Best Online Transcription Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Transcription jobs are a great way for stay at home moms to make money from the comfort of their own homes. With the rise of technology, transcription jobs have become more accessible and easier to do than ever before. These jobs offer flexible hours, allowing stay-at-home moms to work around their family’s schedule while still earning an income. Transcription jobs can range from medical transcription to legal or business transcription, giving stay-at-home moms a wide variety of options when it comes to finding a job that fits their needs and abilities. With the right tools and training, stay-at-home moms can find success in the world of transcription jobs.

Transcription jobs for stay at home moms

What is a transcription job?

Transcription is listening to a recording, either audio or video, and converting it into a written document.

Your job is to listen to a video or audio and type it out exactly as you hear it.

The transcription jobs are divided into three different categories/ types

Types of transcription obs

There are three different types of transcription, each of which requires a different level of skills and different equipment to transcribe.

  1. General transcription

General transcription is typing out any audio dictation, including lectures, conference calls, phone messages, workshops, interviews, speeches, podcasts, videos, and webinars.

The best part of general transcription is that you don’t require any training or certification to start working.

As a stay at home mom or a beginner, I would encourage you to start general transcription because it does not require any experience but a little training.

There is a myth that general transcription is for women. It could be fact or fiction; try the general transcription and give us the answer below.

  1. Legal transcription

A legal transcriptionist needs to be familiar with and experienced with legal terms and procedures.

  1. Medical transcription

    For medical transcription, you need to have experience in the medical field and familiarize yourself with medical terms.

    1. Financial/Corporate transcription

      Financial transcriptionists are required to have good knowledge of the particular industry, like earnings reports and annual meetings.

      In this article, I’m going to focus on general transcription, which is much simpler for a beginner and doesn’t require any work experience or skills.

      How to Become a Successful Transcriber? Tips & Tricks for a Newbie

      Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to become an efficient transcriber in no time.

      • Good listening

      As you know, transcription involves listening to audio and typing it out. This ability is self-evident, given that earning in this field is based on performance, speed, and accuracy. A good listener will complete the transcription quickly and accurately.

      • Good grammar

      A transcriptionist must have a good command of the English language. must be able to differentiate words like their and there, precedent, and the president so that the final typed text may read well and seem logical to the reader.

      • Excellent research skills

      since some of the audio is unclear or has interference. You will encounter names of people, towns, or streets that are not clear, and to ensure correct spelling, you need to have excellent research skills.

      • Attention to instruction

      Most companies or clients who offer transcription services provide detailed instructions. A transcriptionist must pay attention to details to produce the best possible final product.

      • Typing skills

      Typing is an obvious skill since you will be typing a document, and sometimes you will be working on a rush job.

      A typing speed of 35wmp and above is required.

      It’s not necessary for a beginner, but as you gain experience as a transcriptionist, your typing speed will set you apart from the crowd and help you earn a decent living.

      To improve your typing skills you can visit ( or download Mavis Beacon and practice offline

      • Patience

      This skill is much-needed. Sometimes you’ll get files that aren’t clear, and you’ll have to repeat them several times to get the exact words.

      If you are not patient, you will end up delivering shoddy work, resulting in less pay.

      • Transcription training
      transcribe anywhere

      Training is not a must but can be essential if this is the first time you are starting out.

      Companies like Transcribe Anywhere are offering a free general transcription mini-course.

      The course is designed to assist a newbie in learning what transcription is and how to be successful working from anywhere in the world.

      I recommend the course and the best part is free.

      work from home transcription jobs

      Tools needed for transcription jobs

      Best laptop for transcription job

      Any working computer or laptop would be better.

      You don’t have to purchase a top-quality laptop; a basic laptop can serve you better, to begin with.

      Quality headphones for trancsribing

      A good-quality headphone is an essential tool. You need to hear the audio clearly without interference.

      Best headphones

      • Internet connection

      Reliable internet connection to help download the audios

      • Transcription software.

      The most commonly used transcription software is the express scribe.

      Infinity USB Digital Foot Control

      It is a tool that your food can stop, rewind or play audio or video. It helps your hand focus on typing, therefore, speed up transcription jobs.

      • Chair and desk
      Adjustable Chairs

      This type of online job involves a lot of sitting down and typing. That’s why a nice chair and a good desk is a must-have

      Where to find transcription jobs for Stay at Home Moms


      TranscribeMe is the greatest opportunity for stay at home moms to earn online at home while looking after your kids. It works only on Google Chrome browser.

      How to open an account

      Click the link below and open your account

      Fill in the account information details and get started.

