color or the one match with your bag or stroller

Our top pick pacifier case

  1. Skip Hop Grab & Go
  2. Accmor Pacifier Holder
  3. Ali+Oli Modern
  4. Faxco
  5. YLinkm
  6. Akeekah
  7. Baby Wings
  8. Chicco PACI-ROO
  9. Royal club
  10. Purifyou
  12. Nuby Paci-Cradle
  13. Silver maple Deluxe
  14. Baby king
  15. Airoads
  16. Travel Bug Paci
  17. Simple Goods Vegan Leather
  18. Itzy Ritzy
  1. Skip Hop Grab & Go Silicone Pacifier Holder, Grey


  • Number of binkies it holds-2
  • Material- silicone
  • Closure method- zip

Skip Hop case hold up to two pacifiers

It holds your binky with a zip closure.

It features a handy strap with a button closure that clips easily to strollers, diaper bags, and more so it always within reach.

This binky holder is made of silicone material making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe (top rack only).

With modern compact shape makes your binky case ready to go.

Skip hop brand offers other models

  1. Skip Hop Grab-and-Go Double Egg Pacifier Holder, Multi


  • Number of a dummy it holds-2
  • Material- silicone
  • Closure method- snap shut

It has a divided compartment that fits two standard pacifiers.

This case has a strap that makes it easy to hang on the stroller handle, your arm, and your bag. The strap folds down for easy storage.

The door of the holder opens independently.

It is dishwasher safe (top rack only) and you can handwash.

The holder is made of BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free material.


  • Most Amazon customers complain the compartment is too small to fit some dummy brands.
  1. Accmor Pacifier Holder


  • Number of a dummy it holds-1
  • Material- plastic
  • Closure method- snap shut

Accmor Case is shaped and sized to fit all major pacifiers.

It is made of non-toxic and healthy Plastic material which is durable, strong, safe to use, and easy to clean.

This product is available in the different pack which includes has 4-pack, 3-pack, and 2-pack

You can easily sterilize the holder using boiling water

  1. Accmor Pacifier Case


  • Number of a binky it holds-multiple
  • Material- plastic
  • Closure method- snap shut

The difference with the above Accmor case is multipurpose and can be used as a storage box or storage food box.

  1. Accmor Box Nipple Shield Case


  • Number of binkies it holds-1
  • Material- plastic
  • Closure method- snap shut

This model of the Accmor case is made of non-toxic plastic and has a handle. The handle can be conveniently hanged on the stroller.

It has a lock mechanism that makes sure the case is environment proof and stays closed during impact.

This product can be used both at home and on travel.

The package has a two-pack in blue and pink color.

  1. Ali+Oli Modern Pacifier Clip Holder Case  


  • Number of binkies it holds-multiple
  • Material- silicone
  • Closure method- zip

Ali+Oli case is capable of holding both a pacifier clip and case.

This case can hold multiple pacifiers.

It uses simple open and close zip

The case is made of BPA-free silicone material which is easy to clean with warm soapy water or wipe clean with and baby wipes.

It features the loop of the strap which is large enough to fit any stroller or pram handlebar, diaper bags, and purses for easy grab & goes access.

The product is well sized to fit any leading brand pacifiers.

It is available in grey and pink.

  1. Faxco 3 Pack Pacifier Case

It features a “stay close top” that keeps the case securely shut.

The Faxco case is made of plastic material that is non-toxic, durable, strong, safe enough to use, and easy to clean.

This nipple shield case features a compact size that is suitable for holding soother both at home and in travel.

It is available in transparent color which you can easily identify the inside contact easily.

The case is sized and shaped to fit any major pacifier.

  1. YLinkm Pacifier Case

It is Made of healthy plastic material which durable, strong, safe to use, and easy to clean.

The YLinkm is also suitable for holding headphones, headphone wires, jewelry, and even Candy either when at home or going out.

  1. Baby Pacifier Case by Akeekah

Akeekah is made of premium BPA-free plastic and has a small hole for ventilation and prevents bacteria.

The plastic material is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and easy to use.

It features strong clasps which seal tightly whilst being easy to open.

This soother case can carry up to two pacifiers and can also be used to carry nipple shields, electronics, small toys, and snacks.

It has a loop for hanging on strollers or hooks.

In a pack, there are a set of three pacifier cases and one reusable mesh sack with a drawstring.

It is also available in round shape

  1. Pacifier Holder Case by Baby Wings

Baby wings box is a multi-purpose container that can be used for snacks, pacifier wipes, and nipple shields.

Each baby wings box can hold up to 2 regular-sized pacifiers including a pacifier cap.

It is made of BPA Free material with no leads and phthalates that have compliance with both US and EU standards.

This box features a convenient clasp to attach to your diaper bag or stroller.

It is available in 3 eye-catching colors (blue, green &pink) so that the cases can be mixed and matched with different outfits and moods.

  1. Chicco PACI-ROO Portable Pacifier Holder

Chicco PACI-ROO Holder has an easy to attach Velcro handle which can be placed on diaper bags, purses, strollers, and belt loops.

The Zipper closure stores and keeps Soother clean on the go.

Each case can fit up to two Soothers.

It is made of BPA-free material, easy to clean, and wipeable interior.

  1. Royal club Pacifier Holder Case

Royal club holder case is made of silicone material which is naturally anti-bacterial, soft, and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

It has a secure zip closure and minimalist design that was made for carrying two pacifiers simultaneously.

This container has a top strap that makes it easy to snap and go to a stroller, keeping it on-hand, diaper bag, or backpack.

It cannot be only used to hold binky but also nipple shields and clips as well.

