Stay-at-home mom schedule with school-age kids (simple and easy to follow)

The school-age kid is from 6 -13 years old. These are children who have reached the age to go to school. At this age, some families send their kids to school while others homeschool them. Either way, a stay-at-home mom has to balance the needs of her children, family, and work. This can only be achieved by having a good stay-at-home schedule with school-age kids.

Stay at home mom schedule with school-age

Stay-at-home mom’s schedule with school-age kids

My new schedule for three years old and eight years old 

5:45 AM     

I wake up and prepare breakfast.

6: 20 Am    

I wake my kids to have breakfast.

At the same time, I am skipping or doing planks. The reason why I like these two exercises is that they take a few minutes and are very effective.

Read the benefit of plank exercise  

6:30 Am    

My kids are getting ready for school. They now know what to do and how to do it. I have taught them the routine to follow.

As the kids prepare to go to school, I am taking a shower.

Before I sleep, I make sure I have organized everything they need to put on the following morning. I make sure shoes are brushed and school uniforms are ironed and ready.

At this time, I am ready for the day (hair done, smart clothes, and simple makeup). You might think I am heading to the office, but that is one of the best secrets I have learned if I want to be a successful stay-at-home mom.

7:00 Am        

Take the kids to school. We walk to school because it’s not far from home. 15 or fewer minutes are enough.

7:30 am         

Back from school. I have my breakfast and start my morning routine

I work on my blog between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

I have short breaks to stretch myself and have a snack or fruit.

12:30 pm

I have lunch and clean dishes.

I also clean my house up to 2 pm.

2:00 pm-2:30 pm

I’m taking a nap for 30 minutes. Naptime is very important to me. I feel fresh and strong to work the other parts of the day.

2:30 pm

Get up and work for one hour and thirty minutes.

3:30 pm

I prepare 4 o’clock snacks for my kid.

3:45 pm

I go out to get supper, snacks for tomorrow, and fruit as I head to pick up my kids from school. I feel that the distance I walk while picking up my children is sufficient exercise.

4:30 pm           

My kids have a snack and tea.

5:00 pm           

We do homework for 30 minutes, a few games here and there, like 20 minutes. My kids take a bath. I prepare supper up to 7:00 pm.

We spend 30 minutes doing homework and 20 playing a few games here and there. My children bathe. I start preparing dinner up to 7:00 p.m.

7:00 pm           

My kids have dinner.

8:00 pm            

My husband and I have dinner. After dinner, I make sure I wash the dishes.

If my husband is home earlier, we have dinner at the same time as the kids.

Between 5-8 pm, we have time together. We watch television, read a book, tell stories, and listen to how everyone spends their day.

8:30 pm

Children sleep

9:00 pm           

I start my evening routine by tidying the house, putting toys in the right place, and arranging my couch pillows.

9:30 pm           

I read a bible or a book. Find out the best stay-at-home mom’s books you can read, and if you are in business, there are business books for women. I also make my to-do list for tomorrow.

10:30 pm          Sleep time

On the weekend, I alter the schedule. I never wake up early since my husband is at home and the children are not going to school. I usually wake up at 8 a.m.

Also, on the weekends, I rarely work on my blogs. I create time for my family and me-time.

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