Best drawing books for kids 2022(Learn step by step)

Drawing books for kids provides easy and simple to follow pictures that make it easy for your kid or beginner to start drawing.

Best drawing books for kids

Drawing books for kids is an excellent resource for a kid who loves to teach themselves how to draw, learn new drawing technique, and want to practice more often how to draw.

If your kid loves to draw, create a design, coloring, crafts, and art it’s good to nature the skills or talent.

Naturing such skills and talent can only be done by doing drawing practice more often.

Comparison table of the best drawing books for kids 

 ImageNameAgeWhere to get copy
1How to Draw 101 Animals Age range- 5 and up, Grade level 3-4Amazon
book depository
2How to Draw PokemonAge range- 7-10years ,Grade level-2-5Amazon
book depository
3Learn to Draw Your Favourite Pokemon Go CharactersAge range- all ages, Grade level-2-5
book depository
4How to Draw PeopleAge range- 5-10, Grade level-kindergarten-5
book depository
5The Drawing Book for Kids: 365 Daily Things to DrawAge range- 9-12yearsAmazon
book depository
6Super Mario Coloring BookAge range- 3years up
book depository
7Art for Kids: DrawingAge range-8 years up, Grade level-3-12
book depository
8Draw 50 AnimalsAge range-10-13 years, Grade level-5-8
book depository
9Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of AnimalsAge range-7-8years, Grade level-2 up
book depository
10Mandala Coloring Book for KidsAge range-kid&adult

book depository
11How to Draw for KidsAge range-4-12years, Grade level-kindergarten-6years
book depository
12My First Animal ABC Coloring BookAge range-2-8years
book depository
13How to Draw: Easy Techniques and Step-by-Step Drawings for Kids Age 9-12Amazon
14FORTNITE (Official): How to Draw (Official Fortnite Books) Age- 5 upAmazon
15Figure Drawing for KidsAge 9-12 yearsAmazon
16How to Draw Deluxe Edition (Pokémon)Age 7-10 yearsAmazon
17Learn to Draw Your Favorite Disney/Pixar CharactersAges 7-10 yearsAmazon
18My First I Can Drawage 3-12 yearsAmazon
19How to Draw 101 Monstersage 5+Amazon
20Learn to Draw Unicorns, Mermaids & More age 4-upAmazon
21How to Draw Unicorns, Mermaids and Other Magical Friends Amazon
22How To Draw Harry Potter Step By Step Drawingsfor all agesAmazon
23How to Draw Cute Stuff: Draw Anything and Everything in the Cutest Style Everage 6-upAmazon
24How to Draw Harry's Characters for Kidsfor all agesAmazon

The drawing books are not only for kids who love art; it can be used for mental stimulation.

What do I mean with mental stimulation? providing drawing books to your kid instead of spending the whole day watching the T.V.

Drawing is a creative activity that puts your kid’s mind relaxed, quiet time away from television, iPad, or mobile phone.

It is a perfect pastime option for kids

Also, art is continuous learning if you want to improve and enrich your skills very fast drawing books can be of much help.

For beginners who want to learn drawing just for fun getting started can be frustrating because you can be drawing poorly every day but with the guidance of a good drawing book the task can be enjoyable.

Some parents love their kids to learn drawing by following a video. This video can be of much help but I would recommend starting with the book.

Learning to draw doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t need too many requirements with easy to follow pictures and pencil you are good to start.

You can add more Kids Drawing Painting Supplies (colored pencils or crayons) to make it more interesting and fun.

24 best how to draw books for kids

Best drawing books for kids Reviews

How To Draw Animals For Kids
How To Draw Animals For Kids
  1. How to Draw 101 Animals


  • Age range- 5 and up
  • Grade level 3-4
  • Paperback- 48 pages

The book has step by step illustration which makes easy for your kid to draw with confidence.

Each title contains 101 different images in all manner of shapes, poses, and sizes for your kid to draw.

It is recommended for the age range 5 and up.