Royal club containers can hold two pacifiers simultaneously and available in blue, grey, and purple.

  1. Purifyou PurePouch Nipple Shield Case

The purifyou is made of Polypropylene plastic which non-toxic, BPA free, lead-free, cadmium-free, phthalate-free material

Each package includes a mesh transport sack, three optimally designed dishwasher-safe cases that fit multiple pacifiers as well as dummy clips. It can also be used to store fruit, breast shield, and electronics.

It features a tight seal when closed and does not open when tossed in a purse or bumpy rides. In addition to tight seal, it is easy to open with the thumb at the front of the lid and all fingers at the back and above the hinge

Each case has a convenient carry loop that allows for quick attachment to the daddy’s waist belt or mommy’s purse.

The Purifyou Case has a large hollow body, with dimensions as follows 2.25 inches wide, 3.25 inches long, and 2.5 inches high which is universal and holds all major binkies and nipple shields

  1. LANEYLI Silicone Pacifier Box

LANEYLI Box is made of silicone which is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, and Lead-Free.

It is convenient for storing all major pacifiers/nipple shields, dummy clips, and other small stuff.

This case can be cleaned using warm water and for the first use place in boiling water for 3 minutes.

Each package has one pack which is available in pink, blue and green

  1. LANEYLI Pacifier Shield Case

The LANEYLI Box is made of Polypropylene plastic which is BPA Free, Non-toxic, tasteless material, and durable structure.

The customized size fits most dummy brands, pacifier clips, and other small stuff.

This case is easy to open, dishwasher safe, easy to sterilize, and one-piece construction.

The package includes two-packs which is available in pink, green and blue.

LANEYLI also has a transparent case which is available in two packs, three-pack, four-pack, and six-pack.

Other LANEYLI case models

LANEYLI Pacifier Box

LANEYLI Pacifier Shield Case/Clip Holder (Transparent)

  1. Nuby Paci-Cradle Pacifier Box, Colors May Vary

The Nuby Paci-Cradle Box is sized to hold two pacifiers or one pacifier and paci-finder.

It features Flexi-Klip that allows the case will stay attached to a stroller, handbag, diaper bag,

  1. Silver maple Deluxe Multi Pacifier Case

The silver maple case has a unique storage divider that is labeled clean and dirt, therefore, it helps keep clean and dirty soother separated.

It is capable of holding five pacifiers and can also be used to hold teethers, nipple shields, and pacifier clips.

This case is made of food-grade Polypropylene material which is BPA Free & Non-Toxic. It also meets the strict standards of the C.P.S.C, CPSIA, and CCPSA

The case is lightweight, measures 7 inches x 3 inches, and designed super tough to protect the baby soother even if  drops it will not open

It has an adjustable Lanyard that easily attaches to your diaper bag or stroller, keeping your Hands Free for your Baby’s Important Needs

The lids are vented to allow the binky to breathe and are coded to allow quick and easy identification between used and clean pacifiers.

This case features raised dots and lettering for quick and easy identification between two storage sections. Also, the raised dots and lettering are very handy in dimly lit or dark environments or if the user is visually impaired.

It is available in blue, sanitizes easily, and is dishwasher safe.

  1. Baby king Pacifier Convenient Carrying Case (assorted colors)

The Baby king carrying case is sized to fits all standard-sized pacifiers.

  1. Airoads Baby Pacifier Case

Airoads Case is made of polypropylene material which is durable, non-toxic, BPA free, and easy to clean.

The case can store 1-2 pacifiers and is also available in blue

You can hang it in a tote bag, diaper bag, or in your baby’s car.

  1. Travel Bug Paci in A Pinch, Baby Blue (2 Pack)

  1. Skip Hop Grab & Go Pacifier Pocket, Grey Feather


Leather pacifier case

22: Simple Goods Vegan Leather Pacifier Holder Case (Black Podcase)

leather pacifier case

The Simple Goods Holder Case can be easily attached to your bag or stroller to keep it close by.

This pacifier pouch holds two binkies plus one clip.

It is made of vegan leather and wipeable interior lining.

  1. Purifyou Premium Leather Pacifier/Nipple Shield Case

The Purifyou Premium Leather Pacifier/Nipple Shield Case is made of waterproof nylon inside and outer faux leather.

Both materials are BPA-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and phthalate-free. The nylon lining inside prevents moisture and bacteria build-up.

The faux leather will not crack or peel, withstands scrapes and scratches better than leather real leather.

You can easily hand wash the case with mild soap, dry it with a towel and hang it outside upside down to dry.

Each package has two cases that are available in beige and black.

It features easy to open perfect zipper so you won’t worry about your pacifier case accidentally opening and losing your pacifiers or nipple shields

This pacifier has a large key ring that allows quick attachment to mommy’s purse, dad belt, or baby stroller.

The case is compatible with most major pacifier brands such as Avent Soothie, MAM, Nuk, Wubbanub, and Dr. Brown.

It can hold two pacifiers or a nipple shield at a time.

  1. Itzy Ritzy Pacifier Case with Clip


  • Number of a pacifier it holds-two pacifiers
  • Material- vegan leather
  • Closure method- zip

The Itzy Ritzy pacifier case is a perfect accessory for any diaper bag, purse, travel bag, or keychain.

It measures 2.5” in diameter and 1.75” deep making it perfect for storing two pacifiers, change, lip balm, earbuds, mini hand sanitizer, or small sets of keys.

This pod includes clasps that you can easily attach outside of your bag for external, easily accessible storage or use to organize the inside of your bag as well.

It is made of vegan leather and available in color black, coffee, and gray

The best way to clean and sanitize this leather case is by using a sanitizer wipe.

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