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20 legitimate companies that are hiring Stay-at-Home Moms

Thank for the technology and internet work at home is a dream of many Stays-at-Home Moms. Nowadays it has become very easy for Stay-at-Home Moms to work online and earn money while at home looking after their children. These are a great opportunity for Stay-at-Home Moms, but the problem is to get the right information and how to find legitimate companies that hire Stay-at-Home Moms is not easy.

legitimate companies that are hiring Stay-at-Home Moms

Am not an expert on some of the job I’ve mentioned below but I thought of sharing the list of Top companies that hire Stay-at-Home Moms 

  1. Data entry

Many companies are outsourcing workers to key in data into their systems. Data entry does not require prior experience; you just need simple typing skills and basic computer knowledge. These are simple tasks you can do for a company if you have access to a computer and the internet. You can do your work from home doesn’t involve you to go to the office. Essential skills for data entry jobs:

  • Simple typing skills
  • Computer with a high-speed intern
  • Basic computer knowledge

Here is a list of 15 companies that you can sign up and start data entry jobs

Top companies that hire Stay-at-Home Moms

  • Upwork.com
  • Humanatic.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr
  • Virtual Bee
  • Great Americans opportunity
  • SigTrack
  • Tdec
  • Microworkers
  • DataPlus+ read more
  • Capital Typing read more
  • Birch Creek Communications read more
  • Clickworker read more
  • DionData Solutions for U.S residence read more
  • Axion Data Services
  1. Transcription

Transcription task involves listening recorded audio and type it into a document in a described format. This audio includes interviews, college lectures, and court hearing. It’s a job you can do it from home.

Skills required for transcription jobs

  • Good quality headphones
  • Reliable foot pedal
  • Transcription software most commonly used an express scribe
  •  Computer
  • High-speed internet

List of 22 companies that you can sign up and start Transcription jobs

  • Transcribe Me
  • Casting words
  • Scribie.com
  • Speech pad
  • Upwork.com
  • Rev.com
  • Accutran global
  • Appenscribie
  • Crowdsurf
  • Gettranscribed
  • GMR Transcription
  • Quicktate
  • Transcribe team
  • GMR Transcription
  • Neal R. Gross
  • Bam!
  • birchcreekcommunications.com
  • Daily Transcription
  • RNK transcription
  • Tiger fish
  • Ubiqus
  • Verbal Ink

  1. Graphic or web design

Nowadays is easier to create a website using free learning opportunity online. So many people are not equipped or don’t have knowledge about how to build their website. Others don’t have time where web designer earn money by building websites and blogs for others. The majority of web developers can work at home or anywhere with computer and access to the internet.

Companies that offer web design jobs

  • Upwork.com
  • Krop job board
  • 99Designs
  • Freelancer
  • Zillion Designs
  • Crowdspring
  • LogoMyWay
  • Fiverr
  1. Web search evaluator

If you have basic computer skills, and you love browsing and navigating through internet research, then you can become stay at home moms as web search evaluator. You are responsible for keeping search engines up-to-date

Companies that offer web search evaluator jobs are

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Appen
  • Leap force
  • iSoftstone
  • Fiverr
  • Google
  1. Freelance writing

If you enjoy writing this an excellent way to earn income, you just need a little experience and passion on writing. Also, there are free online sites where you can learn more about freelance writing for you to expand your writing skills and how to make money on it.

Find out more How Stay-at-Home Moms can make money article writing

Requirement needed are excellent grammar and research skills.

Top 50 Companies that offer freelance writing jobs

  • Iwriter
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Online writing jobs
  • Craigslist
  • Problogger job board
  • Text broker
  • London brokers
  • Edusson
  • About.com
  • Allvoices
  • Blogmutt
  • Boost CTR
  • Break Studios
  • Squidoo
  • Pure content
  1. Virtual assistance

With the growth of the internet, most companies are operating online. Many end up hiring the virtual assistant to help with administrative tasks. Virtual assistance is an independent contractor who works in a remote location usually home they support different clients in tasks like responding to emails, creating business related documents, business inquiries, and writing contents.

List of companies offering virtual assistance jobs

  • HireMyMom
  • MyTasker
  • Zirtual
  • UAssistMe
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Fancy hands
  • Virtual office VA
  • Worldwide 101
  1. Micro jobs

It’s simply a small online job that will take a few minutes to complete. As the word sound micro even when it comes to the payment you receive a small fee. But it is a good simple online job for stay at home moms to earn.

