What you need to know about pacifiers (10+ safety & hygiene things to inspect)

Pacifier is one of the best and helpful products every mom must have they help calm and soothe crying babies. Before buying one, there are things you need to know about pacifiers.

What you need to know about pacifiers

What you need to know about pacifiers

A pacifier is not a substitute for feeding so does not give it to the baby when hungry. Also, do not use pacifiers when you want to delay baby feeding.

Pacifiers are supposed to be introduced when the breastfeeding is well established, and mom milk supply is well established.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting to offer a pacifier until your baby is 3 to 4 weeks old but if your baby is feeding well, gaining weight, and has a routine feeding schedule you might introduce a pacifier earlier.

Let the baby guide you whether to use the pacifier if she/he resists do not force, wait and try another time, or let go.

When you buy a pacifier inspect carefully before use, pull the soother in all directions to make sure no sign of damage or weakness.

Always clean a brand new pacifier with warm water and soap before giving it to your baby. Also, after every use makes sure you wash it. Other methods of how to clean a pacifier.

Sterilize your pacifier after cleaning. You can sterilize your binky by putting it in disinfectant or boiling water and make sure you do not leave for longer than recommended this may weaken the nipple (sterilize for five minutes). Make sure it cools down before giving your baby.

Do not leave the pacifier near a source of heat or direct sunlight because it may weaken the teat causing it to tear.

When the pacifier falls on the floor do not use your saliva to clean.

Adult saliva can pass the infection from your mouth to the baby.

Read more from the American Dental Association says adult saliva contains bacteria that can cause cavities in your baby’s teeth

Always clean with water or use pacifier wipes if you are on the go. To prevent your pacifier from falling on the ground use a pacifier clip to hold it

You need to replace the pacifier when it is torn, broken apart, after two months, and teat discolors.

Do not give your baby pacifier when not gaining weight, premature babies, or have difficulty in feeding.

If your baby is having a repeated ear infections do not give your baby a pacifier.

Do not coat the pacifier using sweet substances to attract the baby to suck as it may result in damaging the baby’s cavity.

You can give a pacifier to them during sleep time or nap time but if it falls out of the mouth do not force it back.  Giving your baby a pacifier during nap time and sleep time can help reduce sudden infant death.

Do not tie the pacifier around the baby’s neck or tie the cord or ribbon to his crib as this may struggle the baby resulting in death. You can use a pacifier clip with short ribbons/straps/string to hold the binky.

Do not use a pacifier for long (when the baby is more than three years) as it may affect dental development.

Never make your pacifier at home using a feeding bottle nipple or other material as this may cause choking and death.

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Never let your child crawl, walk, and use the pacifier all day long. This may interfere with speech and teeth development limit the time your baby uses a pacifier.

Never let your child chew the pacifier. The pacifier could break into small parts leading to choking and death.

The America Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a one-piece pacifier as a two-piece model that can come apart and pose a choking hazard.

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