Stay at home mom cleaning schedule (daily weekly and monthly)

Is it possible to keep a clean house while being a full-time stay at home mom with a baby and working at home? I am a person who loves a tidy house but being a busy and full-time stay-at-home mom I have less time to spare for keeping my house clean. Having a stay at home mom cleaning schedule is the only solution to get the cleaning done as a busy mom 

Stay at home mom cleaning schedule

Daily cleaning schedule for stay at home mom


Morning is chaotic to most mom; you are waking up, preparing breakfast, getting children up, and preparing them to go to school. This does not mean there is no single cleaning that can be done.


Make your bed once you get up.

Organizing clothes that you are no longer wearing like gowns. In my house, we have a habit of keeping dirty clothes in one corner so every morning I pick them and put them in the laundry basket. If it is laundry day I soak them to clean them later.

Clothes that don’t require cleaning (like I don’t wash heavy jacket and gown if they are worn once unless they are dirty) I hang or fold them then put them at the right place.


Clean the dishes and dirty pot as you cook.

Although I clean dishes after every meal you find that when preparing food you have dirty glasses, pot, knives, or plate. As you cook wash them.

Also when preparing the meal you use things like chop board and knives; once done using them clean them immediately as you wait for your food to be ready.

Cleaning dishes as you cook help reduce a load of dishes to clean after eating.

Also, sometimes I mop the kitchen quickly as I wait for food to be ready. I mop the floor lightly to remove excess water that can cause falls. Then do deep scrubbing once in a week.

Clean dishes after every meal

I don’t have a dishwasher so I clean dishes using my hands in the kitchen sink. Don’t wait for utensils to pile in the kitchen sink or counter. Make a habit of cleaning dishes after every meal. This saves a lot of time because you will have less dirty utensils to clean.

You can clean fewer dishes even when you are carrying your baby on the back or place him or her on the activity center for a few minutes and clean utensils faster for fewer minutes.

After cleaning dishes I wipe out kitchen countertops and stoves tops.

I empty kitchen trash daily to prevent flies in the kitchen

Also, make a habit of cleaning dirty dishes before going to sleep this helps reduce the mess in the morning.

Doing laundry

I hand wash my clothes daily. After I am done taking breakfast I soak dirty clothes for a few minutes. Washing clothes daily saves a lot of time, you will have fewer clothes to clean and you will not get exhausted saving you time and energy to do other things in the house.

I prefer washing clothes when my children are asleep. My children take 1-2 hours nap time and this is enough time to do laundry.

Since I do laundry daily it takes less than 45 minutes.

Quick clean the bathroom

I don’t have a laundry room so I hand wash my clothes in the bathroom.

I do bathroom deep cleaning once in a week and a quick clean bathroom floor daily after laundry.

Once done doing laundry I quickly clean the bathroom to remove excess soap on the floor.

I wipe the bathroom mirror, countertop, sinks, and faucet using wet soapy microfiber clothes. This help remove toothpaste marks

I squeegee shower wall after bathing

I also make sure I ring out washcloths after bathing, rinse bath toys and put them in storage basket, and hang/ fold bath towel.

The toilet I give it a quick scrub at the bowl, wipe toilet seat and rim

Living area

I dust the sofa set

I lightly mop the living area floor daily.

Straighten pillows and cushions.

Sweep the carpet and other areas that need so.

Tidy up the living room every day by arranging magazines, books and toys.

At night before I sleep I make sure I put toys in the right place.

Weekly cleaning schedule for stay at home mom

My weekly general cleaning involves deep cleaning of the floor, windows, furniture’s and walls

  • Week 1 ​- Living Room​​​ clean under coach and dust furniture
  • ​Week 2​ – Bathrooms and toilet 
  • ​Week 3​ – Bedrooms
  • ​Week 4 ​- Kitchen​​​

Deep cleaning weekly checklist


  • Clean and arrange cabinets and drawers
  • Empty trash- I do daily to prevent flies in my kitchen
  • Scrubbing the floor
  • Dusting furniture
  • Clean kitchen appliances like microwave


  • Scrub floor
  • Clean grout on floor and wall tiles 
  • Wash bathroom mat and shower curtains 
  • Clean countertop, cabinet, and drawers
  • Dust furniture
  • Disinfect bathroom sinks, faucet, and counters
  • Clean mirrors


  • Wash pillows and pillowcases
  • Wash bedding and curtain- I change beddings weekly and wash them 
  • Clean windows

Living and dining room

  • Organize the cabinet and drawers
  • Dust electronics
  • Clean under sofas and chairs
  • Clean pillows, loose covers, curtain, and pillowcases
  • Vacuum floor
  • Dust the curtain

Other tasks to do weekly

Brushing your pet several times a week

Pet shed a lot of hair every day and this fur ends up on your house floor or carpet. Brushing your pet several times a week helps reduce the amount of fur the pet drop all over the house

Every month if you follow the above your whole house should be clean.

Then remember to repeat the same every month. You will find out your house is not such dirty and the weekly general cleaning will take fewer days and a few hours.

Monthly cleaning schedule for stay at home mom

  • Wipe interior and exterior of the fridge
  • Wash window and curtain monthly 
  • Clean inside of the oven
  • Dust ceiling fan
  • Clean cobweb from the corners

Stay at home mom cleaning schedule will not be the same because every mom has different priorities. Please share your schedule in the comment section below

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Stay at home mom cleaning schedule

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