  1. Draw 50 Animals


  • Age range- 10-13 years
  • Grade -5-8
  • Paperback- 64 pages

This drawing book is a step by step book and an easy-to-use book that will help kid and adult develop their technical drawing skills and build a range of animal subjects

The book has shown artist from beginning to advance level how to draw animals such as a lion, a giraffe, a dinosaur, a penguin, a bunny, a shark, and much more

  1. Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals (Ed Emberley Drawing Books) 


  • Age range- 7-8 years
  • Grade -2 and up
  • Paperback- 32 pages

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book shows artists how to draw a variety of animals including lions, frogs, mice, birds, dragons, and more.

The book is packed with fun and easy art great for entertainment that adults and kids want to draw.

How To Draw Pokemon For Kids
How To Draw Pokemon For Kids
  1. How to Draw Pokemon


  • Age range- 7-10
  • Grade level-2-5
  • Paperback- 32 pages

If you are looking for the book you will be pokemon drawing master in no time, how to draw Pokemon children book is the solution for you. It contains step by step tips on drawing your favorite pokemon including Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Meowth, Pichu, Pikachu, Lugia, and many more.

The book is best for ages 7- 10 years.

  1. How to Draw Pokemon: Learn to Draw Your Favourite Pokemon Go Characters 


  • Age range- all ages from kid to adults
  • Grade level-2-5
  • Paperback- 32 pages

The book is excellent for the kid, adult, teen or anyone who loves pokemon. Inside the book, you will find 48 excellent one-sided coloring pages and each page will show you how to draw one pokemon.

  1. How to Draw People (Dover How to Draw)


  • Age range- 5-10years
  • Grade level- kindergarten-5
  • Paperback- 64 pages

How to draw people is a book with a fun-filled way to teach art to young children or a beginner that enjoys drawing.

The book has simple directions, step by step illustrations, and blank practice pages that make drawing easier.

By joining circles, ovals, rectangles, cylinders, and other common shapes you can quickly create 30 different characters including  a fireman, a drummer, a mailman, a cowboy, an astronaut, a roller-skating girl, a boy on a swing, and more

The author has other drawing books such as;

How to Draw Pets (Dover How to Draw) – best for drawing adorable creatures among them a dog, cat, mouse, parakeet, pony, potbelly pig, lamb, and hermit crab

How to Draw (Dover How to Draw) – best for all ages to draw fruit, fish, kittens, and other subjects. 30 projects

Find out more drawing book for Barbara Soloff-Levy here.

  1. The Drawing Book for Kids: 365 Daily Things to Draw, Step by Step (Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Books)


  • Age range: 9-12years
  • Paperback: 152 pages

If you need a drawing book that will turn your kid creativity into artistic confidence this book is the best choice.

This drawing book gives you 365 things to draw every day for an entire year. Such things include animals, objects, food, plants, vehicles, sports, holidays and more.

Every drawing lesson is broken into easy to follow step by step instruction so that all growing artists can create a masterpiece.

The book is best for kids who are 9-12 and up but kids who are 6-8 years with a high interest in art will be able to follow diagrams easily.

  1. Super Mario Coloring Book: Great Coloring Book for Kids and Any Fan of Super Mario Characters. 
coloring book


  • Age range- 3 years and above
  • Paperback- 80 pages

Inside this book, you will find the lesson on how to draw heroes, mazes and math pages.

This book contain 50 high illustration images. All images are drawn not taken from the web and are of high quality.

The book is suitable for age 3 and up

  1. Art for Kids: Drawing: The Only Drawing Book You’ll Ever Need to Be the Artist You’ve Always Wanted to Be


  • Age range: 8 up
  • Grade level: 3-12
  • Paperback:112 pages

When kid draws they want to create an accurate likeness of the things they see. This book contains imaginative, illustrated and informative guides.

The book has fun and hands-on lessons such as contour drawing techniques and several exercises that show maturing artists how to make basic forms and shapes.

It also guides you on how to draw people, animals, landscapes, and more.