Here is a list of companies that offer micro jobs

  • mturk
  • microworker
  • Seoclerk
  • Clockworker
  • Gigwalk
  • Fiverr
  1. Translation job

Translation is translating from one language to another. What you need is just to understand the language you are using so that you won’t distort the information from the original document. Translation job is good for those who have second language skills.

Companies that are offering translation jobs

  • Appen
  • GlobalLink Translation
  • Aberdeen
  • Acclaro
  • CSC
  • ClickWorker
  • Lion Bridge
  1. Online tutoring

If you have good knowledge of specific subjects or language, then online tutoring is another good job.

Sessions are either done via Skype or other means where you can communicate with the student face to face.

Places where to find online tutoring jobs

  • Studypool
  • www.tutor.com
  • Elevate K12
  • ETS
  • Isus
  • English Hunt
  • Gofluent
  • Kaplan
  • I Speak U speak
  • Pearson scoring
  • Berlitz
  1. Online survey

The online survey is where the company asks your views for their products and services. You can’t earn a full-time income, but it can supplement your income.

Companies offering survey jobs

  • MySurvey
  • CashCrate
  • MyView
  • tellWut
  • Global TestMarket
  • iSay
  • Opinion outpost
  • Point club
  • Harris club
  1. Mystery shopper

Mystery shopper you only visit business secretly, buy the product then rate the business services. It’s the best method if you want to know the performance of your business and how quality is customer service. It’s also called the secret shopper.

There is also telephone mystery shopper where you call the company and ask about product and services.

Mystery shopping companies

  • Market force
  • Best mark
  • TeleExpertise Call center QA
  1. Bookkeeping

If you are good in number, then this job is for you. Also if you have good knowledge, experience, and ability to work as an accountant, you can work at home as a bookkeeper. If you don’t know where to start, you can read more details.

Legitimate companies that offer accounts and bookkeeping jobs

  • Bookminder
  • Balance your book
  • Bidawiz
  • Click N work
  • TAD Accounting
  1. Online moderator

The online moderator is someone who monitors forum posts, blog posts, Facebook posts, website post, message board, chat room, and others. She removes comments that are offensive, put posts on rightful categories and removes posts that break rules and regulation.

Who hires

  • Zynga
  • Yelp
  • Live world
  • Lithium
  • Baby center
  1. Chat/Email Support

Chat or email support is to assist in answering emails and responding to chats. Where to get the jobs

  • Talk 2 Rep
  • Apple
  • Arise
  • Site 5
  • My Live Pro
  • Capital typing
  • SitesStaff
  • Uber
  • needle
  • Weebly
  1. Reading ads

Reading ads is one of the simplest jobs online. You earn tiny that’s why people don’t recommend, but it’s a good job to supplement your income. You make money by viewing and reading an advertisement for a few seconds.

Where to find reading ads job

  • ClixSense
  • InboxDollars
  • NeoBux
  • BuxP
  • Paidverts
  1. Testing websites

Web Tester job is the one who gives an opinion about the design of the site, quality and makes sure the website is easy to use.

  • The requirement for this job
  • Excellent writing skills because some company requires giving a small report
  • Able to speak Basic English
  • Laptop
  • Webcam
  • High-speed internet

Companies that Will Pay to Test Websites from Home

  • Utest
  • Enroll
  • Userfeel
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Analysia
  • Testing times
  • User testing
  • Loop11
  • Uxline
  1. Proofreading

This job you find it under different names like an editor, copyeditor, copywriter, and quality assurance evaluator. It’s a good job for those whose writing skills are top-notch because you are required to detect errors, correct and proofread the document.

Where to get proofreading jobs

  • Upwork
  • Paper check
  • Editor live
  • Demand Media
  • English trackers
  • Proofreading services
  • Demand Media
  • Edit 911
  • Scribendi

I can’t give surety that all companies are hiring at the moment, but I’ll advise you sign up to one or two jobs give it time to understand, provide quality work and after some 2 or 3 jobs you become an expert and your income will increase.

Am sure there are more Stay-at-Home Moms jobs but above are most proven and legitimate. What you need is do a lot of research to improve your skills required for many of these jobs.

If you have more ideas on making money online which I didn’t list, don’t hesitate to share with us on the comment section below

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