      Once you’ve completed filling account information detail, you go through the TranscribeMe style guide. 

      After you have gone through the style guide and understood you can sit for a transcriber test.

      If you pass the test, the operation team will contact you to move the next step but if you fail you can repeat an exam after 24 hours.

      Why open account at TranscribeMe

      It offers short 10-second audio files that you can transcribe anywhere all over the world.

      You can choose hours to work according to your flexibility.

      You don’t need to have any experience to start working in TranscribeMe. However, you need to have an excellent command of English, a Good typing speed of around 40wmp and good listening skills.

      Transcribe Me accepts transcribers from all over the world, not like many which allow only U.S. residents.

      You can choose which files to work on.

      I’ve discovered TranscribeMe is a good place for beginners to start and sharpen their transcription skills.

      How do they pay?

      TranscribeMe offers small files a minute long. They pay $0.33 per audio minute or $20 per audio hour.

      TranscribeMe pays through PayPal, and you’ll be paid weekly for the job you complete.

      You can only request payment once you reach a minimum $10

      The only disadvantage they allow one method of payment PayPal and you have to sit for a test before you start.


      Rev is another legitimate site to work online as a transcriber. Before it was well-known as FoxTranscribe and FoxTranslate, and it is based in San Francisco, CA.

      How to open an account

      Visit (

      Fill in personal information. Take a grammar test. There is a writing section where you write short educative stories. Lastly, take the audio file test. All this takes 60 minutes to complete.

      Why open account in

      • You can work at home, and all you need is a computer and good internet connection
      • You choose which hours to work
      • You have a choice to choose which files to work.
      • It allows an application to any part of the world. So, you can work anywhere.

      How do you earn

      Rev pays weekly via PayPal for all completed files. They pay a range of $0.40 –$0.65 per audio minute.

      You can read a detailed review of  REV from Tech money mama.


      Scribie is another company hiring Stay-at-Home Moms as transcribers.

      Visit and fill in an application form. Unlike other sites where you sit for an exam immediately, scribie you are kept on a waiting list until you are invited to take the test.

      Scribie files are divided into 6-minute audio files or less, and they give you 2 hours to complete the file.

      The best part you can request an extension of 1 hour if you have not completed your audio. That sounds good for beginners with low typing speed and Stay-at-Home moms who have other responsibilities.

      It allows applicants from all over the world, and they pay using PayPal.

      They pay $10 per audio hour.

      You are authorized to withdraw any amount regardless of your account balance, and it takes one day to reflect on your PayPal account.

      However, if your withdrawal amount below $30 you are charged a fee of 2%.

      Except for working as a transcriber, you can earn through their affiliate or referral program.

      Once you invite a new transcriber through your unique referral link in your profile, you receive a 5% lifetime commission on the pay of those you have referred to.

      Also if you introduce a client who gives files to be transcribed to the site you earn a 10% lifetime commission on orders.



      GOTRANSCRIPT is a company that offers transcription jobs to beginners all over the world.

      You do not require any experience and jobs are available worldwide.

      It provides Audio transcription, Translations,  Video transcription Captions and Subtitling services.

      It also offers special services like Verbatim transcription, Legal Transcription, Academic Transcription, Focus group transcription, Research transcription, and Medical transcription

      At GOTRANSCRIPT you set your own working hours and they pay $45 per audio via PayPal or Payoneer.

      Other places to get online transcription jobs for beginners

      Since the Transcription job does not require any experience and its definition sounds it’s an easy job.  Is Transcription easy?

      Well, it’s a lot harder and more involving than just that.

      1. All Audio are not created the same. Some files have poor audio which is not clear; others have an accent that you can’t understand, speaking over each other or there is background noise in the audio. So, such a file requires a lot of listening and can take longer to type it out which is hard for beginners.
      2. Think about the fact that these companies you are working for have instruction in place, which in transcription is called style guide. You need to know this style guide in and out which sometimes can be intimidating.

      N.B.: A style guide is a set of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or a specific publication, organization, or field.

      What you are waiting for moms you see there is legitimate Work from home transcription jobs you can make money at home while looking after your children.

      The Benefits of Working as a Transcriber From Home
      • It is a flexible job which you can do it at home while looking after your children.
      • You set your hours when to do the work. You can choose to work 2 hours or more in a day and earn real money
      • It does not require any experience to start.

      Read a story of a work at Home Mom who has been doing a transcription job at home here

      Read More legitimate companies that are employing Stay-at-Home Moms online here

      If you Work from home transcription jobs as a Stay-at-Home-Mom please share with us your experience and don’t hesitate to share more information that I’ve left out in the comment section below.

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