  1. The Creativity Project: An Awesometastic Story Collection

More than forty authors and illustrators write the book and as a result, they have provided stories of each other photos, drawing poetry, drawing, art, and words.

  1. Mandala Coloring Book for Kids: Big Mandalas to Color for Relaxation, Book 1

Mandala coloring book contains 42 big mandala designs with thick lines and large spaces for easy coloring.

The book is an excellent gift for a kid or adult who loves coloring. Also great to keep your kid occupied than staying the whole day watching television.

  1. How to Draw for Kids: Learn to Draw Step by Step, Easy, and Fun! (Step-by-Step Drawing Books)


  • Age range- 4-12 years
  • Grade –kindergarten-6years
  • Paperback- 94 pages

The book provides simple and easy to follow pictures that make it easy for the kid to start drawing.

This book will show you how to draw a variety of projects such as animals, flowers, cars, fruits, and other everyday objects.

It shows illustration or step by step guide how to draw objects on the left side, and the right side has plenty of space to practice drawing.

When you finished drawing, you can add own details or color the pictures.

  1. My First Animal ABC Coloring Book: An Early Learning Activity Book for Toddlers and Preschool Kids to Learn the English Alphabet Letters from A to Z 


  • Age range- 2-8 years
  • Paperback-62 pages

The book provides a fun, original illustration that will keep your child engaged and entertained.

It contains letters from A-Z, and each is represented with different animal pictures to keep your kid excited while coloring.

Except for animals each coloring illustration includes other objects beginning with the same letter.

The book is single-sided printing. Kids can use their favorite coloring tools without worrying an image in the back can be ruined.

  1. How to Draw: Easy Techniques and Step-by-Step Drawings for Kids  

This book the kid will learn to draw magical creatures, cartoons, realistic landscapes, portraits, and more.

The book is ideal for 9-12 years.

Some of the pictures your kid will enjoy drawing include Unicorns, faces of friends and neighbors, buildings, plants and trees

  1. How to Draw Cute Stuff: Draw Anything and Everything in the Cutest Style Ever

How to draw cute stuff drawing book will help your kid draw anything and everything such as people, animals, and things.

It is ideal for age 6-up

  1. How to Draw Harry’s Characters for Kids

The book is for harry potter obsessed kid. It contains more than 40 of favorite Harry Potter characters, kids will love learning to draw.

The book is for all ages and comes along with free bonus coloring pages and blank pages for practice.

  1. How To Draw Harry Potter Step By Step Drawings

The book includes 25 drawing pages and 25 coloring pages for your favorite harry potter.

It’s ideal for all ages.

  1. How to Draw Unicorns, Mermaids and Other Magical Friends 

  1. Learn to Draw… Unicorns, Mermaids & More

The book will help draw more than 40 magical creatures and people by simply tracing helpful outlines and following step-by-step illustrations.

It is ideal for age 4-up

  1. How to Draw 101 Monsters

How to Draw 101 Monsters drawing books for kids will help your young draw 101 different monsters.

It is ideal for age 5+

  1. My First I Can Draw

The book contains simple steps and pulls out practice pages.

Ideal for age 3-12 years

  1. Learn to Draw Your Favorite Disney/Pixar Characters

The book will help your kid learn to draw Disney characters from Toy StoryMonsters Inc.Finding NemoThe IncrediblesCarsUpInside OutCoco, and more.

It is ideal for ages 7-10 years.

  1. How to Draw Deluxe Edition (Pokémon)

If you want to become a Pokemon drawing expert this is the right book.

The book includes simple step-by-step instructions on how to draw classic characters from every Pokémon region — from Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. Over 65 Pokemon.

It is ideal from age 7-10 years

  1. Figure Drawing for Kids

Age 9-12 years

  1. FORTNITE (Official): How to Draw (Official Fortnite Books)  

Age- 5 up

What’s the best drawing book out there that we didn’t include in our review of the best drawing books for kids that have helped your kid improve his/her drawing skills?

Please tell us your best drawing books for kids in the comment section below.

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