A Simple Stay-at-home Mom Schedule with an Infant (easy to follow)

An infant is a baby between 0 and 12 months. At this age, the baby is breastfeeding and requires so much cuddling, so they require so much of our time and energy. When you decide to stay home with your infant, establishing a schedule will help get things accomplished in the house. Here is a simple stay-at-home mom schedule with an infant.

Stay-at-home mom schedule with an infant

Here is a simple stay-at-home mom schedule with an infant.

Morning Routine:

Mornings with an infant can set the tone for the rest of the day. Establishing a predictable routine can help your baby feel secure and promote a smooth start to your day. Here’s a sample morning schedule:

6:30 AM: Wake up and freshen up before your baby wakes.

7:00 AM: Greet your baby with a warm smile and start the day with a feeding or nursing session.

7:30 AM: Engage in interactive playtime, singing songs, and reading books to stimulate your baby’s senses.

8:00 AM: Prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself and your little one, ensuring you both have the energy for the day ahead.

Breakfast ideas for an infant

8:30 AM: Take a short walk outside or engage in a low-impact exercise routine with your baby, like baby yoga or stretching.


As the morning progresses, you can focus on activities that promote development and bonding while also attending to household tasks. Here are some ideas:

9:30 AM: Settle your baby down for a morning nap, allowing you some time for personal care or light housework.

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10:00 AM: Utilize this time to tackle household chores such as laundry, meal preparation, or tidying up.

10:30 AM: Engage in stimulating activities with your baby, such as sensory play, exploring different textures, or introducing age-appropriate toys.

Afternoon Routine:

The afternoon is an excellent time to incorporate learning experiences for your little one as well as prioritize self-care and relaxation for yourself. Consider the following:

12:00 PM: Prepare a nutritious lunch for both you and your baby. You can introduce your infant to age-appropriate solid foods if they have reached that stage.

1:00 PM: Put your baby down for an afternoon nap and take this opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved break. You can use this time for self-care activities like reading (there are books for stay-at-home moms you can read), taking a nap, or pursuing a hobby.

Late Afternoon/Evening:

As the day winds down, it’s essential to maintain a calm and soothing environment for your baby while also preparing for the evening ahead.

3:00 PM: Wake your baby up from their nap and engage in quiet playtime or activities that promote sensory exploration.

4:00 PM: Provide a light snack for both you and your baby, ensuring it is age-appropriate and healthy.

4:30 PM: Plan a short outing, such as a walk to the local park, to expose your baby to the outdoors and allow yourself to recharge.

5:30 PM: Begin the evening routine by giving your baby a warm bath, followed by a gentle massage and bedtime routine.

6:30 PM: After putting your baby to bed, take some time to relax, connect with your partner, or engage in activities that bring you joy.


Creating a well-structured stay-at-home mom schedule with an infant can bring stability and balance to your daily life. By incorporating predictable routines, stimulating activities, self-care, and household tasks, you can effectively meet

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